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--------------------------------------------------Book One: Sephina's Fate--------------------------------------------------

--------------------------------------------------Chapter One: The History of Sephina--------------------------------------------------
----------There is a place called Sephina where many creatures live in. Like Earth there are many other planets for example, the second most popular planet (other than Earth) is Mars. Scientists are even thinking of sending people of Earth to Mars to probably live on if too many people are to live on Earth. Most of you who are reading this have a good chance of knowing the planets that make our solar system. And most of you who are reading this also have a good chance that there are many other planets other than the solar system. And most of you who are reading, again, have a good chance of thinking that Sephina is a planet and it definitely is another planet other than all the planets that make up the solar system.
----------Sephina is what most people would describe to as “pure”. It is definitely is pure but, there are some evil spirits in Sephina although, they are all safely located in Shadydale where all the spirits are located. This city is the only city in Sephina where evil is placed and yet the keeper of Shadydale actually has manners, unlike all the evil creatures and spirits in Shadydale. Just looking at Shadydale on a map of the whole world called Sephina makes my eyes hurt because of the known evil in its surroundings. Actually I’d like to change the subject because I think that sephina is actually too evil for me to even metion in the book but it is necessary for the reader to know about the cities in Sephina.
----------There is a city called Perimelia where it has all the main attractions at Sephina like the Motion Picture Museum where all the creatures could see every motion picture in the world, every world in the entire universe. It actually surprises me because it has at least one million movies (old and new) and I think Earth made at least 500,000 + movies, I wonder what other world there are besides Sephina that makes movies... Anway let's get back on topic!
----------Thermopolis is the biggest city ever because it only has one of every kind of creature, from when Sephina had started it's new life as a world of creatures, (of each gender of course) and since the creatures in Sephina have an infinite lifespan these creatures would tell many interesting stories that would have the emotions of the creatures listening flow through their body. Anyway, I must say that this isn't the city I plan to write about, the city l plan to write about is Condraconia. Condroconia is a very small city and when you view Sephina's world map your fingers could barely touch it to see what it's coordinates are so you could teleport to it by the world map. This city is picked because there is a very interesting fate for the creatures of Condroconia for Sephina's queen will start to live there because of a black shiny pebble that the creatures call a "Wish Stone". I think you are getting confused so i'll just explain it better for you to understand.
----------Sephina was found by 5 wise creatures that found it by finding the Wish Stone. They were all normal Earth creatures until they found the Wish Stone then, that's when the trouble started. Let's stop here and go back to Earth in the somewhat early years where the 5 wise animals were found. Don't worry, i'll continue this after you read how the animals found the Wish Stone and who they are.
----------These animals are all friends and they are your common house pets. There is a dog named Fierce who loved his feline friend named Tigeress who loved Fierce back. Although, since they're dog and cat of course they shouldn't really love each other because they're supposed to be opposites right? Wrong, they still loved each other but only Slick, Fierce's turtle friend, knew that Fierce loved Tigeress while Snow Charcoal, Tigeress's rabbit friend, is the only one who knew that Tigeress loved Fierce. The other animal is the most important (you'll see why she is the most important creature if you read on). Her name is Old Bessy and she is an old weasel that loves to take care of her friends. Fierce, Tigeress, Slick, and Snow Charcoal always called her mom and thought or her that way. In one of the days in these animals' lives they will think it is a normal day until they have a strange fate from Sephina.

--------------------------------------------------Chapter Two: Fierce's Life--------------------------------------------------
-----------When Fierce was a pup his mother had a terrible owner. The owner wanted to take the pups away right after they were born but his wife suggested to
----------Sorry TT^TT l can't remember anything else from my dreams and l don't think l can make things up to make sense, it'll just make nonsense... l'll try to remember it later on in the day. lf not then maybe it'll come to me again in my dreams?
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