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Does anybody noe how to request subbings for drama like Sharp II? I've been looking all over the place for this series with subs but i can't seem to find any...if anyone of u noe a streaming website with Sharp II subbed or better yet, if you noe how to get the series subbed plz let me noe...i've been waiting for the rest of the drama to be subbed and uploaded...but it seems like nothing has happen yet *sigh*
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I know lots of people would loveee for this show to be subbed [i would too] but unfortunately most fansubbers wouldn't do it. It's too long and most teen dramas don't get subbed [or released on DVD either...] But maybe you might be able to find someone at d-addicts or soompi [or even heree!!] who'd be willing to sub it? [:
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not perfect... whoever can use it to hard sub... if you want ^^;;
or you can just read it and follow along as you watch. Duno if I will continue. maybe when I have time.

ep 2.

OkNim (ON): Thank you very much.

HaRim(HR): Thank you~

OkNim's Mother(OM): Don't spend it on stupid things.

HR: Of course!

ON: My monthly allowance is 40,000 won (about $40 USD). I have to somehow manage with this petty amount of allowance.

ON: I was hungry~

Narration (N): snacks that I buy once everyday.

lady: here you go~ (the ddukbboki)

N: DdukBbokki that I buy once every 3 days. I eat away more than half of my monthly allowance.

ON: It's been such a long time since we've eaten this~

N: manhwa is only once a month.

N: watching the movies is a luxery.

N: If it's something important, then it's okay too.

N: Vacations... I can't even dream of it.

ON: hello? yea?

N: rather than things I can do. There are more things I can't do.

N: The clothes that I always want to wear is out of reach. Perfume... I have to do with the samples that come along with my mother's perfume.

N: Ahh~ It would be nice if I could even dream of money falling down from the sky.

ON: money... name bran clothes... shoes... hehe... ice cream.... pizza... soondae...

[Producer: Jang Sung Hwan]

[scenario: Kwan Ki Kyung]

Kibum (KB): Stop stop!

ON: What's with you?

KB: You're from my class right?

ON: What?

KB: There's no time hurry!

ON: It's me who doesn't have any time! Soon, the school gate is closing so hurry up and move aside.

KB: I won't leech off you! HURRY! The Taxi driver is waiting.

ON: if you don't have any money why ride a taxi?

KB: I didn't know I didn't have any. You're being such a cheapo.

ON: It's not like I owe you anything...

ON: here. Now repay me twice the amoun--

KB: Thank you~

Driver: sure, no problem.

ON: He's not teaming up with the driver to scam money off me .... is he?

ON: No, He doesn't look like such a bad guy. He looks pretty cute too.

[camera: Park Joong Hwan]

ON: Hey! Wait for me!

ON: What's your name? I said WHAT'S YOUR NAME????

N: Emergency money 10,000 won (about $10 USD)

N: That was the start of our story.

[episode 2: When the Turtle and the Stick met]

HeeChul (HC): Smile~

HC: you don't know what smile means?

HC: It means to loosen up your face and smile brightly.

HC: okay all together! Smile~


HC: That's right! You all look much better when you smile.

HC: When we spend some more time together you'll figure it out but we're different than other clubs. Just because I'm your senior I wont beat you up if you don't listen to me. And Just because you're the junior, you don't have to 'Ok' to everything your senior says. After you've seen the photos you understand right? Until we graduate lets be cool and enjoy our time together.

EunShim (ES): Hey what's he talking about?

ON: I don't know either.

girl senior: F-U-N, to just be cool with each other. Have fun to your hearts content. If you just enjoy then everything will become fun. We go to highschool only once, isn't it wasteful to study our years away?

SangPil(SP): Senior, you're so right!

girl senior: Just call me nuna. (older sister)

SP: yes nuna~ you're so beautiful.

KB: You don't know my name do you? I'm Joo YeolMyung

ON: I know it now~ class 1-3 Joo YeolMyung. The same class as me. You even have class duties with me. It looks like we'll be seeing a lot of each other. What is it?

