Hard To Get Part 3
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Hard To Get – Chapter 15
Flash Back
When Mikan twirled back into Natsume’s arms, Natsume whispered in her ear, “Mikan…you don’t like me do you…”
Mikan looked at him in surprise. “What are you talking about…?”
He said, “Never mind…”
Flash Back Ended
Mikan’s POV
I stared at Natsume.
“No, what did you just say?”
Natsume looked into my eyes. I looked into his.
“I like you…Mikan…” he whispered to me.
We did another twirl and when I came back into his arms; our faces were two inches apart.
I looked away and Natsume let go of me. He ran into the deep forest.
I looked at him as he ran.
“I’m sorry…Natsume…You look just like him…” I whispered.
End of POV
With Natsume
Natsume’s POV
“Hn. That was stupid. I even called her by her first name…”
Suddenly, there was a rustle behind me.
I turned round and saw her standing there.
“What do you want…I already confessed…do I need more embarrassment?”
Then, I felt a pair of arms around me.
“Gomenasai…but you’ll probably know my true and hidden feelings soon enough…gomen…”
Mikan left for the dance.
End of POV
Narumi said through the mike, “Now time for our last dance. Will our ladies one by one walk up to the stage to announce their partners?”
Most of the females ran up to the stage.
Haruna mumbled, “Walk up? More like storm up…”
Haruna, Hotaru, and Mikan were all seated at their table.
Hotaru was eating her crab brains, Haruna was chuckling at the foolishness of the girls, and Mikan was thinking about before.
Haruna said, “Hey, did you see that? The girl nearly tripped the other one OFF the stage!” as she laughed.
Mikan laughed along.
Then a girl from the High School Division announced her wanted partner, “NATSUME HYUUGA!”
Haruna and Mikan counted her as the 105th one to say his name…in a row…
Hotaru said, “He sure is a wanted…that retard…” while eating her crab brains and keeping her stoic face.
Haruna mumbled, “I swear the next one to say his name, I will rip their face…”
Suddenly, gasps filled the area.
Ruka was on stage, probably going to announce his WANTED partner.
“I want…Sakura Mikan…” he said.
Mikan glanced at him in surprise.
Mikan stood up, walked over to the mike, took the mike (more like tore the mike) from Ruka’s grasp, and plainly said, “I decline.” as she flung the mike towards a certain tree.
A dark shadow appeared before them…someone quite familiar…
“Hmph…I should’ve known better…Akira…” Mikan said.
Akira laughed, “Yes, you should’ve. You knew I had the regenerate alice, why kill me in the first place?”
Mikan said, “I didn’t want Haru to fight so hard for her to fail all the time again.”
Akira replied, “You’re quite right. My darling Haru-chan…come here so I can hug you until you explode into millions of flesh.”
For the first time, Haruna’s calm aura changed into a sad one.
Mikan said, “You get so much as 10 yards from her you can say goodbye.”
Akira laughed and walked towards Mikan as she backed up.
Mikan pulled out her sword. (WHERE DOES SHE KEEP HER SWORD!?)
“You have some nerve coming back…” Mikan said.
Haruna said, “Mi-chan…you can’t kill him! He’s still my stepbrother. He’s still my family, no matter what…”
After these words, Mikan put her sword back into its gold sheath and walked away.
Mikan thought, It’s like being back into the beginning again…He’s still in my class…
1 Month Later… (Yes, yes, it’s kind of speeding too much…oh well!)
Mikan was at her seat, examining her nails that Aliz did for her.
Haruna was, as usual, at her window seat, looking at doves.
Kiyoko was reading and Hotaru was fixing her invention.
Natsume was sleeping with manga over his face and Ruka was petting his rabbit.
Then, the door opened and in came the famous ballerina, Narumi.
“Well, my pretty class! The Christmas Ball is tomorrow and, like the Last Dance; you get to wear whatever you’d like! I hope to see pretty angels fluttering around the Grand Hall!”
Haruna said, “Oh, you were talking about us? I thought you were talking ‘bout yourself, gay ass…”
Narumi cleared his throat and continued, “Anyways…Adieu!”
Mikan said, “Ne, I can’t even dance along with you guys…I need to be on stage the whole night…” and started weeping.
Mikan cheered up and said, “BUT! I get to sing for you people so the whole school’s quite lucky…”
Back At Mikan’s Room!!
“Aliz? Yes the Christmas Ball is coming up and I’d like an original outfit that I can dance in and still look fantastic? Fabulous, I’ll see you tomorrow!” Mikan said to Aliz on her cell phone.
Haruna went in and asked, “So, what songs are you doing?”
Mikan replied, “If I say them now, you’d fall asleep so I’d rather not start.”
Mikan’s cell phone rang.
“What’s up, Sakura on.”
“Hello? Mademoiselle? I have your Christmas outfits at your door. If you’d please, may I come in?”
Mikan hung up and opened the door, revealing beautiful outfits.
Haruna’s outfit was a red tank top, red knee-length cargos, and black boots.
Mikan’s outfit had a white blouse, red shorts that was five inches above her knees, and her white lace-up boots.
Aliz said, “Now, if you’re done glorying your outfits, go to sleep, especially you, Sakura-sama. Tomorrow, I’d come back and get you ready. Night, night.”
Haruna and Mikan both said, “Bye, Aliz!”
Aliz was in Mikan’s room with her twin sister, Sashite.
Aliz was fixing up Mikan while Sashite was on Haruna.
Mikan was in her outfit on the bed, letting Aliz fiddle with her hair and apply make-up.
Haruna, on the other hand, was getting annoyed with Sashite touching her hair and all the make-up.
When they were both done, Haruna was about to beat up somebody and Mikan was just playing with her alice calmly.
“That…is the last time I’m EVER using make-up ever again…” Haruna grumbled.
“Let’s go Haruna! I need to set everything up for my performance now come on!”
Grand Hall
The band was on stage, setting up the equipment.
The stage had a shiny pink surface that the performance equipment was resting on.
Haruna and Mikan walked on the stairs and one they set foot on the surface of the stage, the surface around their feet lit up.
Haruna said, “This is some freaky stage…”
Mikan looked at her mike. It had a crimson and black skin, sitting on the stand.
