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25 / F / Wherever I wanna be
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Ryosuke:I always thought of what I wanted to be when I grew up. But that was then, now I lay in a hospital bed and getting caged in. I can’t even bare to look at myself. I gaze in a mirror at what used to have,brunette hair and beautiful brown eyes. Now what used to be straight and semi long is gone, and what used to be beautiful is now dull. *sighs and thinks to himself* “Why is god punishing me?” *then he closed his eyes*

He awoke the next morning when his mother called his name.
Mom: “Ryosuke, Ryosuke wake up honey.”

Ryosuke rubbed his eyes and groaned. The medicine the doctor was giving him made him feel groggy and nauseated. He asked his mother for a glass of water, and she told him that the doctor had to take another test on him, so he wasn’t allowed to eat or drink this morning. That made him even more nauseated and reached for the pink saucer pan.

After Ryosuke had finished, the nurse put him in a wheelchair and took him into the doctor’s office. The nurse’s name was Kai (first). He was the kind of nurse that made you laugh even though you felt like crap. The doctor’s name was Dr. Sakai Natsumi. She had light brown hair and hazel eyes. I thought her eyes were so beautiful. When the nurse wheeled Ryosuke in, she gave him a smile.

Doctor Natsumi: “Well, don’t you look shnazzy(rofl) today. Is that a new bandana and do I see a smile on your face?”
Ryosuke nodded.
Doctor Natsumi:“I see you like the color orange.”

She always had a way to make Ryosuke smile. He doesn’t know why or how she does it, but it mades him forget about his illness, even if Ryosuke was in a bad mood.

Doctor Natsumi:“We will be doing what is called a PET scan.”
Ryosuke looked at her awkwardly then she replied with a grin
Doctor Natsumi:“A PET scan is a unique type of imaging tests that helps doctors see how the organs and tissues inside your body are functioning correctly. We will need to inject a small dose of a radioactive chemical called, a radiotracer, into a vein into your arm.”

Ryosuke winced at the sound of “inject”. He hated shots!
Doctor Natsumi:“Then the tracer travels through your body and is absorbed by the organs and tissues being studied. Are you ready?” She asked with a positive smile.

Ryosuke nodded his head and Doctor Natsumi brought over a needle and injected the small fluid, what she called a radiotracer into Ryosuke's arm. Then, she told him to lie down onto a flat examination table that was moved into the center of a PET scanner.
Ryosuke: *thinking*The machine lookes sort of like a doughnut!

Doctor Natsumi:“This machine will detect and record the energy given off by the tracer substance, and aid with the computer, the energy is converted into a three-dimensional picture. Then a physician looks at the cross-sectional picture of the organ from an angle to detect any functional problems.”

This process took forever, but she told him that it was only an hour long. She then led Ryosuke back to his room to rest for a bit, but Ryosuke was thinking too much, that he couldn’t seem to dose off.


it's kinda short..but i'm plannin to write more on the next chapter
This fanfic is sorta dedicated to my dad that passed away two years ago frm lymphoma uhm yea.. i didn't mean to try to kill ryo-chan xD
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25 / F / Wherever I wanna be
Posted 8/11/08 , edited 8/12/08
this fanfic was in the Yamada Ryosuke Club, but.. hsj-chan and teh others told me to put this fanfic up here too xD
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23 / F / Daiki, Fuma & Mas...
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hahahaa the other viewers will surely cry!! hahaha
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25 / F / Wherever I wanna be
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hope so..
and hope i can think something up for the next part
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23 / F / huh? why do you w...
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aww poor yamachan...

it's so sweet that u r dedicating this fanfic to ur dad.... fight-o!!
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25 / F / Wherever I wanna be
Posted 8/12/08 , edited 8/12/08
lol thnx pafoua :]
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25 / F / Wherever I wanna be
Posted 8/12/08 , edited 8/12/08
Ch 2
Ryosuke stared out his window watching the kids running and screaming outside.

Ryosuke: *thinking* I remember being one of them, having no care at what happens inside a hospital, or how it feels to be one of the people getting treated for an illness that may be incurable. You don't really give a care, until you become one of them. I wasn't always like this. It all happened so fast, so sudden, like a thunderbolt crashing into an innocent tree, the tree wasn't expecting to go through life like that, well I was exactly like the tree.

Ryosuke remembers like it was yesterday, when he was waiting anxiously for his foureenth birthday. It was a couple of weeks until his birthday, and all of a sudden, he became very ill. His mother thought it was a mild flu, but it got worst, so his mother took him to the hospital.

The doctors took some tests and figured out what was wrong with him. He had lymphoma cancer. The first thought that came into his mind was, "Oh no, if people find out, I'm going to be treated differently." He remembered the time when he was in the third grade, that one of his classmates had asthma and the other kids treated him differently.

The first couple of months going to the doctor's office weren’t so bad. But after a couple of tests, the doctor gave him some strong medicines that made him sick to his stomach.

Ryosuke: Why me? *Sigh*

There was a knock at the door.

