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Posted 8/11/08 , edited 8/11/08
DBSK rejected as guests on Music Station!!! >:(

S-San (one of the Japanese staff members of Tohoshinki) made a recent post in his blog confirming the rumors about Music Station's refusal to invite DBSK into their program.

Many fans have been speculating for quite some time the reason why DBSK never appeared on the show, especially with the recent #1 on weekly Oricon (their third one, which broke a record as foreign artist with three #1s). DBSK has been consistently in the top 10 weekly in Japanese Oricon charts with their singles and last album. Music Station usually invites singers in top 10 in Oricon at least once to perform. However, this has not been the case with DBSK, as S-San points out even with the insistence of the company to let them on fairly.

Their lack of promotions in such a major show as Music Station (it is one of the most watched shows in the country on a prime time slot) has become jarringly apparent and discussion spring up every time they release a single as to why they are still not invited. Majority say that its because of Johnny's Entertainment stronghold on Music Station, pointing out that no bands/artists that posed a threat to that agency have ever been invited.

S-San never explicitly states the shows name, however he mentions that Tohoshinki was on the shows #1 list this week, yet still weren't given the chance to perform.

The post also explains the lack of sales of the group, owing to the fact that they are still placed in Foreign Artist category in music stores even though they should be under JPop. Fans who recently visited Japan confirmed this. They all found it quite hard to find Tohoshinki's CD's in stores, sometimes they were not there at all. Many times, they were put under a hidden K-pop or foreign artists section. So this really explains why sales get poor after promotions stop ... their CD's aren't in visible places where someone just browsing the JPop section can pick up and see.

I was wondering how S-San posted about this sticky topic, knowing how hush-hush Japan usually is about these matters. He sounds frustrated, and is probably making his last desperate attempt to try to change the situation - by letting fans know what we all sort of feared existed behind the scenes (of the group not exactly getting equal opportunity), isn't going away anytime soon. But he urges fan to do something and says that "...the store's customers will have the most impact". The fans in Japan must speak up to store managers about DBSK's CD's being put under "Foreign Artist" section instead of where they rightfully should be - under JPop.

There's a certain really popular program where the boys haven't been able to appear since they've [the program] been rejecting any interest the [Avex] promotion-team's been showing that way.

The promoter in charge has been fighting hard and will keep trying. The boys have reached #1 in this program's ranking, but when it comes to the offer about guesting in the show and a performance...Even after three weekly #1s, there's nothing from that direction.

There hasn't really been any kind of an explanation offered about the issue either, but the team will keep working hard for an appearance in that show.

Source: S-Diary -
Blog entry dated: July 24, 2008 12:41:30
Translation Credits: aleyna @ JpopMusic Forums + dbsker + j^o^[email protected]
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Posted 8/11/08 , edited 8/11/08
that is just plain prejudice. If i was over there i would really say it something about it instead of keeping silent. Do you guys think that we can do something about it even if some of us are on the other side of the world?
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