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22 / F / My DREAM LIVE sta...
Posted 8/10/08 , edited 8/23/08
hihi there !!!!! Here is ...of course , to submit ur characters in this group !!! This character should be wat u really wished to be ~ dun be shy and post watever character u wanna be here ~ so here is my character:


name: Tsukishima Amu

Age: 13

Background Information: Amu is a girl who is a little taller than average girls at her age , she done before a model's job when she was young and has a good body figure. She is a girl who hav many wishes to be her would-be-self....she dont know wat she wanted to be actually... She has a amazing great voice and LOVE to sing and dance so after a few years, her talent is finally discovered and she finally becomes a famous singer and dancer in overseas. Her voice and dance has the ability to control someone , changes someone's mood either into good or bad depend on how she wants but she wouldnt make someone sad purposely...She also looks up to her cool elder sister,Tsukishima Aimi. Their parents were in a accident when they were trying to save their friends in a car crash but pass away when trying to do so...that's why her elder sis is too protective of Amu and will always know where her whereabout is . Her charas were born one after one another continuously each day... She loves to sing and dance so much tat she actually will sing and dance in the street wearing disguise as she didnt want anyone to know who she is... People and companies got attracted to her songs but cannot find out who she is ...


Seira is a cool vampire chara. She is cool and smart... She also doesnt like to smile... but is not evil... She believes in her own decision and is a little stubborn. Amu will chara change for a while when she smelled blood but will not be crazy over blood even tho she is a vampire....she will juz be chara change for a moment before turning back into her original self....She will say "lost, cold, vamp..." when chara change....She has ability to control fire...

Kawa is a lil childish neko chara...She is cute and is like a baby... She loves to be free and jump around...She doesnt like dogs and cannot stand around them and will start crying... Kawa will say "miew,miao,nya !! " when chara change.She has a lightning speed and flexible body....

Utau is a pretty,talented and graceful singer chara. She loves to sing and dance... She loves to smile and make ppl laugh or smile too when they are depressed... She is a little stubborn but believes in herself... Amu will chara change with her whenever she heard nice music and will sing and dance along with it...she will return to her usual self when Amu wants to as Amu also LOVE to sing and dance too...Amu's singing has more power after chara change with Utau...Utau will say "Sing ,dance, fun~" when chara change...Amu's chara change with Utau can do anything she wants when singing or after singing....

Miku is a talented artist chara. She loves to draw...She is great in fashion sense and love to express herself by drawing...Her drawings can comes to life or become real when she wanted to... Amu will chara change with Miku when she saw people drawing ... Miku will say "draw, paint, life!!!" when chara change...

Their powers when character transform are still inknown....

Personality: Amu is a cheerful, positive girl. She loves to smile but a little shy sometimes... She hate being lonely and being betrayed by someone she love...
Picture: [[optional]

Amu (when in disguised while singing and dancing on the streets)

Amu in normal out wear

Amu when character transformation with....

Seira- Amulet vampire

Kawa- Amulet Lynx

Utau- Amulet Rockstar

Miku-Amulet Carol

Thanks for reading !!!! Arigato !!!! ^v^


Please include these informations in ur creation~ ^.^

Ur character's pic (optional):
Character name:

Character's age:

Background of ur character:

Character's personality:

shugo charas(cannot more than 4 charas,if not ,it is unfair...) :(optional)

Kyara nari(character transformation) : if u wanna hav, pls post pics , if not, u can describe ~ ^.^

Oh !! and 1 more important thing.... U R ONLY ALLOW 3 DAYS TO EDIT UR POST SO IT WOULD NOT CONFUSE PPL ...EACH PERSON CAN ONLY HAV 1 CHARACTER...AND DO NOT HAV THE SAME PICS AS THE PPL WHO HAV ALR CREATED THEIR CHARACTERS PLS ... ^v^ Arigato ~ Gambatte in ur creating !!!! there might be a roleplay in the future of course and then u can use ur created character to play~

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Posted 8/20/08 , edited 8/20/08
My character's pic:

Character name: Tsukiyomi Ayumi

Nickname: Ayu

Username: miley26

Character's age: 14

Background of ur character: A very rich girl. Her father is a director of a sports car company and her mother is a famous magazine editor. Both of her parents work throughout the day and comes back very late at night. All she wants is for her parents to spend some time with her. One day, she overheard her parents are gonna divorce. So, she gave birth to Shugo Charas that can help cheer her up and help her parents get back together.