KB: Do you have circle lenses on?

ON: oh~ my eye color? I was born with hasel eyes. I hear that a lot because I have big eyes. Is it weird?

KB: No. It's just i've never seen anyone with that eye color and thought it was cool. And I'll repay your money next monday. Since tomorrow is sunday.

ON: It's okay~ you can repay me slowly.

SP: YeolMyung, hurry! the taxi driver has been waiting for a long time.

KB: okay I got it.

KB: If I forget, remind me okay? I have short term memory and forget things a lot. See you later!

ON: see ya~

ES: hey what did you talk about with him? Was he interested in you?

ON: No way, I didn't talk about anything interesting. Are you on your way home now?

ES: No... but do you think you can come with me to somewhere? You'll come right?

ES: Isn't it wonderful? [Lee Eun Shim] (it's her name)

ON: yea... but do you really wear these type of underwear?

ES: of course! Fashion also includes underwear. Want me to show you?

ON: no it's ok!

ES: I can't show you all of it... but it even glows in the dark and it's awesome!

ES: What kind are you?

ON: What?

ES: What kind of underwear do you wear? Lace?

ON: no... I just wear the clean, white, and comfortable type.

ES: psh~

ON: I'm telling the truth!

ES: Liar!

ON: For real! I can't lie. When I lie it's all over my face.

ES: That's good! Try opening it. I also bought yours on a whim.

[OkLim] (ara's name)

ES: the more I get the know you, the more comfortable I get. Since we have similar grades wont it be nice to wear similar underwear too? This is my heart. You'll wear this for me right?

ON: of course. Thank you~

OM: You've even contacted Eunyoung? Really? How is she? I knew she would be ok. She's been very smart since she was young. Yea. Tell her to come I want to see her face. Yea, rest well.

ON: who do you want to see?

OM: My elementary school friend. I havn't seen her for 30 years but not too long ago it seems yeongshil and her met.

ON: I guess she wasn't a very close friend of yours? If you havn't even contacted each other for 30 years.

OM: no~ we were the best of friends. I think it was since 3rd grade... we were always together until we graduated. Like you and JungEun. Then I lost contact with her after I got into junior high. It was strange how I couldn't find her at all.

ON: If you meet again, you probably wont be able to recognise each other. When I saw the picture of when you were young I didn't know it was you. You changed way too much.

OM: I changed that much?

ON: yup.

OM: You're right it's been 30 years. I'm sure she changed a lot too.

Suh Jungmin's mom (SM): Hello EunYoung's mom.

ON: Hello~

SM: OkNim you were here too. I would like two ham sandwhich, Your store looks so cold. It looks like you didn't have much customers today too.

OM: It's because I just opened the store. When time passes I'm sure people will start coming more.

SM: You're such an optimist. For me, I think nothing will change if you just keep it this way.

OM: Exactly what do you mean?

SM: Firstly, the location isn't good. It's not near a school or tutoring academy. Do you think children will come to this place on their own? Secondly, your interior design is lacking. Is it a very comfortable place to lounge or is it just a sandwhich store? You need something that will drag in customers but you have nothing like that. It's not too late. Please give some more attention to your store.

ON: Can't you help my mom? My mom doesn't know very much about these kind of things.

SM: Ok sure, you're my daughters best friend of course I can help you.

SM: One of my best friends is a Marketing major, should I try connecting you two?

OM: It's okay, you're so busy all the time. There is no need for you to do this.

ON: Mom, what's there to hold back on? You said last month and this month has only been deficits.

OM: You talk like the store is in the brink of bankrupcy. Customers are increasing slowly so there is no need for you to needlessly worry.

SM: Is that right? Then that's good. If you need any help feel free to talk to me about it. Thank you bye~

SP: YeolMyung? He went away to vacation.

ON: He's ditching school to go on vacation? Did he go far?