Later this whole room would be full of students…Mikan thought.
Mikan walked over to the band and explained all the songs she was going sing.
“Well, I was planning on singing fourteen songs.”
“Oh, okay. No problem.”
“Thanks guys!” Mikan said with a bright smile.
The band nearly fainted…
Haruna walked over and glared at the band.
“So, what songs are you singing again?” Haruna asked.
Mikan replied, “Well…it was really hard for me to choose at first. BUT! I found the right ones. It’ll be: (A/N: I wanted to list them so they won’t be as confusing!)
The Speed Star
A Little Pain
Real Emotion
Rock with You
Girls on Top
Egao no Wake
Love and Honesty
I Will
Konoyono Shirushi
Four Seasons
Midnight Parade
Meri Kuri
Love Can Make A Miracle
Haruna said, “I think I heard thirteen of those. But what’s with Everlasting?”
Mikan said, “I told a special someone they’d know my true feelings for them soon enough.”
Haruna grinned. She definitely knew who she was talking about.
Mikan sighed, “This is going to be one of my busiest nights of my life…”
Haruna said, “You can’t show that for the last song, though…”
Mikan said, “I know…”
Haruna pointed to the door, “Hey, isn’t that Kiyoko, Koko, Ruka, NATSUME?!” emphasizing on Natsume’s name.
Mikan hit Haruna’s arm lightly. They squinted at the door from the stage.
Kiyoko waved her arms like a mad donkey.
Natsume stole a glance at Mikan and thought, Damn…she looks hot tonight…
Koko read his mind and nudged Natsume on the arm while chuckling.
Natsume glared at him and Koko shut his yapping mouth.

Hard To Get – Chapter 16
Flash Back
Natsume stole a glance at Mikan and thought, Damn…she looks hot tonight…
Koko read his mind and nudged Natsume on the arm while chuckling.
Natsume glared at him and Koko shut his yapping mouth.
Flash Back Ended
Mikan turned around and went to talk with the guitarist.
She absolutely didn’t want to face Natsume right now, not before her show.
Mikan went to test out the mike and walked off stage for a drink.
The whole Grand Hall was full of students.
Mikan walked up onto the stage and started talking through the mike.
“Minna! Are you having a fantastic time?!”
The students screamed back, “YES!”
With that said, Mikan started with her show.
After The Song Meri Kuri…
“Okay, minna. This next song is dedicated to someone specifically. I told him that he’d find out my true feelings for him and this song says it all.”
Mikan started singing ‘Everlasting’
Gairoju nokoru yuki-tachi ni - Light pours down and the wind blows
Hikari to kaze ga furi sosogu - On the snowflakes that remain on the roadside
Mune wo hatte mo utsumuite mo - Whether I hold my head high or look down
Kisetsu wa ashi wo tome nai ne - The seasons don’t stop moving
Yubi kiri mitai kawashiteta - Our words, “See you” and “See you again”
Jaa ne, to, mata ne, tte iu kotoba - Were like a pinky promise
Nareta shigusa mo wasureru no? - Will we forget all of each other’s familiar mannerisms?
Chigau mirai he yuku no? - Will we go on to different futures?
Kono sayonara ga tabidachi naraba - If this goodbye is forever
Boku no egao wo zenbu ageru yo - Then I’ll give you all my smiles
Deatta koto mo aruita machi mo - The way we met and the streets we walked
Futari no mune de iki tsudukeru no - Will live on in our hearts
Zutto zutto wasure nai - I’ll never, ever forget you
Tobira ikutsu akete mo - No matter how many doors I open
Donna ni tooku hanarete mo - No matter how far apart we are
Tsunaida te to te hanare wa shinai - I’ll never let go of your hand
Muriyari ni demo wasure nakya - I have to forget you, even if I have to force myself to
Tsugi no jibun ni ike nai no - I can’t become a new person
Ugoki hajimeta hoomu goshi - The platform begins to move, and on the other side
Kimi ga chiisaku naru - You get smaller
Kujiketa toki wa sou boku no tame - Those times you gave up, that was for me
Daijoubu dato naite kureta ne - You cried with me and said it was okay
Haji nai you ni tsuyoku naru kara - I’ll grow stronger and less ashamed
Yakusoku suru yo yume wa kanaeru - I promise you, I’ll fulfill my dreams
Oto no shinai namida ga - Silent tears
Kono mune nagareru kedo - Are falling in my heart
Kuyamazu ni fumi dasu yo - But I’ll move on with no regrets
I’m sorry for your tenderness - I’m sorry for your tenderness
Mata aeru made - Until we meet again
Everlasting - Everlasting
Kono sayonara ga tabidachi naraba - If this goodbye is forever
Boku no egao wo zenbu ageru yo - Then I’ll give you all my smiles
Deatta koto mo aruita machi mo - The way we met and the streets we walked
Futari no mune de iki tsudukeru no - Will live on in our hearts
Zutto zutto wasure nai - I’ll never, ever forget you
Tobira ikutsu akete mo - No matter how many doors I open
Donna ni tooku hanarete mo - No matter how far apart we are
Tsunaida te to te hanare wa shinai - I’ll never let go of your hand
When Mikan finished, she had a tear in her eye.
“Have a very Merry Christmas minna. Gomenasai…”
And Mikan ran off to her sakura tree.
With Natsume…
What in the world…why did she sing that?
Natsume walked coolly out of the Grand Hall to Mikan.
With Mikan…
Mikan was propped up on a high branch of her sakura tree.
She was silently crying with an emotionless face.
Why me…? Why now…?
Flash Back (Productions NOT by Kiyoko Daichi)
Narumi-sensei was in the faculty room when Mikan walked in.
“You wanted to see me, Naru?”
“Yes. Mikan, you’d be going to New York, America for a few months. Gomen…”
“What? Why?”
“Apparently your aunt wants you there.”
“Narumi-sensei…please don’t…I’m begging you…”
“Gomenasai…we can’t do anything about it…”
Mikan ran away with pure tears and a torn heart.
Flash Back Ended (Productions NOT by Kiyoko Daichi!)
There was a rustle and a certain voice.
