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Posted 8/10/08 , edited 8/10/08

Okies, l think this is going to be an ay okay contest that many people can participate in ;]

-~ Mods cannot enter because they will be the judges to decide which three entries were the best so l can post it their entries in a poll so you guys can vote to see who should be the winner =]
-~ You may only enter one entry
-~ You may edit your entry before end of the contest
-~ Please don't critisize in this topic, save it for the "Teh Contehst 0-o Poll"

Teh Contehst
-~ You will make one membership card for Baka Graphics
-~ It must have the following:
-~ It also has to have "[c] -your username-" so people know you made it and it must have "Certified Baka Graphics Member" somewhere

-~ The winner will have their membership card as one of the templates so someone can request it

-~ Start - August 10, 2008
-~ End - August 20, 2008
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