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Posted 8/10/08 , edited 8/10/08
UPDATED ON 10 'o8 'o8

Found these in other forums XD

ALL CREDITS GOES TO rozen_sakura

the care taker (looks like the prince) seen in the observatory is actually the princes older brother and

ikuto a tadase were childhood friends but after ikuto's father dissapeared they grew apart

Ikuto has another gardian chara
its a dog version

there is a real prince who comes to the school
falls inlove with amu
amu says no
tadase gets jelous
the real prince leaves after his maid confress to him
and he accepts

kairi leave the school
declares his love for amu
says he will be back for her when he becomes a man
but before leaving he also declares war with tadase over amu's heart

... amu gets so confused

ikuto's father who mysteriously dissapeard was a famous violin player and
his father's violin apears overseas
ikuo wonders where is dad is
but his dad is stil missing

ikuto tells uta about their dad

ikuto secretly decides he no longer wants the embro to free himself from their
foster father but instead to find his real father

amu's lil sister ami gets her first chara

ikuto tells amu abou his father
ikuto tells amu he loves her
she finally takes him serious......
they kiss.... (**** NOTE- i've no idea if this is true, but rozen_sakura said "actually they are true i got them from a person who works for the shugo chara creation team
and most of them are on websites too, the kiss does happen 100%")

Nagihiko comes back
becomes jack as shes now a boy
she has 2 charas now but
her origional one went back in its egg

Rima & amu became close
but rima gets jelous of Nagihiko as
Nagihiko & amu remain best friends even after shes a boy

when amu finally get dia back tadase and kiseki are finally able
to chara change resulting in Platinum Royale and there
ability is White Decoration.

yuya & pepe with the power of humpty lock
chara change into Day Baby

Ikuto's chara change is known as black lynx

Eru & Amu do a chara change and become Amulet Devil
ability is Devil's Tune.

Utau gets Iru (angel chara) back and after that she can do a ability called
Angels Cradle that can purify X eggs.
Amu's got compatition

Ami ( Amu's little sister) is the reason Utau turns good
after Ami gets lost one day Nagihiko finds her
andtakes her to the royal garden where Utau is there
and ami tells utau how much she idolises her
and asks utau to sing.
after this utau realises she was once like ami
wanted to sing to make others happy
not to take their egss
and becomes good.

after amu gets dai back utau & Yukari Sanjou leave easter
and go forth to build their own music company

Yukari Sanjou makes Utau's band a cursed Cd
kairi puts it in tadase bag
tadase listens to it
and the curse turns kiseki to a X egg
amu purifys him

Miki falls more inlove with yoru then keseki
as his cool outter exteriour draws her to him like amu is drawn to ikuto

Ran falls for kiseki as he likes her upbeat personallity like tadase likes amu's amulet heart.

Tsukasa Amakawa ( the prince's older brother / caretaker)
is actually the school's superintendent

Nobuko Saeki ( forutune teller) is the real reason the charas came to Amu

Tadase & kiseki's chara transformation ability White decoration
can purify X eggs too.

Tadase finally confesses love to amu again yet this time
he loves her for herself, asking if its ok to love her
herself, mean while ikuto is hiding in the closet and hears this.
ikuto become jelous of tadase.

Nagihiko's new chara is a boy version of her origional chara

a picture comes up in a magazine about amu & kukai being a couple
where amu & kukai are embrasing each other...
saaya who like kukai gets furious......

ami's chara is smular to a utau character a idol star chara

Aruto Tsukiyomi is not really dissapeard off the face of the earth
he just ran away as he wanted to sucsess in music and not
take over the company like he was supose to.

Tadase became easier for the cursed CD to change his egg to an X egg as he
started to lose confidence in himself as he cant find the embryo.

when tadase does chara change to Platinum Royale his out fit is full of
white, lace and frills.

the picture of kukai holding amu in the magazine was taken after she lost her
power when che did chara change with Iru and was exauseed and kukai was looking after her.

Yaya cant swim nd with help of her friends she learns to swim.

after many failed attempts to get the embryo egg for easter
Kazuomi Hoshina (derector of eater company) started to become scared that easter will
abandonm him.

these are coming eppisodes
source = wiki

Epp 34

Saaya tried to use the machine invented by Yamabuki Concern for catching ghost in the known for haunted house, but it eventually failed. Amu and the Guardians have a meeting after school, and except for Amu, they all agree to go to the house the next day. After the meeting, Rima gets hit by a boy, Shota, and Shota left a painting, which makes Rima want to return it. The next day, Amu was scared and she didn't want to go. She was scared by Rima a few times, but they all still went into the house. They found that the house was a bit creepy, and there wasn't anyone inside the house. Ran, Miki, and Su saw an artist shugo chara which was going to disappear. Not long after, Shota came home and Rima talked to him.
Shota feels angry because his parents argue and also because of his grandpa's death, and Rima understands that. After returning the painting, because of his feelings, his shugo chara, Kuuta, turns into an X character and Amu does a character transformation with Miki, Amulet Spade. After that, Shota understands everything. And after all, Shota's house didn't have a ghost.


