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Posted 8/11/08 , edited 8/11/08
----You’re very experienced at this. In this song, you sing about ‘feelings that I can’t convey’. As it’s very important to convey your feelings, please use this opportunity to tell the members something you usually wouldn’t say.

YC: I’m so embarrassed *laughs*
JJ: There’s something. Changmin, please stop coming to my room…..okay? *For some reason, he seemed really weak during the last part* It’s been really stressful for me recently, it’s not funny anymore..

----Changmin, why do you go into Jaejoong’s room?
CM: No…..I don’t do anything there. Although I don’t really do anything there, I can feel how stressed he is when I enter his room….

JS: However, this is a little weird. Changmin….You’ll always get the feeling that he’s peeping at you….That’s Changmin for you

-----Changmin, do you spy on them?
CM: I don’t do it intentionally

JJ: He spies on you. Suddenly the door will open, and he’ll watch you quietly. It’s very disturbing. And he’ll be standing behind you watching while you type your SMS on your phone.

CM: I don’t do it on purpose. I just instinctively look at it. I just want to see what you’re doing

JJ: Stop it!

CM: You’ve successfully conveyed whatever you wanted to say…..

----Any other members?
YH: *Looks at Changmin*
CM: Me again?
YH: Stop eating my salad.

CM: I can’t help it! It looks delicious

All: HAHAAHAHAHAH *dies laughing*
CM: Really! I really want to eat it

------But it’s someone else’s food

CM: I ate it because they were leftovers/extras

JJ: No, they weren’t leftovers. You ate everything but one!
CM: There were 2!
JJ: Really? 2? I remembered only 1 left! You’re too much!!!

----Recently, Changmin’s the villain!

All: Yeah Yeah *Everyone but Changmin nods vigorously*

JJ: Recently, Yunho’s been working out, so he’s been watching what he eats. He doesn’t eat anything but vegetables. Eating Yunho’s salad under such conditions….Isn’t Yunho pitiful?

JS: Changmin can eat fried stuff and meat….and he nearly finished the salad…….

CM: I don’t have a choice! It’s just my appetite!

----You’re so evil *laughs*

CM: *To the members* Try attacking me again!

Credits to: sparkskey + [email protected] + [email protected]
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