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I'm the first to starta topic!

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Whaa's the topic?


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what do you guys think of the story? personally, i LOVE gilgamesh.

the plot is fricken awesome altought the way they drawn the characters arent. i believe it portrays the fact that the producers want the watchers to be more aware of the story. its an absolutely mind-bottling story line. very unique and amazing.

the first time i read the summary about it, i jumped in head first and wasnt disappointed. there are so many supportive fans out there. another reason to love this anime is the fact that its not so typical. its a little bit on the gloomy side but hey, theres no harm.

there are a few haters out there, as a matter of fact, there was review made just to bash it. i'll give you guys a link on that later. i think those type of people just want an anime for its looks, not for whats it is. man when i read that review, i seriously wanted to bash that kids head in. (for lack of a better term.) i cant bring myself to believe that review even if i was BRIBED to. <------ BASHER LINK. SPAM HIS COMMENT BOX! >:D

seriously, you be the judge. i love this anime for its orginally and the fact as its not one of those run-down, typical animes with the same type of annoying characters and terrible acting. the sad thing is that its hard to get it on subbed version since its getting licensed all over the place. the dubbed version, not bad, but whats an anime without the original voices?
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x_x Gilgamesh was like a total classic to me. At first, I was uncomfortable by how the drawings were like, but when the action began, I got used to it. This anime had like alllll the different kinds of genres out there! The action would always be sooo suspenseful and sometimes even kind of scary that I'd feel like holding on to something. The ending to it really was suuuuuuper saddddddddd, but there were several really touching moments in here. ^/////////^ Oooit even had some lovelove romance going on. Plus, I think the guys in the Gilgamesh side are...kind of cute!!!!!!!!! x//////////x!

x_x I really don't think it deserves to be bashed at all either. It got dubbed faster than I heard of it being subbed. That also kind of explains how good it is.

I neverrr really expected I'd love this anime. I really wish there could be a 2nd season for it, but I guess that the ending of it says otherwise. I'm sure many others will love Gilgamesh. Please try it out!
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I am on it.
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