SP: I think he's in Hongkong... no wait maybe it's Singapore... all I know is it's overseas. His family goes overseas alot. But why are you looking for him?

N: The money that was suppose to come back on monday didn't return. So I couldn't pay my school fees.

ON: Class president, Eunsuh~

Eunsuh(Eun): what is it.

ON: It's about school fees... do you think I can pay tomorrow? I forgot. I have a good brain but I have bad short term memory.

Eun: you didn't forget late payers will clean the bathroom right?

ON: Was there such thing? I didn't hear sorry...

Eun: I annouced it twice, if you don't want to clean then why don't you try borrowing from someone. It's only 10,000 won.

Jungmin(JM): Even if we combine what we have it's only 7,000 won. What should we do? There's nobody to borrow from... This is the time when people start running low on their allowance.

ON: I'll just have to clean the restroom like everyone else then. Even if I don't want to...

ES: Why didn't you ask me?

ON: Eunshim?

ES: Use this. I don't want to see you pushed around to clean the bathroom. Hurry, my arms are falling off.

ON: Really thank you... I've only caused trouble for you all this time.

ES: What are you talking about? This is what friends are for.

ES: Hey sorry,

ON: Why what's wrong?

ES: Something urgent came up. Do you think you could return the money I let you borrow?

ON: I already used it to pay the school fees.

ES: Really? Ahhh~ What should I do... I left my other money at home. If I don't pay by today, I might get kicked out...

ON: It's ok I'll get it back from the teacher.

Teacher: Oh, sit down comfortably. This is only.... a manditory procedure.... so just think of it comfortably. Is there anything troubling you? You know like... worries.

ON: There's nothing important to be mentioned ... I do worry about my future but I'm only a first year... If it's something other than that there's nothing.

Teacher: really?

On: Yup. I really don--

ON: Oh actually I do! Today I couldn't turn in my school fees. I lent my money to one of my friend and he promised to return it by today but he didn't. So a little later I need to clean the bathroom as punishment. This isn't even something to worry about though.

Teacher: How much is it?

ON: huh? Oh School fees? it's 10,000 won.

Teacher: Only 10,000 won? You should've told me. huh? It was here.

ON: I wasn't asking you to lend it to me.... I was just telling you since you asked me if I didn't have any worries on my mind.

Teacher: no no...

ON: I'm really okay. You don't have to be like this.

Teacher: Ah... what should we do, I only have this much. (3000 won)

N: Because of school fees I became someone who owes money. No, not the school fees but because I lent the 10,000 won to him. No, it's because of him who broke his promise.



Jung min (JM): Anyways it's good that you can pay your school fees now. When Joo Yeol Myung comes back you can have him repay you. It's all settled now right?

N: Is it really all settled now?

JM: Woa, nice car.

JM: Oknim, it looks like you'll get to settle it earlier than you thought.

ON: Hey! Yeolmyung! Here~ Over here! It's me Lee OkNim~

SP: You should've called that you were coming earlier~

SP: Did you just buy this?

KB: Of course, since I'm in the photography club it's a necessary. It's a new Digital Version so it was a bit expensive. Although I don't know if it's any good yet.

SP: How about the one you used before? That ones still bran new.

KB: If you compare it with this one it's a treasure.

KB: Then you can have it.

SP: Really? You promised!

KB: yea yea

SP: Are you thirsty? Want to have a soft drink or something?

KB: Sure, something cold would be nice.

SP: OK! I'll be back in a minute.

ON: Hey…

KB: What?

ON: What do you mean what?

KB: You're the one that called me first. Do you have anything to say to me?

ON: I never knew such person existed.

JM: You should've just asked him to repay the 10,000 won.

ON: Yea, I was going to ask him, but I was too shocked that no words would come out. I was expecting something like 'Oh it's you! Sorry to repay the money I borrowed from you so late.'

JM: What if he just forgot about you? Maybe he was in such a hurry that he forgot all about it.

ON: How can you forget something like that? It's not $1 or $2 but $10 (just changed to this rofl).