“Get down here, Polka dots. We need to talk…”
Mikan glanced down to see Natsume at the bottom.
She jumped off the tree and sat next to Natsume.
“What’s up with that song, Polka…?”
“I’m…staying in America for a few months…in two days…”
Natsume flinched. “Why…?”
“My aunt wants me there. Gomen…Natsume…”
“You better come back or I’ll hunt you down along with your friends…”
Mikan smiled a little bit and suddenly, Natsume pulled her in for a…hug.
“I love you Mikan…”
“I…love you too…Natsume…”
And they shared a little kiss under the moon.
The Next Day…
Haruna was walking to the Class B with Mikan.
“You’re all ready for tomorrow’s flight right?”
Mikan nodded.
Haruna didn’t show it, but she was really sad that Mikan had to leave.
They entered the classroom and the class suddenly screamed, “SURPRISE!”
Mikan and Haruna stared at them all, unfazed.
Iinchou sweatdropped and said, “Mikan-san! We decided to have a little party for your last day. Anna even baked a cake.”
Haruna looked at them with a bored expression and Mikan grinned widely.
Suddenly, Hotaru threw Mikan a hairpin with two rows of rectangular diamonds. Mikan caught it and looked at it with a smile.
This time, Mikan got hit all three times. She got back up and rubbed her head.
Hotaru kept tinkering her invention.
After a while, Mikan went to cut the cake for everyone with her sword.
Hinata and Yuudai came in too for some ichigo cake.
Mikan looked over at Haruna. She was happily eating her cake when she got frosting on her mouth.
Koko reached for a napkin and wiped it off for her.
Mikan smirked and looked over to Ruka and Natsume.
Ruka was eating his slice of cake while Natsume just sat there reading manga.
Mikan sighed and cut a slice of cake for him.
She walked over to him and kneeled beside him. She propped her elbows on the seat with her chin in her hands and put on an adorable smile at him.
Natsume glanced at her and replied, “I don’t want…”
He had to admit Mikan looked absolutely kawaii like that.
Mikan put on her puppy eyes and mumbled, “Doushite…? For me, onegai?”
Ruka caught Mikan’s look and blushed real hard.
Natsume glanced at her and blushed. His bangs hid it and he looked the other way, even though Mikan still saw it.
Mikan smiled and reached a fork of cake up to his mouth.
Ruka envied him, a lot. But he likes Hotaru, no?
After a few seconds of protesting, Natsume finally opened his mouth and took a bite.
To Mikan, holding up the fork seemed forever, but getting Natsume to eat was worth it.
Mikan hugged Natsume and cried, “Yay, Natsume finally ate!”
Everyone looked at both of them, with Mikan hugging Natsume of joy and Natsume blushing secretly.
Koko said, “HAHA! You’re loving Mikan hugging you aren’t you, and don’t burn me, onegai.”
Natsume shot him a deep, hard glare and caused Koko to nearly jump on Haruna.
Mikan continued feeding Natsume and when they finished, Natsume had some frosting on his lips.
Mikan took out her silk handkerchief and wiped it off. Before she took the plate and fork away, she kissed Natsume on the cheek and walked off.
Natsume blushed like there’s no tomorrow and went back to his manga.
Ruka said, “Ne, Natsume. Do you…like Mikan-chan?”
Natsume replied, “Uh…eh…wh-who would like that ugly?”
Ruka said, “Then why did you buy her that necklace…?”
Natsume said, “Well it’s just a goodbye gift. There’s no weird thing ‘bout it…”
Ruka sighed and continued eating cake. It was useless trying to get him to admit it.
He spent one whole hour to pick out the right gift…why can’t he just admit it already…? Ruka thought.
Little did he know, Koko was just trashing into his thoughts.
“NATSUME SPENT ONE HOUR TRYING TO FIND IT?!” Koko absent-mindedly screamed out.
Ruka thought, Nice Koko…reeaall nice…
Everybody stopped what they were doing. It seemed as if the whole room stopped breathing, except for Hotaru and Natsume of course. Anna stopped cutting cake. Nonoko stopped plating. They all stared at Koko and Natsume.
Mikan said, “Yeah…Koko’s weird so let’s continue this party…” (A/N: tsk tsk dense Mikan)
The party continued with Koko being alert of Natsume.
Anna suggested, “Hey, why don’t we take a group picture together for Mikan!”
They all nodded and since Natsume won’t move, they all had to adjust themselves to him instead.
Misaki and Tsubasa came in also with Aoi and Youichi.
Narumi came in at that moment and took the picture for Mikan on her cell phone.
Mikan was on the chair sitting next to Natsume and Hotaru with her arm around them both.
Ruka sat next to Natsume with his pet bunny. Permy plastered her face between Ruka and Natsume. Iinchou stood next to the desk. Nonoko and Anna stood right behind Mikan. Koko and Haruna stood together next to Anna and Nonoko. Yura stood next to Ruka by the desk with Wakako Usami. Misaki and Tsubasa was in the back because they were taller and Kitsuneme and Mochiage were either floating or next to Koko. Aoi and Youichi were sitting on Mikan and Natsume’s lap.
Narumi snapped the picture and gave it to Mikan.
Mikan cried a little bit and was in the embraces of her friends.
Nonoko said, “Ne, Mikan-chan! We all have gifts for you!”
Mikan tilted her head and said, “Hontoni?”
The class nodded except Hotaru and Natsume.
One by one they all went up to give their gifts.
Ruka gave her something somewhat similar to Hotaru’s clip.
Permy gave her a light slap and mumbled that she’ll miss her.
Iinchou gave her…a book… (A/N: O.o Awkward…)
Nonoko gave her a book of photographs of their time and Anna gave her a lifetime recipe book.
Koko gave her some embarrassing thoughts of the whole class.
Youichi and Aoi gave a hug that lasted kind of long. (A/N: they’re small so don’t blame them! O.o)
Yura gave her a final divination dance.
Tsubasa and Misaki gave her a picture frame they made together for her.
Haruna gave her a bracelet with heart lockets of everybody in the class.
The others didn’t really have anything but a free hug.
Ruka persuaded Natsume to give her the gift in front of everyone after the whole time.
