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Being in a group for so long, DBSG's members no longer hide their personalities from each other. They say that being together for so long; they have only grown to be more harmonious.


Junsu: Yunho is the leader and his personality and character are just like a leader’s. He is very manly and views the brotherhood amongst us as very important.
Changmin: He also has a strong sense of responsibility.
Jaejoong: He will find opportunities to communicate with each and every one of us, even when he is dead tired he will still talk non stop! Ha! Sometimes, he is simply too long winded!
Yoochun: Yunho is very serious and focused and has great self discipline. He always places DBSG as his greatest priority.
Yunho: Sometimes because of DBSG, I don’t have a choice but to be strict. But this doesn’t mean that I am angry or pissed. I calmly tell all the members and later I will apologize to them. Yeah. The stress of being a leader is great and it’s great that the members understand the position that I am in.


Yunho: Junsu is the source of joy in our group. When everyone is in low spirits, Junsu’s jokes have the effect of lifting our spirits even though we know he is purposely being funny!
Jaejoong: He is very positive and strives for the best and innocent, just like a little child. Sometimes he looks a bit slow and silly but on stage, he is very handsome. I’m envious of him and I really like the way he is on stage.
Yoochun: Junsu is able to concentrate very well. Even if it is something he is not good at or talented in, he will keep trying and take on the challenge with a positive attitude.
Changmin: There a lot of sides to him! I feel that he has a lot of charm.
Junsu: Because the high school I went to had all types/kind of characters, and things were pleasant between us so I am the kind that is able to be friends with all types of people.


Yunho: Just like what you all already know, Jae Joong is very kind at heart, loves everyone a lot and is a very gentle and handsome man. But sometimes, he worries too much. (
Yoochun: He trusts people a lot and is very gentle!
Junsu: He is also very proper so he never has any funny thoughts. But because he is so proper, he talks in a very straightforward (blunt) manner so people who don’t know him well might be a bit offended. But he really means no harm!
Changmin: He is also a good listener! He pays close attention to what you are saying and he won’t insist on his own views (if there is a good reason) This is very important!
Jaejoong: Aigoo I’m embarrassed. I feel that if I tell lies, I won’t be true to myself. Yeah. I may be blunt at time so people who don’t understand me might dislike me I guess.


Yunho: Micky is very MAN. He used to be very wilful but he has matured a lot and became more cool.
Junsu: He always faces challenges with confidence. He is never all talk, no action. I really think that he is very capable.
Jaejoong: He has hella lot of luck!! He is also very talented. Whatever he does, he always does it with me!
Yoochun: I’m not the kind of person that would even consider failure. I like to do things with everyone because I like them but maybe this also shows that I don’t have too many friends!!


Jaejoong: Changmin is just like a puzzle, a mystery. When he wakes up in the morning, in the day, or when he’s sleeping at night, he’s never the same!!! Changmin when he has just awoken is very scary, but when he’s sleeping, it’s even scarier!!!!! He will sleep talk and it’s all very violent but he never remembers them at all!!!
Junsu: He is very stubborn. As long as he thinks that something is good, he won’t care about what other people say.
Yoochun: Changmin is really a very stubborn person. He won’t give up his views.
Yunho: Once he decides on something, it will never change.
Changmin: Haha I’m glad everyone understand me so well. I admit that I am really stubborn about the things I believe in.

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