ON: The teacher lent me only $3 but I feel like I'm sitting in a chair of splinters.

JM: Anyways, it's your fault for forgetting about school fees. You should've asked your mom.

ON: It's not that I forgot, but he said he would repay me by toda-

ON: Oh! That's right, he said to me he has bad short term memory. Like me who forgot to get school fees. Let me return and ask him for it.

ON: Hey,

KB: What is it? Is it you again?

ON: What is that? It looked like you bought it off him for $10

KB: Porno

ON: Porno??

KB: What you want to watch too?

KB: It's only $10 for 3 CDs. Do you want to buy some too and switch off? It's only $10~

KB: Aw, you don't have money do you? I was thinking I would get to watch some more thanks to you. Too bad.

N: I should have given up right then. My $10… it's a waste to lose it but I should've just forgotten about it. Then my life would've been free of him.

Suh Jungmin mom (SM): Oh, that's great I don't know much about it. Please help me with my portfolio.

Oknim father (OF): Of course, if you leave it to me I'll help you to the best of my abilities.

SM: IPM… IBM…. Etc…. business stuff… blahblah….

OF: yes, and because of that our stocks prices are going awesome. The store became huge.

SM: Yes, I read that things are going very well in the blahblahblah. Your bank is also getting good reviews by everyone?

OF: Jungmin's mother, you know so much. Even better than some of our staff members. Please have one more glass.

OM: If you told us ahead of time you were coming I would've prepared some better meals.

OF: Instead of these kind of appetizers do you have anything better? Oh! Remember the HanChikPok that was sent by our relatives? Please prepare some nicely for us.

JM: Oknim's mother do you think I can have a glass of ice water?

HR (Harim): Mom, do you think I can have some juice? Ice would be nice too~

OM: Lee Harim, you go get yours yourself.

JM: Ah… sheesh…

OF: I heard you lived nearby, I'm sorry we didn't invite you sooner.

JM: No no.

OF: How about a toast?

JM: Ah, yes.

HR: Mom, what's a potpolo? (portfolio)

OM: I don't know.

HR: how about Apek? And what was that thing… ihard?

OM: I don't know.

HR: How about MNA?

OM: I don't know… don't talk to me.

HR: There was another one… I forgot what it's called… do you know what mujuseu means?

OM: I don't know! Does Mujuseu feed us or take us to sleep? I said I don't know why do you keep asking me?

OM: How long has it been? I can't even recognize your voice anymore. Me? I'm just living an ordinary life. I heard you graduated from college. You've really succeeded in life! I heard getting a stable job is like reaching for the stars. Yea…

OF: Because of Mom's old friend, she seems happy again.

ON: Mom said it's her elementary school friend. She said it's the first time they have talked in thirty years.

OF: I see

ON: It's cool huh?

OF: What is?

ON: Even if they're under the same sky that they couldn't meet or talk for thirty years. And it's also cool how they got to meet again after no contact for thirty years. How can something like that happen?

OF: What's so cool about that? You separated from all your junior high friends. But you met again with Jungmin. It's like that. That's what fate is.

ON: Then mom and jungmin's mom was fated to meet too? Since they met through me and jungmin.

OF: yea.. it's fate although their relationship isn't very great. Hey But you don't know that do you? Out of every animal in the world it's hardest to be reborn a human. To demonstrate how hard it is… this is a stick and this is a turtle. A turtle who's been in hiding for a 100 years appears above water to take a breath of air. Then a random stick that a bird is carrying drops it and hits the turtles head. That is how hard it is.

Oknim's father Narriation: Doesn't it seem very easy how people meet? That's not so. To even brush across the same person twice accidentally it needs to happen at least 3000 times.

ON: That's right, they are all people I met through fate. My father… my mother… and all my friends. In the future I'm sure more I'm bound to meet more destined people.

SP offscreen: Yeolmyung? He should still be in the club room.

Senior girl: What have you been working so hard on all this time?

