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if you want to make or made a manga and want to share with us please do

my manga name: Kitty Princess
(more to come)
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I'm tried of typing but..Here's the latest one...

=Kawaii Sketches=
(Note:This is not like K-ON!,ok?It has sadness too)
Minori Sasuki enters high school with doing nothing.She thought what club could be best for her.Then she found out a fun club which is the art club.Why?Because everyday they had paint fights!When Left-handed Minori goes home,she plays her cute heart-shaped guitar.But in one chapter she remember her sad past.So she ran away from home.Then one day,she was hit in the head by a rock,which leads her to forgetting her art club and past.The only way to remember it again is to find her magical guitar.(Twisty Twisty,eh?)

Just edit this if more latest mangas!
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♪♫My Manga Name:Little Star♪♫
Little Star is about a Girl Named Yuzuki Hime That is 12 years old and one day she was boing!!(hit) On her head a little PC that a little Fairy bought to her.Her name is little star and yuzuki can use magic now!!! She use it to help Natsuno th boy she has a crush on to make him fall for her!!!

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32 / M / Holy Grail
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is that from trickster pupuri?
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25 / M / my grave where else
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†My Mangas†

>_<..i type soo long...
Third and last is 'Dream Feathers'
Info:(very short)
=IN A PICTURE! >_< this the most longest manga i have to make...

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manga name: Magic School Here I Come
information: a girl named Arisa Erizawa Attend in a school where al student have elements such as Water Fire(powerful) Earth Air Arisa doesn't have any power when that was she thinks but then her teacher MR.Hanamura tells to her that she has a powerful power that can destroy the Demons and spirits that comes to the destroy the school and the students and even the world,she had a partner name Amiu Igirashi and a cousin Namika Hamada the both of them help Arisa Erizawa learn her powers and help her destroy the Demons evil plans to Destroy the school,students, and the world
(whoah sorry for the long typing )
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