Character's personality: She falls in love very easily. Besides that, she is stubborn but strong willed girl. She is terrified of cats because she had a bad experience with cats. She acts very cool and tough in school but she is actually a very shy girl.

Shugo Chara's pic:

Shugo Chara Personalities:-

Top - Tsuu
Tsuu is a very cheerful girl with the kindness of an angel. She loves to play games with the other Shugo Chara. Tsuu is actually a Chara of love. She is the one usually to consult her when Ayu sees her parents fight.

Middle - Momo
Momo is a very shy Chara. Momo excels at art. She is basically Ayu's creative character. She tends to help out when Ayu needs help in art. She also get lost very easily. She also falls in love very easily just like Ayu does.

Bottom - Kana
Kana is more of a tomboy Chara. She is part of Ayu's bravery character. Ayu character change with Kana alot. Whenever Ayu is blushing or doing anything to show her shyness, Kana will just straight away character change with Ayu without permission.

Kyara Nari (character transformation):-

Tsuu - Moonlight Angel
Ayu will grow wings and wears a really cute pink dress whenever she transform with Tsuu.

Momo - Moonlight Artist
Whenever Ayu transforms with Momo, she dresses like an artist. Her hat, clothes and shoes are all green in color.

Kana - Moonlight Fighter
Ayu will wear a light blue yukata holding a samurai sword. Her sword is about 0.7 meter long.
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23 / F / In the forest
Posted 8/20/08 , edited 8/20/08

Character Name: Aikawa Reina
Character Age: 13
Nickname: Rein

Background Info:
Her Father is the King of another county so to say she is the princess of that country. Her Father was also a magician so that made Reina also a magician. Her mother is a model. Ever since she was little she has done many photo shoots and commercials. She has an older brother which was passes college. He became her manager after a few times. She has two younger siblings. One is Rei. He always followed Reina around. Reiya is the second younger sibling. She also follows around. Reina always took care of her younger siblings. Reina has a good voice so she sings. She became an idol after a few years. She lived her life knowing many idols and models. After when she was 10, she started to go to school. After the first day of school, she gave birth to the charas. She gave birth to the charas because on the first day even though she was an idol/model nobody noticed her. Everyone had their own business and ignored her the whole day.

Character's Personality:
She is a strong willed girl. She could become a delinquent any time. She is also very strong. She is strong that her older brother also. When she took care of her siblings, they usually run around too much so, she became stronger everytime she took care of them. Reina here didnt want to b that strong. Inside she is a shy person. She uses her strength to hide her shyness. She was a lonely girl ever since little. When she likes someone she doesnt say a thing. She just avoids that person. But when they go directly to her and talks to her asking why she was avoiding him she would teleport away.

Shugo Charas:
Rina -
Rina is a vampire Chara. She is there when Reina need more help in strength.
Mina -
Mina is an Angel chara. She is protective of everything like nature and yea everything.
Bella -
Bella is a sword Fighter. Reina isnt very good in swords and she is in that class in school so she has that chara to help her.
Ella -
A magical girl like character. She is also an idol/model chara. She helps Reina when reina is not in a very good mood when she idols and/or sing.