Natsume grumpily and blushing walked up slowly and put on a necklace around Mikan’s neck.
Mikan touched it. It had a thin glass crescent moon with NxM engraved through the moon with diamonds.
Mikan nearly tackled Natsume down hugging him and for once, Natsume hugged back.
“Oh my god you guys are going to make me cry so much…I’m going to miss you so much. I promise I’ll be flying back in a flash as soon as I can!” Mikan cried.
This is going to be painful… Mikan thought.
That Night In Her Room…
Mikan was on her balcony, standing there looking out at the view and letting her tears trickle down her face.
She’ll certainly miss the old times for sure.
The time when Natsume would tease her and Hotaru’s baka gun.
Ruka’s pet bunny and his caring personality.
Just everybody that was dear to her heart.
Just then, someone flew up from below beside her.
The next moment, Natsume was hugging her.
Mikan cried in his embrace and said, “Promise me…promise me that no matter what, you’d wait for me and wouldn’t be in love with anyone else. Promise me that, Natsume, onegai…”
Natsume kissed her forehead and said, “Definitely…I promise…”
The Next Morning
Mikan signed the big card, took her belongings, and walked towards Class B.
She went in and placed the card on the teacher’s desk. It was a card for everyone and a memory she loved with each and every one of them.
Mikan walked out of the room, out the school, and towards her limousine.
She took one last look at the Academy, cried one last tear, and left the academy.

Hard To Get – Chapter 17
Flash Back
Mikan walked out of the room, out the school, and towards her limousine.
She took one last look at the Academy, cried one last tear, and left the academy.
Flash Back Ended
Natsume stirred awake and screamed, “MIKAN!”
He rubbed his eyes, got dressed and ran to class.
He banged open the door to see there was no early Mikan. There just sat the boring class.
There was a dull atmosphere in the air, no fun.
They wanted Mikan’s presence before them so badly…
Natsume sat in his seat and started reading manga with a broken heart.
Narumi came dancing in with an extremely over-powering pink outfit.
“Minna, our dear sweetheart Sakura Mikan has left us for a while. But fortunately! We have a new student again! I want you to meet Luna Koizumi.”
Luna planned to have all the males in the class in her control, especially Natsume Hyuuga. She wanted to cruelly destroy Mikan’s life…forever…
Of course, the males all fell for her or her inappropriately-looking skirt.
Haruna noticed this and her anger was bursting upon her.
“Hey, slut. Introduce yourself already and don’t make this room into a porn movie…” (GO HARU-CHAN!!)
Luna rolled her eyes at Haruna and was going to start.
Haruna’s vein popped, more like exploded, and she wanted to give Luna a permanent plastic surgery…
“Hajimemashite. Watashi no namae wa Luna Koizumi desu. My alice is ice. I’m a triple star and I go to the Dangerous Ability Class. So, any questions?”
Haruna mumbled with anger under her words, “Mi-chan leaves. A new whore comes in and you lively up… Mikan was someone we all loved, and now you’re all falling for that…that…STRIPPER?!”
Everyone looked at her and nearly jumped. They never saw Haruna like that.
Her eyes were all dark, magma was spilling from her hands, and her deadly aura was visible.
“Who are you calling a stripper, bitch?”
They all turned to Luna.
Haruna said, “I’m calling you a fucking stripper, slutty whore. You better watch who the fuck you’re calling a bitch in this class or you’ll be getting an immediate and free face transplant. You’d rather call Permy a bitch rather than me ‘cause you’d regret it.”
Haruna and Luna were now face to face.
Luna said, “B.I.T.C.H. BITCH.” smack dab in Haruna’s face.
Haruna kicked Luna against the wall in a flash and pinned to the back wall.
She dug her fingernails into Luna’s throat with magma overflowing out of her palm.
Everybody watched Haruna pierce through her throat and Luna crying for help.
Luna struggled against Haruna’s grasp and tried to kick her.
Haruna kicked Luna in the stomach with great force, making her throw up blood all over the floor.
Just as Haruna was about to walk away, Luna tried to reach for Haruna’s ankle.
Haruna took out her sword and stabbed Luna’s arm right through.
Haruna said, “You’ll live…go try calling me a bitch again and I’ll just kill you right off…”
Narumi ran over to Luna and brought her to the hospital fast.
A couple of students ran with him, including Natsume…
Mikan…I’m sorry… Haruna thought.
Luna was surrounded by her new ‘friends’ on her bed.
Narumi ordered a certain someone to keep Luna company while the others went back to class.
He picked…Natsume…
Natsume wanted to burn his head right off, but had to do it anyways.
When the others left, only Natsume and Luna were together alone.
“Um…Natsume-kun? I know you definitely have another girlfriend, but is it…possible you’d be my boyfriend? I know it’s silly, but looking at me in such a poor condition, don’t you want to give in and be my one?”
Luna looked the other way and cried a tear, or so Natsume thought.
Fabulous…this is going perfectly the way I planned it… Luna thought.
She smiled at Natsume as he looked away, probably not feeling the guilt yet.
With Mikan In America (It’s time for Mikan’s!)
Mikan just arrived in New York’s madness.
She was in her little apartment, unpacking and deciding whether to see him or not.
Mikan finally decided to see him in the downtown club where he’s a DJ at.
She put on her white blouse, a blue plaid miniskirt, her black buckle boots, her black and white striped leg warmers, and gold fishnet arm warmers.
He’s going complain if I don’t look clubbier… Mikan thought.
She unbuttoned the first button and last two buttons of her blouse.
There, all good… and Mikan headed out the door towards the club.
The Club
Mikan filed through a masquerade of dancers in the house towards the DJ center.
She saw him up on the stage with his headset half on, scratching the discs.
Mikan grinned and walked straight up to him onto the stage, next to the DJ box.
“Hey DJ Matty!”
The so-called DJ Matty turned round, surprised to see one of his best friends before him.
“Damn! My girl’s suddenly become hot!”
Mikan lightly punched him as she looked at his changes.
DJ Matty was Mikan’s greatest guy friends. He’s a DJ known all over the world and he’s recently found this club in Manhattan. His real name was Hachiro Rysukite.