Amu and her family go to see Shuu, Amu and Ami's cousin. He is preparing a wedding cake for an upcoming wedding. Upon hearing Su's voice, Miki realizes that Shuu has created a Heart's Egg. The wedding is for him and Eriko, a woman he fell in love with at first sight. Eriko is depressed, but her mood lifts after seeing Amu as Amulet Angel (a short time later as herself) and talks to her. When Amu gets to the kitchen, her cousin's egg became an X character. Amu transforms to Amulet Clover and purifies his Guardian Character. The next day, Eriko, Shuu, and Amu prepare the cake, and the wedding is held; ending with Amu running in embarrassment after catching the bouquet.


Shuraiya, a prince from a faraway country, has ran away from home and comes to Seiyo Elementary. Everyone, including Nikaidou, are surprised as the prince and his servants arrive via helicopter. Right as they were exiting the helicopter, Tadase noticed that the prince has a guardian character. Almost all the girls develop a crush on him, with Saaya determined to win his heart. After seeing Amu purify an X Egg, the prince proposes marriage to Amu. Naturally, Amu rejects the proposal. One of the servants has a crush on the prince and tries to tell him, but he seems uninterested. His interest seemed to be in finding the embryo, since that is what he immediately starts to help the guardians with right afterward. In a different scene, shows Easter trying to create the embryo, commenting on some of the methods Nikaidou used while he was still an employee at Easter.
Later that night, Utau appears in disguise and hands the prince a pendant. The prince believes that it is the embryo.


The pendant Shuraiya was given in the previous episode has been giving him dark powers, making him behave differently, and weakening his Guardian Character. Amu decides to investigate and learns that the Prince also has a crush on his servant, Haru. After the Prince leaves, Ran senses the pendant's dark energy from the X eggs power. Due to Shuraiya's negative feelings, he turns Saaya and her troupe's eggs to X Characters, and captures all of the other Characters and the Guardians in a giant genie-style lamp. Soon after, he turns his own Shugo Chara to an X egg.
Amu tries to convince the prince that pendant is not the Embryo. Haru tries to get Shuraiya to stop, but it surrounded by X characters. The Lock reacts, freeing the Guardians and bringing out Haru's own Guardian Character. The newborn character gets the remaining characters out by praising the X characters. Amu turns to Amulet Heart and purifies them all. Haru confesses to Shuraiya, which he accepts. The Prince leaves, feelings and problems resolved with a newfound love, but not after a celebratory "king's laugh" with Tadase.

ikuto & amu kiss is real its close after his confession to her when she believes him

"some spoilers are from manga some are from anime
cause some are in anime some are in manga

also some are season 2

if youdont believe it well thats your descision but they are 100% legit
if you dont have anything nice to say then dont post.....
we dont need you opinion in reality

im happy to tell others what my friend from Shugo chara creation team told me
if u dont believe it then dont thats ur opinion
keep it to your self"

ALL CREDITS goes to rozen_sakura

Kirarin123456789 wrote:


Dia is reunited with Amu! I’m just glad this wasn’t dragged on for too long, and we see the explanation as to why she refused to recognize Amu as her owner. I wonder if there’s gonna be a surprise in the next chapter, considering the Card Suits of Amu’s Shugo Charas have now been completed. We might just see the Embryo soon, though there are still a lot about Ikuto and Utau’s past left to be revealed.


The night after the fight in the previous chapter, Tadase visits Amu and reveals about his childhood past with both Ikuto oniitan and Utau. They used to spend time together, with both Utau and Tadase fighting over who gets to have Ikuto… The fun times they had came to an end one day, which, although not revealed yet, reminded Amu of what Ikuto said in the carnival date they had in volume 3. It must have something to do with a tragedy that happened in his past, involving his family?

Tadase believes that Amu can bring Utau back into the light again, which Eru wishes for her master as well.

Also in the previous chapter, Kairi revealed that Embryo is planning to launch Utau’s Black Diamond single (internationally), where Utau will be heading to America for its promotion. And, it was envisioned that there will be more victims as people will copy the album, rip it, distribute it off the net and other media. They’re seeing piracy as a means for world abomination!