Kyara Nari:
Rina - Midnight Vampire

Mina - Midnight Angel

Bella - Midnight Wanderer

Ella - Midnight Singer
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Posted 8/21/08 , edited 8/21/08
Ur character's pic (optional):

Character name: Haruno Kimiko
Character's age: 15
Username: dominicannena1

Background of ur character: When she was 5 yrs old, her mother died and her father left her in an old abandoned mansion. She lives with her older brother Kai, and her two older twin sisters, Mila and Kita. Her brother is a little over protected. Her sisters Mila and Kita are complete opossites, Mila is the straight A student and she's always nagging Kita to pay more attention in school, while Kita is very rebellious and often fails exams and pays more attention to playing the guitar. Kimiko is admired by all the the students of the school, the girls because of her personality and the boys....... because........ well..... yeah. She gave birth to the charas because she wants people to know her for someone else not who she is know.

Character's personality: She has a very cold personality. She is very rebelious, often skipping classes. Althought she is rebelious, she still is a straight A student. She is very athletic but never join a sport and the sports clubs are always asking her to join. She is also very good at singing but is too shy to join the choir.

shugo charas:
Maris is a vampire chara. She mimics Kimiko's current personality. When Kimiko character changes with Maris her rebelious side intensifies and begins to do even more dangerous stuff than usual.

Miko is a fairy chara. She is the complete opposite of Kimiko. When Kimiko character changes with Miko she acts extremely sweet and polite and will stop at nothing to make a person smile.

Flora is gardener chara. She is very calm and cares very much about the earth. When Kimiko character changes with Flora she starts to talk about way to better the earth or,(when kimiko's frustrated) she starts to meditate or calm down.

RinRin is the jock chara. She is very very energetic and is always like that. When Kimiko character changes with RinRin she starts to cheer and do all sorts of flips and moves.

Kyara nari(character transformation):
Maris- Vampire Kiss

Miko- Pixie Kiss

Flora- Floral Kiss

RinRin- Speed Kiss
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22 / F / My DREAM LIVE sta...
Posted 8/23/08 , edited 8/23/08
whoa~ Nice ~!!! Gambatte~~ *thumbs up*
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Posted 11/1/08 , edited 11/2/08
Ur character's pic (optional):
Character name: Khirri (pronunced Karir) Chikako (means child of wisdom)

Character's age:15

Background of ur character:Unknown

Character's personality:Khirri is a cold person. She never talks unless she has too. In her spair time she reads. Khirri wears mens cloths. Most people mistake her for a man.

shugo charas(cannot more than 4 charas,if not ,it is unfair...):

Emiko (means Smiling child) Left:
Emiko is a Happy Chara, she is almost always smiling she is spiecal in cooking,cleaning, and nursing is someone is wounded or ill. she is also very clumsy.

Alessia(means Defender of mankind) Right:
Alessia is a punk chara who always speaks her mind, no matter is its nice or not. she is good with any weapon and hand to hand combat. She is very athletic and a very good artist.

Mellony(means Dark):
Mellony is a very calm and collected person. She is good at anything that has to do with music. weither is playing an instument, Singing or listening to music. Mellony is very lazy if it doesnt have to do anything with music.

Kyara nari(character transformation) :

Emiko- Huan Jewel

Alessia- Wilda Jewel

Mellony- Meloncoloy Jewel
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24 / F / Neverland ♥
Posted 11/2/08 , edited 11/4/08
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Posted 11/6/08 , edited 11/6/08
Melloy-Melancholy im sorry i spelled it wrong it was late and i was tired
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19 / F / going insane
Posted 9/13/11 , edited 9/13/11
Ur character's pic (optional):

Character name: Kat Jones
Username: lilpriWISH

Character's age: Yaya's age (whatever that is)

Background of ur character: her life was very normal. she had an older brother looking out for her, she has a mother and father who love her very much and her life is no different then anyone elses. When she got her chara she flipped out (like Amu did in the anime) but after she learned what they were she was really cool about it. She has an egg that she had got 2 days ago

Character's personality: Kat is sweet and kind to most people she meets. She is very clumsy and people make fun of her for that. She really doesnt care. She is very nervous around her chrush (you'll find out who he is later).
shugo charas(cannot more than 4 charas,if not ,it is unfair...) :

Kyara nari(character transformation)
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