He had blazing fire red hair with blonde tips that he spiked up with his headphones half on him. He wore a black shirt with sewn on graphics, baggy denim jeans, and some really expensive-looking sneakers.
“So, my hotness, you want to give us a show tonight?”
“Oh, so now I’m your hotness? Why not? Let’s give it a try. Just try not to get swarmed over by the guys’ attention on me!”
DJ Matty laughed.
Mikan tried to get a video connection with Haruna’s cell phone.
After a few seconds of waiting, Haruna finally came on. She was in class, by the window.
Haruna said back, “Shut your freakin’ croaking trap, JinJin. You dare close my connection with Mikan and you’ll regret it!”
Mikan heard gasps as Haruna came back to the phone.
“Just wanted you to see my little performance with DJ Matty, Haru-chan!”
Haruna smiled and watched her friend having the greatest time ever, when she’ll get a broken heart right after…
Mikan threw the phone at DJ Matty and told him to let Haruna see her performance.
He gave a salute and put on ‘Fired Up’ for Mikan.
After The Performance
The guys were nearly fainting in the audience as Mikan walked off backstage for a talk with Haruna without the video connection.
“Hey Haru-chan! So how’s it going?”
“Good, some new slut came in as a new student though. I choked her to blood on her first day ‘cause she freakin’ called me a bitch.”
“That’s my Haru-chan. Can I talk to Hota-chan?”
Haruna gave the phone to Hotaru.
“So…you and RUKA are together now…hmmmmm…”
“Baka…Go talk to Natsume…”
Hotaru gave the phone to Natsume, who was sitting with Luna and holding her hand.
“Hey, baka…”
“Hey Natsume! Missed me?”
“Uh…yeah…about this…”
Mikan knew it was coming…
“What…is it…”
“We have to break up. I mean I found another girl and I don’t think this long distance thing will work out.”
Mikan tried to hold back.
“Um…okay…it’s good you found another girl…Can…you give the phone back to Haru-chan…?”
Natsume gave the phone back to Haruna, who looked at him with total disgust and hatred.
“Hey Mi-chan…um…I’ll talk to you later?”
“Mhm…I’m…just going to go die in a ditch now…” as Mikan hung up and cried.
Mikan wondered what she ever did wrong, to be treated this way in life.
She tore the necklace off her neck and threw it across the room to never see it again.
When Everybody In The Club Left…
DJ Matty was just going backstage to fetch Mikan and leave together.
When he went backstage, he found her on the floor against the wall like a dead doll.
Her eyes were full of tears and lifeless.
DJ Matty ran by her side.
“Mi-chan?! Mi-chan?! Are you there?!”
“Oh no you’re not! You are not lea-”
Just then, Mikan hugged DJ Matty as she cried her life and soul out.
Natsume Hyuuga…I’ll definitely make you pay for this… DJ Matty thought.
He carried her back to her apartment and set her down on her couch.
He went into the bathroom to wipe off his sweat and when he went back out to Mikan, he saw her on the floor with a million cuts and a knife right next to her.
DJ Matty brought her to the hospital on feet quickly while carrying her bridal style.
He called Haruna on his cell phone, since they know each other well.
With Haruna
Haruna went up to Natsume.
“Hey, you motherfucker…”
Natsume turned around and faced a skull-breaking slap from Haruna.
“You messed with her feelings, and now she’s in the hospital because of you. You better watch every step you take or you won’t live another second…”
Natsume’s heart turned to ice when he heard Mikan in the hospital, and it’s his fault.
Ruka overheard and sided with Haruna with Hotaru.
With Mikan and Hachiro (I’ll start using that instead…Just in case Hachiro’s DJ Matty if you forgot)
Hachiro sat by Mikan’s bed, holding her hand a praying nothing serious was with her.
He felt Mikan’s finger twitch and his eyes flashed to her eyes.
Mikan’s hazel eyes opened slowly, filled with hatred, anger, and depression.
“MI-CHANN!!” Someone pounced by her side.
Hachiro sweatdropped and said, “Chikane…she just recovered…”
The girl was two centimeters away from crashing on Mikan’s wounded body.
Mikan smiled.
Both girls hugged each other.
The girl that almost pounced on Mikan was Chikane Todashite. She was Hachiro and Mikan’s friend. She had fire red hair and a few baby pink highlights here and there with her baby blue hat (Like the one Miki wears in Shugo Chara!). She had on a sleeveless black graphic shirt, denim shorts, black buckle boots, black arm warmers with black and white striped arm warmers over, and her favorite white leg warmers.
“So, Mi-chan. Is it about a guy that you’re in this condition?”
Mikan bit her lower lip and nodded slightly.
“UGH! So who is it? Once we all get back to Tokyo I’ll beat him up for you.”
Mikan’s eyes widened and said, “No need, Chika-chan. He’s Natsume Hyuuga. Before I left, he made a promise that he wouldn’t fall in love with any other girl. Now, he’s dating another one.”
Hachiro’s aura became angry and Chikane nearly slammed the nearest vase.
“Calm down, Chika-chan. This is the hospital, not your house.”
“Oh, gomen…but yeah. How can he! This is trashy behavior!”
“And like he cares about being trashy or not…”
“Ugh…Haru-chan’s in his class right?”
“Uh…yeah…what are you going to do?”
“I’m going to call her and tell her to put Natsume on so we can have a little conversation.”
Hachiro laughed at her pride and confidence of screwing Hyuuga up.
Chikane dialed Haruna’s cell phone number.
Haruna answered, “Haruna…”
“Gomenasai! Is it possible you can put Natsume on? I need to get a yell-on with him.”
Haruna threw the phone to Natsume and Natsume put the phone to his ear.
Chikane set off the conversation.
“Okay, I’m done venting. At least I think I’m done…”
Mikan was already getting dressed with the help of Hachiro.
“Come on, Chika-chan. We have to book flights.”
Hachiro shook his head, pretending to be in shame of knowing Chikane.
With Haruna
Natsume thought, what the fuck…
He threw the phone back at Haruna, still clutching Luna’s hands, but with guilt and shame.
Luna, seeing this with a complete INNOCENT smile plastered on her face, jumped on Natsume’s lap and tempted him.
