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If u were able to write out a manga or create a anime, Wut kind of anime will it be?How Long will be da story? Wut will da storyline be about?? Wut about da art of da anime? Cutes girl? Racing? Love? etc... Title of ya anime? Happy Ending? Mystery Ending? Bad Ending? Give ya thoughs.......

Romance,Comedy,Horror,Ecchi,Shoujo-Ai.. etc?

For me.... I would like it be a mix of Romance,Comedy,Ecchi,Fantasy,Adventure..... a little too long lol?
Well da story line will start out with a BOY..... meeting a girl in da different world... with awesome powers... Fallling lovee with her.. Plus... I wanttt it to bee arounndd 3 season... with 26 epsiode ea? why? SO EVERY ONE can enjoy unlike other anime tat stop... For Example* ...Air Gear, Ichigo 100%.. Etc... lol
Yes I want it to be a Happy ending... nnn shocking storyline.. ... Title... IUNO yet... For da Character I WANT THEM TO BE SUPER KAWAII~...!!!! so does da boy... likkeee Vampiree Knight?

Welll.... Here are my Thoughs.... What ya think? BAD? Good? >_>
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Posted 8/13/08 , edited 8/13/08
Season of Love because..

The story is about the 2 girls who went to the other world because they are the chosen ones and have the powers in order to be one.. They want to go home until they met their love of their life.. Because of them, they dont want to go home and want to stay on their side..

But the rules is: after they finished their mission, they would simply go home and don't tell to anyone what happened.. (But no one will knoe because the time in the other world is faster than their world)

The ending will be a happy ending because even though the 2 guys that they met on the other world is forbidden to enter in their world, they did everything just to be on their loved ones side..

It will be a mixture of ROMANCE, ADVENTURE, COMEDY, FANTASY and SCI-FIC..

The story will be 30 chapters and 3 books..

Do you think my story is bad? Because I'm already writing it now..

Couples in the story:
Couple: Lyon
Rival : Jin

Couple: Ariz
Rival: Harrison

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i sense duplicate

therefore i sense " ~Locked "
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Please use the thread above

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