Presenting, Angel of Justice, Amulet Angel and the extra Guardians! LOL.

The night of Utau’s supposedly flight to America, Eru-Amu appears in the scene with her very own speech of love and justice!

Before Amu gets into battle mode with Utau, Dia finally speaks up. She insults Amu for being a lost kid who doesn’t even know what she really wants, and Amu admits this to be true. Amu actually thinks that this must be the reason why she has so many eggs, and Dia wasn’t the least bit impressed with this answer.

Presenting, Angel of Justice, Amulet Angel and the extra Guardians! LOL.

Ikuto also steps into the battlefield, where Tadase sees him with the Dumpty Key, which is said to as powerful as the Humpty Lock, and is most likely the reason why Utau was able to Chara-nari with Dia.

Somewhere in between Amu and Utau’s fight, Iru decides to team up with Amu, in the hopes of saving Utau. The Iru outfit didn’t turn out as sexy as the case with Utau’s however.

Amu’s Chara-nari with Iru wears off after Utau attacks with Dia’s Glitter Particle, then gives her speech about the real meaning of strength. She considers Amu a weakling for being a goody girl who doesn’t feel anything when losing.

The reason why Dia chose Utau over Amu is because of the diamond-like qualities she has, which allows her to shine, particularly her unwavering determination. “Utau’s glitter is flawless… A diamond glitters because it’s flawless”, according to Dia.

Amu refutes Utau (and also Dia), saying that it’s but natural for anyone to feel mortified at his/her loss. What matters most is that one will be able to stand up again after being defeated. The more a person gets to experience losing, the more she’ll be able to shine. “I believe that I can shine!” are the very words which finally made Dia see the glitter in Amu’s heart~

And finally, Dia’s ‘X’ mark wears off and Amu gets to Chara-nari with her! If I’m not mistaken, both the Lock and the Key responded to this.

mco9 wrote:

Chapter 27 in manga.. [ iLL upload 25 and 26 later..this is for amuto fans!!]
for the AmuXiKuto faNs::
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Posted 8/10/08 , edited 8/10/08 gosh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! >.<..
im shocked until now!!!!!!!!!

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F / Among the fluffy...
Posted 8/10/08 , edited 8/10/08
How did you get all them information cause I like searched for some all week and still can't find any. Anyway, thanks for the Spoilers, it seems to be really exciting!!!!
Posted 8/10/08 , edited 8/10/08
thank you!!!! lol now imintomanga aswell xD
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Posted 8/10/08 , edited 8/10/08
i knew some already but yeah thnks for the spoilers!!!!
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Posted 8/10/08 , edited 8/10/08
dang xD i cant wait for the other episodes poor temari
Posted 8/10/08 , edited 8/10/08
43 "Character Transformation! Amulet Diamond!"
"Kyara Nari! Amyuretto Daiya!" (キャラなり! アミュレットダイヤ!) Masaru Yasukawa Ryunosuke Kingetsu August 2, 2008
Amu character transforms with Dia, with the X removed. All the X eggs hatch into X characters. Utau character transforms with El, becoming Seraphic Charm. Amu, Utau, and the rest of the guardians battle and purify the X characters. In the mix of the purified shugo eggs, the shining egg shows up again. It's shaped like an oval and it's rainbow-colored. It's seen roaming around aimlessly but after a while it flies off into the sky. In the end, Dia reverts back into an egg again until the next time Amu shines again.
Posted 8/10/08 , edited 8/10/08
Want to know more? Check out the next few manga chapters I've read! (i read it off a webbie.can't remember where)

It's just a summary. I'm too lazy to type the whole thing. I'm not posting the pics here or you won't want to read the manga. All credits go to that ex-subber blog
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Posted 8/10/08 , edited 8/10/08
omg ... thnx alot everyone!! i want to ask where can i read shugo chara manga !! please if u know i'll be thankful 4ever
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Posted 8/10/08 , edited 8/10/08
I think this could be true! Most of it is, vause I watch the manga on veoh.
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22 / F / Outer space, wher...
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26 / F / uhhh total memory...
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Sazouma wrote:

I think this could be true! Most of it is, vause I watch the manga on veoh.

so from wat i have just read and seen it looks like iktuo and amu are going to get togehter...? right? because that would be awsome!!
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26 / F / uhhh total memory...
Posted 8/10/08 , edited 8/10/08

luv_kero wrote:

thanks for the info^^
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28 / F / pearl of the east
Posted 8/10/08 , edited 8/10/08
omg~ i sooo loooove spoilersss!! thanks
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23 / F / Lost in my heart!!♥
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cool u took all of the spoilerz XD
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