KB: Because this looks broken. What do you think?

Senior girl: Where does it seem broken? The lens?

KB: Nuna,

Senior girl: what is it?

KB: This isn't America. And I'm no longer a kid. So, please don't touch me here any there anymore.

Senior girl: Aha, playing grown up now are you?

KB: of course, I'm already 17 years old.

Senior girl: But what should I do, I can't help but feel that you're so adorable. I wonder if there are no human clones. It would be nice to have 3 kids exactly like you.

Senior girl: I'll leave first. Hi Oknim.

ON: Yes, bye.

ON: you know…

KB: I knew her since I was young. I went to junior high with her.

ON: Not that. You know last time in front of the school gates…

KB: Why doesn't this work? This is why cheapo cameras are useless.

ON: It doesn't look that cheap. Is it broken somewhere? AH! This looks farmilliar! Who's is this?

KB: I don't know.

ON: Where did you find it.

KB: Right here.

ON: Right here? Then this is mine! Did you make it like this?

KB: What? About that… I didn't know it was your Digital camera. I accidentally dropped it and it doesn't seem to be working anymore. It doesn't work huh?

KB: It's your fault for not being careful!

ON: What?

KB: I'll go buy an exact same one for you. But I don't know if they still sell an old cheapo brand like this. Ah, whatever I'll be generous and give you mine. This brand is probably a hundred times more expensive than yours.

ON: I don't know how expensive this is, but that Digital Camera is something my Dad used. All his hard work his left imprinted on it! Do you think everything is automatically great just because it's new and expensive?

KB: That's why I'm giving you mine.

ON: Fine, I'll take this. But there's something else you forgot. Repay me the $10 you borrowed.

KB: $10?

ON: Yea, the $10 that you borrowed for the taxi!

KB: AH! It's you!

ON: Yea it's me! Now do you remember?

KB: I wonder why I was forgetting about that.

KB: But what should I do, I don't have any money on me.

Kibum off screen: I'll wait for you by the bus stop around 4:30.

ON: Hey Sangpil!

ON: Is this really YeolMyung's house?

SP: yea, his dad's really rich.

N: The world he lives in is totally different from mine. Maybe that's why we don't click together very well.

ON: Why didn't you show up.

KB: Did you wait long? That is… I was looking around for money… but there were none. Mom wasn't home and the maid wasn't around.

ON: And then?

KB: What do you mean and then? Although I didn't have the money I was going to go out to meet you. See I'm still in my school uniform. But there was some spare time.

SP: Ah, so you were playing games. Oknim this guy right here, once he start playing games… he probably won't even know someone died next to him. So what happened?

KB: Somehow today everything is playing out so great! The points just keep adding up. Do you think I would know the time passing by? The moment I got the best high score, I got a call from you.

N: I tried my best to keep it all in. I'm telling the truth. Since I'm 17 too. BUT!

KB: But, you came all this way to get the $10 back? You should've just returned home. It's not even $100… only a measly $10. Tomorrow I will--

ON: So? Are you looking down on me or something?

KB: What?

ON: Is it that funny that I came all this way to get my measly $10 back?

ON: That's right, I'm scared at the thought of using $10. $10 to someone who lives in a grand how like yours might seem like nothing but to me it's not. After sending my sister abroad… and opening my mom's new store my weekly allowance was reduced down to $10. I have to live with that $10.

SP: I'm sure that's not what Yeolmyung Ment---

ON: I waited for you at the bus stop for 40 minutes. I was just going to return home but just incase you might come I was planning to find Sangpil so I can contact you. But I heard your house was near by so I stopped by. But what you tell me is you came by not to find even $100 but a measly $10? You're really heartless. You shouldn't disregard people like that! You heartless jerk!

SP; Just say sorry.

KB: Lets go. I'll repay you.

ON: Let go! With someone like you I don't want to even make eyecontact!

KB: My dad's work is just around here. I'll give you your $10 back so just follow me.