Luna used her long fingernail, tilted Natsume’s chin up, and kissed him, with an evil pleasure.
Haruna looked at them with disgust and walked out of the room with Koko.
“Ne, Haru-chan. Why do you hate Luna so much?”
“Hyuuga made a fucking promise of not loving another one to Mikan before she left. Now look at him, letting that whore drape over him…I’m disgusted…”
Koko looked at Haruna like he already knew that and knows there’s more to it.
“And…? I know there’s more behind it.”
“…Luna is planning on destroying Mikan’s life…She’s been after Mikan ever since seven years ago.”
Koko was shocked. How can ANYONE hate Mikan that much? (A/N: Whores, sluts, you get the point!)
With Mikan
Mikan couldn’t believe it. She had to go back, like NOW.
Hachiro said, “Oh cheer up, Mi-chan. You can live New York with us for a while. We haven’t seen each other for so long.”
Well, that part was true.
Mikan smile again and nearly tore her friends to Baskin Robbins.
Baskin Robbins
“Oh my god, do you know how long it’s been since my last Baskin Robbins visit?”
Mikan was eating her third ichigo ice cream cone.
Chikane was having her coffee flavored cone and Hachiro was licking his mint and chocolate chip cone.
“Tomorrow, I’m visiting Burger King and Starbucks. Right now, I’m just going to overstuff myself with ice cream.”
Hachiro said, “I can see that right now…”
“Oh be quiet! Remember once you ate up the whole buffet in Tokyo!”
Chikane screeched, “HE DID?!”
Mikan smiled smugly and said, “Yep, he did. Literally EVERYTHING. He ate all the seafood and the ice cream machine had no more ice cream in it. I think if he had a baby with another woman, the baby would be partly buffet food.”
Chikane laughed.
Hachiro threw Mikan a glare and continued licking his cone.

Hard To Get – Chapter 18
Flash Back
“Oh my god, do you know how long it’s been since my last Baskin Robbins visit?”
Mikan was eating her third ichigo ice cream cone.
Chikane was having her coffee flavored cone and Hachiro was licking his mint and chocolate chip cone.
“Tomorrow, I’m visiting Burger King and Starbucks. Right now, I’m just going to overstuff myself with ice cream.”
Hachiro said, “I can see that right now…”
“Oh be quiet! Remember once you ate up the whole buffet in Tokyo!”
Chikane screeched, “HE DID?!”
Mikan smiled smugly and said, “Yep, he did. Literally EVERYTHING. He ate all the seafood and the ice cream machine had no more ice cream in it. I think if he had a baby with another woman, the baby would be partly buffet food.”
Chikane laughed.
Hachiro threw Mikan a glare and continued licking his cone.
Flash Back Ended
One Month Later…
Mikan was on her cell phone, talking to Suki.
Conversation: (Mikan is regular, Suki is italics)
“Mikan-sama you HAVE to get back singing! Everything’s crumbling down without you!”
“…And I should care because?”
“Well, you were in the world once!”
“And I’m not there anymore…so why should I even care if it’s crumbling?”
“Don’t make us go to last source of taking Hyuuga-sama hostage.”
“Like I care, we’re completely over now. He cheated on me when I left for America…”
“We still have Chiiseki-sama and your other friends at Alice Academy…”
“You get as close as one hundred miles to them you can say good bye to everyone’s careers.”
“Then get back to singing…”
Conversation Ended.
Mikan grabbed her nearest object, which just happened to be a flower vase, and threw it across the room.
“Holy moly what happened in here…?”
Hachiro came into the room, discovering broken glass and lilies on the floor.
“I have to fucking sing again…?”
“Oh, Mi-chan. It isn’t THAT bad now is it? Does it go to breaking vases?”
“Well, it’s not entirely bad and somewhat it does go to breaking vases.”
“Then how is it bad?”
“I’ll be treated differently?” Mikan snorted.
“But I thought you liked being famous.”
“That was before I knew everybody thought I acted like a slut…”
“What?! How can ANYBODY think you’re a slut?! You’re more of a tough girl rather than a slut!”
“A lot of guys call me a slut…”
“That’s all because they can’t have you!”
“N- Well it is true…”
“See! If one of them can have you, he’d be all over you like a curtain.”
“Okay, let’s not get into draping over and stuff.”
Suddenly, Mikan’s cell phone rang.
“Hello? OH MY GOODNESS OUR FLIGHT IS PREPARED ALREADY?! Okay, thank you so much. Okay, bye.”
“What happened?”
“My private plane just came into the airport to pick us all up! Come on get packing!”
Hachiro cheered twice and went to pack, telling Chikane along the way.
All the way down the hall, Chikane’s voice was heard, screaming of joy.
At The Airport…
Chikane said, “I’m, like, so excited right now I think I’ll end up punching Hachiro.”
Hachiro quickly took his belongings and sat a little farther away from her.
“Hey, why are you moving away?!”
“I probably don’t want to sit next to a mad woman that might kill me like a flying gorilla. Thank you, but no…”
Mikan decided to end the plane seating war and blurted, “Hey, did you guys check out the updated menu?”
Chikane grabbed the nearest one to her and read it.
“Holy shut the front door. Do I see green tea ice cream and honey barbeque wings on this or is it to play a trick on me?”
“It’s reality, Chika-chan…” Mikan sweatdropped.
A flight attendant was walking on by when Chikane waved at her and asked for the whole menu.
“I hope you suffocate so we won’t need to listen to you on the whole flight…” Hachiro prayed.
Chikane threw a drumstick at Hachiro. He dodged it by a centimeter.
“What the heck, Chika! That was drumstick of a sauced up chicken there you know!”
“Hmph. Like I care…”
“Oh will you two stop it! We’re only forty five minutes away. You don’t need to trash up the whole place for just a flight less than an hour.”
“Chika-chan. Settle down. While I go to the dressing room you people better not flip this whole plane up…”
Mikan then left for the dressing room.
Dressing Room
Mikan slipped on a thin, short shirt that hung off one of her shoulders as it was embellished with sewn-on graphics, a red plaid skirt with red shorts under so Natsume won’t even take a look, and long, white and black sneakers that looked somewhat sloppy but fashionable.
