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Posted 8/9/08 , edited 8/9/08
Isle Delfino is a island that is powered by shine sprits. Shine sprits give power to the island of Isle Delfino. The island of Isle Delfino is home to the worlds best sea food and is also know for its 4 star resort that has the frist every "water powered slot" in the world. No resort but the one in Isle Delfino has such a dives and the "water powered slot" is a one of a kind slot that can NOT be found any where but ONLY in Isle Delfino. Isle Delfino has many sights and places that are over 1,000,000 years old is also home to the one of a kind "sand bird" that fly's over Isle Delfino none stop to watch over the shine sprits from there resting place know as the "shine gate" where the shine sprits add there power to power up the island of Isle Delfino. Isle Delfino is a hotplace really it is so hot there that you can get in the water and then once you get out you will be dry in ONLY 2 sec cool eh bet you did not know that eh. Over all Isle Delfino is a great place to go to if you like hot weather and love sea food I know I have been there and the fish there are as big as a castle really i am NOT making this up I mean like have you every seen a fish THAT big???!!! I know I have and the fish are also there main dish. In the end Isle Delfino I give it 5 stars out of 5.
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