ON: Let go! You can just repay me back tomorrow!

KB: Lets go! It's really near.

ON: Do you have taxi money?

KB: No.

ON: Then shut up and ride the bus. That's the one that goes towards your dad's work right?

KB: What are you doing? You can just pay with this.

KB: Sir, can you give us the change?

Bus driver: does it look like I have change? You can just stand here and take the bus rider's money.

KB: What? How can you say that?

ON: Shut up and move!

KB: Than you!

KB: Do you have money instead?

Stranger: no.

KB: do you not have change?

Stranger: no.

KB: sir lets go!

KB: thank you~

ON: is your dad's work still far off?

KB: My dad's work is just around the corner. Uh oh! Where is this?

ON: you really don't know where this is? Did we pass it by a lot?

KB: I don't think we passed it by a lot. Oh it's that one!

ON: where?

KB: That tall building with the big screen TV. It's that one. Follow me.

ON: What? It's not here?

KB: yea, I always thought the building with the big screen TV was my dad's work. I guess it's not.

ON: Are you stupid? You don't know where you dad works? Tell the truth, you enrolled in school when you were six. If not how can you mix something like this up? Ask the elementary schoolers that pass by if something like this can happen!

KB: Ah, I'm hungry, aren't you hungry? You're hungry huh. You should be hungry… I'm sure your hungry after all that shouting. Lets go eat something over there.

ON: Fine, lets eat and the split. I'm going to return home so you can go to your dad's work or China or America! Just do whatever you want!

ON: you can't!

KB: Just one! This is really good.

ON: I said no! I have to save to ride the taxi later.

KB: how about this?

ON: If you want to eat it that much then buy it with your own money.

ON: Ah, move!

OF: The children seemed to have caused a small accident. I guess I'll have to refund it for you. How much is it?

OF: you can get on too, I'll give you a ride to your house.

ON: Dad, just send him away with some taxi money.

OF: ahh… you…

OF: How about dinner? Aren't you hungry?


OF: Then have dinner over our house.


OF: you said he's your classmate. He's your friend we can't send him away in an empty stomach. Call you father later to take you a ride. So until he comes you can hang around our house.

KB: Thank you!

OF: You know that company saekyung apperral.

OM: Oh, you mean that clothes design company? I like that company's clothes. But what about it?

OF: He's that company CEO's son.

OM: Really? This clothes is from there too.

KB: It looks nice on you.

OM: Really? I bought this during their sales. Do you know how much these types of clothes really cost?


KB: Sorry I'm not familiar with those kinds of things.

OM: Since you're still young. Their clothes and designs are all very nice but they don't have enough sales. When you find out if there are any sales going on tell me ahead of time will you?

HR: me too! There were a lot of cool bags there. Maybe I can buy it cheap off you.

OF: I wonder if you company's CEO doesn't have any thoughts of starting a bank account in our bank.

OM: you scared me! What's wrong with you?

ON: I lost my appetite.

OM: Then starve. You probably eat lots of good stuff everyday. I wonder if these food suit your taste.

KB: It's very good.

OM: Eat a lot~

KB: Where's your room?

ON: And you need to know that … why?

KB: When my friends come over I invite them to my room first.

ON: I don't show my room off to just anyone.

OF: Don't be like that and show him! You seem curious.


OF: Didn't you want to show it off? You were jumping around all over the place now that you have your own room.

ON: Were you imagining things? I was never like that.

ON: Come with me then.

ON: This is my room. AH! Wait a second. You can come in now.

KB: It's small.

ON: What?

OM: Oknim~ there are fruits here come take some.

ON: okay. Just look don't touch.

ON: your dad's here. What are you doing and not coming down?

KB: Oh, yea I'm going.

OM: 2 daughters and 1 son. Yea, my youngest just got into high school. How about you? Why, you should've bourn another daughter. I see. Eunyoung lets meet at least once instead of just talking over the phone like this. Today?

KB: Hey, your nose is bleeding.