She decided to have black and white striped arm warmers with a certain person’s necklace in her pocket.
Truthfully, she decided to get it back for memories, even if those memories pierced through her heart more than it should.
She took a look at herself in the mirror.
I really should’ve stuck with a more gothic look… Mikan thought.
She looked over at her wolf mask and sword hanging on the chair near her.
Mikan wrapped her sword that was in a black sheath with black and crimson cloth.
She threw on her mask onto her face and slung her sword on her shoulder.
Walking out, she thought about her classmates’ faces when she would walk in and surprise them.
“See! You don’t look like a slut!” Chikane said when she saw Mikan.
“Yeah yeah whatever. I don’t want you two bakas to scream my name until I revealed myself, got it?”
Hachiro and Chikane nodded as the flight attendant let them out of the plane.
In The Limo Outside Of Gakuen Alice…
Mikan’s POV (EEK I haven’t done POVs in a loonngg time…)
I sighed. Hachiro and Chikane looked at me with confused expressions.
Chikane said, “I can’t wait to see Haru-chan! I just hope she won’t melt me…”
Hachiro teased her, “Of course she will. You’re so annoying. Anyways, I never knew Gakuen Alice was so big…”
I could see Naru-sensei right outside, waving for us to get out of the car.
I nudged, or Hachiro actually pushed her, out of the car.
Chikane exclaimed, “HEY! That’s no way to treat someone who took you to the chocolate factory in New York!”
Hachiro said, “We took the limo there and we paid FOR you!”
I shook my head and went up to Narumi-sensei.
“So these are your two friends from America…may I ask your names?”
Hachiro said, “Hachiro Rysukite or my famous sided name, DJ Matty. HEY CHIKA GET YOUR ASS OVER HERE!”
Chikane walked up to Hachiro’s side and said, “Chikane Todashite. HACHI TAKE THAT BACK!”
I sighed and said, “They’re always like this…so can we go to Class B now?”
Naru-sensei nodded and we all headed for Class B, with Hachiro and Chikane fighting over what Hachiro said before…
End of POV
Class B…
The classroom was really messed up.
There were kids flying around, drawing in mid-air, a stupid couple kissing in the back, a disgusted girl almost ready to smack the couple in the back, someone fixing her invention, someone petting his bunny and more mayhem.
Naru-sensei walked into the class announcing they will have three new students while Mikan, Hachiro, and Chikane were outside giggling about their revenge on Hyuuga.
“Class, we have three new students today! Please welcome them in.”
Hachiro went in, followed by Chikane, and lastly by Mikan.
When Hachiro first set foot into the class, all the girls screamed, “THAT’S DJ MATTY!”
When they all settled onto the platform, Hachiro introduced himself first.
“Hachiro Rysukite or DJ Matty. Electric and ice alice. DA Class. Hey Haruna…hey Hotaru…”
Then Chikane introduced herself.
“Chikane Todashite. Levitation or Telekinesis and vibration alice. DA Class. Konnichiwa Haru-chan and Hota-chan!”
Last, but not least, was the girl and the wolf mask. Haruna noticed her and Kiyoko and Hotaru all knew Mikan was under that wolf mask.
Hachiro said, “Come on your wolfness let’s get this going…”
Mikan glared at Hachiro under her mask.
“Hajimemashite. Watashi no namae wa Sakura Mikan desu. Some of you might know me. Alice is Nullification and SEC. DA Class. It’s nice to be back…”
Mikan removed her mask, getting screams and people almost pouncing on her for a hug.
Everyone wanted to hug her, until they saw that dark and infuriated glint in her eyes.
“Are you trying to climb on each other, Hyuuga, Koizumi? If you do, go climb on each other on a faraway cliff, we’d be clapping our hands…”
Natsume and Luna looked up at her. Luna smirked and Natsume looked away.
“Well, well, well…look what we have here…It’s my dear darling Sakura! Now how have you been? I heard you quit your singing career. I was nearly jumping and crying of joy when I heard!”
“Dear darling my fucking ass. I’ve wanted to kill you for all my life. Of course I quit my singing career. But I definitely got back in it. Go jump off a volcano and we’d be happy forever. Oh, I’ve meant to ask. Did you and Hyuuga take a step further or are you taking it slow? I’m sure for a slutty whore of a stripper like you, you guys already took it to a level higher than beds, am I right?”
Luna narrowed her eyes and glared at her.
“Aren’t you fucking upset I took your man?! I’ve wanted you to crawl at my feet for longer than you’ve known me. HOW CAN YOU NOT BE UPSET?!”
Mikan remained calm and the glint in her eyes remained the same.
“Now why would I be upset? He was merely a fucking asshole to me in my eyes. Just get this straight. I never live under you. Never.”
Luna wanted to chop off Mikan’s head.
“Oh yes you will! For once you’d be less popular than me and I’d get everything you lose!”
Mikan and Luna were just inches away from each other.
Mikan walked up to her until their noses were nearly touching.
“Oh, yeah? Try me. Oh, you might want to go to your favorite surgeon to get your boobs puffed up more for the twentieth time. Hyuuga would love that…”
Mikan caught Luna’s collar and threw her against the back wall.
She copied Hyuuga’s fire alice and started choking Luna like Haruna except her hands were with flame.
“Be careful, Koizumi. You never know how I can destroy you…”
Mikan took Luna and threw her across the room, causing the whole Elementary Division shaking.
Mikan’s infuriated glint in her eyes disappeared and she said with an adorable smile, “Okay, now you can come hug me.”
All her dearly classmates crowded around her, except Natsume and Hotaru.
Anna and Nonoko asked, “Mi-chan! How was your time in America?”
“Well, I got to see my Chika and Hachi right here.” as she pulled Hachiro and Chikane right next to her.
All the girls looked upon Hachiro with heart-shaped eyes.
Mikan sweatdropped and went on, “Since today is a free day and I have work, why don’t we all go to my working studio? I’ll get you guys in for free.”
Everyone cheered as they followed Mikan out the door, leaving Natsume and Luna behind.
Haruna was keeping guard on Mikan, glaring off every guy who tried to pounce on her.
