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Posted 8/11/08 , edited 8/12/08
Yesterday Fahrenheit had an autograph session, their appearance made fans scream non-stop, although the three of them did not sing but still gave flying kisses to fans. Among them, Jiro Wang knows how to made fans happy, he used his hands to make a heart shape. However, one of the members Calvin Chen was unable to make it as he had army duties, yesterday Wu Zun pointed at the poster and said when the team member returned he will definitely become bigger.

This time the concert will be held in Hong Kong, Fahrenheit hopes to sing more Cantonese songs, they love Beyond’s songs. That time they will invite seniors S.H.E to be the guest performers, because when they made their debut, their seniors shared a lot of their experiences with them, so for their concert this time round they will certainly invite them. Aaron Yan also said more female singers singing on stage will be better, best if S.H.E can take turns to sing with them. Jiro Wang hopes to play with the seniors, previously when he was filming with Rainie Yang; she requested to be their guest. Invite Ah Sa and Ronald Cheng to watch together.

Will Wu Zun ask rumoured Charlene Choi (Ah Sa)? He pointed out that Ah Sa should be really busy, but she said that she will come to see. Reporter suggested Wu Zun to invite Ronald Cheng along, unexpectedly he said cheekily, “Yes yes yes.” Jiro Wang asked Wu Zun curiously, is Ronald Cheng Ah Sa’s boyfriend, Wu Zun immediately smiled and said he don’t know, he believed its just rumoured boyfriend. On the other hand, Fahrenheit felt proud that Taipei got a bronze for the weight-lifting event, and they are happy for the sportsmen. Wu Zun who came from Brunei heard that Brunei was unable to take part in this year’s Olympics as there were some problems with the procedures, he refused to talk about it and is disappointed, and can only wait for the next Olympics.
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