SP: Where? AH! I'm really bleeding. Yeolmyung~

KB: You should stop watching those CDs

KB: clean your nose with this.

SP: Hey but… What is this? OkNim? Is this Lee OkNim's underwear?

ES: I gave this to her as a present! Why do you have this?

SP: It's not me! Yeol Myung gave this to me!

KB: It's not me either! It's not that..

JM: Oknim~

Jm: Oknim ah~ come out. Are you going to be like this until class ends?

ES: I already told the teacher. I'm sure he's getting his ass kicked! So please stop being frustrated and come out.

Teacher: You looked like a good kid I didn't know you had that sort of hobbies. Did you steal her underwear?

KB: It's not that I stole it but I had no choice under the circumstances.

Teacher: circumstances? What? Are you poor and don't have money?

KB: No. it's not that.

Teacher: Then… ? Shall we go inside and talk it out?

N: He went in to get in trouble. But I don't know what or how he got punished. I'm not even curious. The most horrific thing for me is that everyone in my class saw my underwear.

JM: Woa~ you're so lucky! I guess it was worth something that you've been walking around with your head faced toward the ground all this time. But wont your neck brake?

ON: Don't joke around. I'm really depressed right now.

JM: If you're not more confident people will think bad of you. Are you sure you guys didn't…


ES: Oknim ah~ Over there.

JM: the person who was stolen from is embarrassed but the thief is confident. Isn't there something wrong with this picture?

ON: What is it?

KB: Sorry. This. And what happened was… that day when I was looking around your room.

ON: I don't care anymore. The water is already spilled. Just because I know how it happened the water can't return to the cup. All that I ask of you from now on is to pretend not to know me. I don't want to ever bump into you again.

N: the money I lent and the wine money that my dad spent I got them all back. Now there is nothing that connects the two of us. Everything is clean. And from now on there will be nothing of the sort. These sort of fates I don't need them.

ON: I'm back~

OM: Why are you so late? I'll be late for my date.

ON: where are you going?

OM: To meet Eunyoung, my old friend. Please look over the store for me.

ON: Have fun~

Off screen: sung~ I'm sorry! I couldn't get out of work. I asked you to reschedule for me and I couldn't make it.

OM: You seem busy, sorry I called you out. When you have the time lets talk again.

N: there are people that you can't meet even when you want to. And there are people that you keep meeting even when you don't want to. This is what fate is right?

KB: hey can I borrow $10?

N: If I can't avoid him I only have once choice. It's to face him head on.

KB: hurry up! The taxi driver is waiting.

N: I don't like him but I'll face him with all my strength. Whether it's fate or not… he is someone I already met.

KB: you're really taking your time. Your cousins with turtle right?

ON: you're right I'm cousins with turtle. $10? Dream on!

N: I'm going to keep living my way the best I can with my new fated friends.

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Posted 12/28/08 , edited 12/29/08
s2sari, im realy thankful!

i can understand a bit becuse of what you did!
i wish i can understand korean just like you....

hope youll dub the next episodes.
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Posted 12/29/08 , edited 12/29/08
s2sari ur great for writing it i don't know how long it took i bet a long time. thank you so much
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Posted 1/17/09 , edited 1/22/09
i'll start subbing this ep. thanks!!

*if anyone else is already doing it, lemme know and I'll stop, lol.

oh. &dont expect it TOO quickly. its a lot to do. its my first time doing something this long. [[: and I have midterms this week (booooo) so I apologize in advance for taking long.

&ps, since CR no longer allows user uploads, i'll be putting it up on youtube... i'll update here when its done (altho i'm POSITIVE no one checks drama threads on CR anymore..)
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25 / F / Toronto Ontario C...
Posted 2/21/09 , edited 2/22/09
excuse me...
do you know where i can watch the first episode of this drama subbed?
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25 / F / NF
Posted 2/24/09 , edited 2/24/09
I would LOVE someone to sub this ^.^
thank you!! ^.^
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