“Ne, Haru-chan. Why are you glaring at every guy? Who cares if they pounce…?”
“It’s two days away from Valentine’s Day, baka.”
“Oh my gosh…I almost forgot about Valentine’s Day…Eek! I need to make chocolates!”
“I’m sure you’d be overloaded with chocolates and presents in your room…you won’t be able to get out of there…”
“I’ll eat them with Hinata and Yuudai! The guys would probably be disappointed to find out their chocolates were eaten by a phoenix and a dragon, but oh well. I have to at least get out of my room…”
Wright Studios…
Mikan exclaimed, “YAY! WE’RE HERE!”
Anna and Nonoko stared with wide eyes, “I can’t believe we’re standing in front of Wright Studios. They hire only the best of the best!”
Mikan said, “And I’ll make sure you meet some of the best of the best.”
Chikane asked, “How are there more best of the best peoples if they’re the best out of everyone that’s best?”
Everyone stared at Chikane. Hachiro sweatdropped.
He said, “Do you know what you just asked…?”
Chikane immediately answered, “No…duhh…”
Hachiro fell down anime-style and mumbled, “That’s my little girlfriend…”
Unfortunately, a certain seaweed hair girl heard and screamed, “YOU HAVE THAT SLUT AS A GIRLFRIEND?!”
Chikane’s heart was crushed. Slut? No, that did NOT work with her…
Hachiro’s fists clenched very tightly that his knuckles were white.
Chikane walked over to Permy and slapped her REAL hard and was just about to start a big fight with her, but Hachiro pulled Chikane away, leaving Permy red in the face.
Mikan led her friends into Wright Studios, where all the employees and stars greeted her.
Anna and Nonoko screamed, “OH MY GOD IS THAT TOYOSHI FYUSAKE?!”
Mikan sighed. Every time she brought her friends to Wright Studios, they always scream about Toyoshi Fyusake.
Mikan had to tear her friends from gazing at everyone.
They finally entered a big room that was about half the whole building.
“Suki. Get your hagged up ass out here.”
A lady with cool glasses and a beige suit walked out.
“Hi Lady Sa- Who in carnation are these people?”
“My FRIENDS. They’re going to watch me work…”
“Uh…well…ni-…nice friends…”
“Can we just get this over with…?” Mikan said with a bored expression.
“Um…yes. Go to hair and make-up. Larry’s waiting for you…”
Mikan saw Suki eye her friends with an evil spark in her eyes.
She walked to the back with Haruna, Hotaru, Kiyoko, Anna, and Nonoko.
As Mikan was passing, she said to Suki, “You lay a finger on them and see me break down this whole place…”
Suki caught her deadly message and reconsidered doing anything to her friends.
Hair and Make-up…
Anna and Nonoko gazed at the outfits in the room.
“Sugoi! I want these outfits!”
Mikan said, “And you think I don’t? I just happen to buy a lot more to cover for them.”
Then, Larry embraced Mikan.
Mikan dodged to the left just as he was about to hug her.
“Just get to work, damn it.”
He proceeded with the hair and make-up.
When They Were Done…
Mikan had her usual long hair with curly tips, but it was a bit darker and there was a messy, but fashionable look to it. Her make-up was easy and simple.
She changed into a black and white striped dress that went a little higher than mid-thigh, a sleeveless bolero, white boots with black lacing and ribbon, a black lace belt that was tied once at the side, a white beret, and white lace arm warmers.
Anna and Nonoko said, “Kawaii!!”
Mikan blushed and walked out with her friends to work.
Every guy was either having a nosebleed or fainting.
Mikan sighed and went to her set. She had to model first and then shoot her music video.
To Mikan’s surprise, her set was dark and lonely by a rainy window. She had a window seat like back in Class B where Haruna sits at.
Aren’t I supposed to be in a light and happy set…? First thing I do is be a lonely girl in hot clothes… Mikan thought.
They started shooting.
There were a lot of photos the director loved. There was a frame where her palm was against the window and she tilted her head to the side.
Afterwards, Mikan had to be start shooting for her newest album.
Her first music video was for the song ‘Come’
It was to her photo shoot that was for her album cover. They started the camera.
Moshi ima kanashimi afureru nara
Watashi ni mo tarete naite ii kara
I get, I get, I get, get the feeling
I get, I get, I get, get the dreaming
Tada kono mama
Come my way
Kono yami no hotori
Come close to me
Ima akari tomoshi
I’ll be with you I’ll be with you
Tada soba ni iru kara
So come my way
Kiduite anata wa kono sekai de
Tada hitori dake no taisetsu na hito
I get, I get, I get, get the feeling
I get, I get, I get, get the dreaming
Tada sono mama
Come my way
Mou hitomi tojite
Come close to me
Mou nemureba ii
I’ll be with you I’ll be with you
Tada koko ni iru kara
So come my way
Calling out
Can you hear me? yeah
So come my way
I get, I get, I get, get the feeling
I get, I get, I get, get the dreaming
Tada kono mama
Come my way
Kono yami no hotori
Come close to me
Ima akari tomoshi
I’ll be with you I’ll be with you
Tada soba ni iru kara
So come my way
Come my way
Come close to me
Come my way
Come close to me
Mikan went back to get dressed for her next music video ‘Baby Don’t Cry’
After Work…
Mikan was back in her regular clothes and they all went back to Class B.
Class B
Natsume was found making out with Luna at his desk.
Haruna saw this and threw a magma arrow at them.
Luckily it melted the wall and not them instead.
“Go make out at your usual sex bed. I think the only reason why your sakura tree is growing so well is just because of how many girls you bang there.”
Everyone stared at Mikan. Who knew Tokyo’s sweetheart would say such things?
Haruna, Hachiro, and Chikane were holding back from laughing on the floor.
Thank god Koko was there to calm Haruna down from melting the whole place.
Natsume looked at Mikan with a mad but guilty face while Luna was just smirking.
Mikan went on, “Did you guys already do so? Maybe that’s why I see buds already…”
Haruna was holding onto Koko’s arm to prevent herself from dropping on the floor. He was secretly happy…
Luna got off Natsume’s lap and walked up to Mikan.
“Getting mad or what…?” Luna whispered.

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