Ryosuke: Come in~!
Daiki, Chinen , Yuto: Ojamashimasu~ (sorry to interrupt in jap)
Ryosuke: Oh~ hey guys~
Daiki: So, how are you nowadays Ryo-chan?
Ryosuke: Uhh.. good I guess?
Chinen: I’ve brought a fruit basket!
Yuto: And I’ve brought letters from classmates!
Daiki: Oh~ and I’ve brought this new game!
Ryosuke: Ohh~ thanx everyone ^_^
Daiki, Chinen, Yuto: No problem~
Daiki: Hey Ryosuke, at skool today, Fumiya kicked the soccer ball so high, that it went over the fence! He's as great as a soccer player as you now!
Ryosuke: Fumiya? Who's that?
Chinen: You Doe Doe brain! Ryosuke hasn't met Fumiya!
Yuto: Yea! Fumiya just moved here 2 weeks ago!
Daiki: Oh..yea... I forgot
Ryosuke: *laughs* It's okay.
Yuto: Oh~! Chinen, Daiki, remember what Gotou-sensei said that wierd pun? Let's tell Ryosuke!
Daiki: But Yuto, Ryosuke doesn't know Gotou-sensei.
Yuto: Oh.. yea.. sorry
Ryosuke: *laughs* It looks like I've missed out on alot at skool. I don't think i would be able to catch up when I go back.

The door opens, and Docto Natsumi comes in.
Doctor Natsumi: Sorry to interrupt your conversation, but this IS a hospital.
All: Sorry

Chinen, Daiki, and Yuto leaves after giving Ryosuke his gifts.

Ryosuke: *sigh*
Mom: What's wrong, Hun?
Ryosuke: I want to go back to skool with my friends..
Mom: *stops slicing apples* But honey, you aren't well enough.
Ryosuke: I know...but.. *looks down*
Mom: Tell you what, next semester you can go back, IF the doctor approves.
Ryosuke: Okay!

Will Ryosuke be able to go back to skool? or will he be stuck in the hospital?
Find out in the next chapter~~ nya~
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25 / F / Wherever I wanna be
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Chapter 3
Ryosuke waited until the next semester, working hard on his chemotherapy. Worried if he would be able to go back to skool. He ate the hospital food that tasted awful, with tomatoes everyday as veggies. (poor ryo-chan :p) Until, the day came when he asked Doctor Natsumi if he is well enough to go to skool.

Ryosuke: uhm… Doctor Natsumi.. I have a question to ask.
Doctor Natsumi: What is it my dear? *listening to Ryosuke’s heartbeat*
Ryosuke: *takes a deep breathe* I want to go back to skool, so I can talk with my friends!
Doctor Natsumi: *looks at Ryosuke*… I’ll think about it.
Ryosuke: But! I really want to go!
Doctor Natsumi: Like I just said, I’ll think about it. End of discussion.
Ryosuke: hmph..

Doctor Natsumi leaves Ryosuke’s room and is at her desk looking at the notes of Ryosuke’s health.

Doctor Natsumi: *thinking* I should let him go to skool for maybe a little while. He’s been so good at the chemotherapy and eating the hospital food. Hmm.. but, his conditions are getting worse. What should I do? ….*sigh*

The week after Doctor Natsumi and Ryosuke talked about him going back to skool, Doctor Natsumi knocked on his room door to tell him the great news.

Ryosuke: *shocked* I can go back to skool?!!
Doctor Natsumi: Yes, but you need to follow the rules I give you.
Ryosuke: I’ll do anything!
Doctor Natsumi: I think you should have a pen and paper ready, to write this down.

Ryosuke gets his pen and paper ready.
Doctor Natsumi: First rule is… no rough housing with the other boys. The second rule is to wear this mask over your mouth at ALL times. Are you with me?

Ryosuke nods.
Doctor Natsumi: The third rule is, if you feel out of breathe, or feel funny, you have to tell the teacher IMMEDIATELY. The final rule is not to break any of these rules.
Ryosuke: Okay, I’ve written all that down. But, I have one question, how long do I get to go to skool?
Doctor Natsumi: hmm.. one month.
Ryosuke: Only one month? Aww…
Doctor Natsumi: The final, final rule is.. no whining.
Ryosuke: Yes, ma’am *does a little salute to her*
Doctor Natsumi: *laughs*
Ryosuke: *laughs with her* Oh.. and when do I get to start?
Doctor Natsumi: I was thinking about it, and I guess you can go tomorrow? Would you like to start tomorrow?
Ryosuke: YEA! Of course!
Doctor Natsumi: Then, I guess I should call your mom to bring over your skool uniform then.
Ryosuke: Okie dokie

Doctor Natsumi calls Ryosuke’s mom.
Doctor Natsumi: Hello, this is Doctor Natsumi from Tokyo University Hospital is this Mrs. Yamada?
Mom: Yes it is.. has something gone wrong with Ryosuke?!
Doctor Natsumi: *chuckles* No, Ryosuke’s fine. I was just calling to say that your son will be going to skool tomorrow, so we need the uniform.
Mom: Oh, okay. Does that mean he can come back home?
Doctor Natsumi: Yes, but only for a month. If that is Okay with you?
Mom: Oh! That’s fantastic! When should I come get him?
Doctor Natsumi: hmm.. you can come right now to pick him up? If you want.
Mom: Oh! Thank you!
Doctor Natsumi: No problem.

Ryosuke’s mom picks him up from the hospital and takes him home. Ryosuke was so excited to go to skool tomorrow. He stared out of the car window, gazing at the white, puffy clouds thinking to himself, wondering how long it was since he stared at clouds. He was also worried about skool, thinking he would get picked on for not having hair and wearing a mask. Thoughts were flashing through his head, thinking and wondering about skool. Will it be fun? Or will it be a disaster? Nobody will know until tomorrow…


Will Ryosuke have fun talking to his best buds? And will he be picked on by the other kids? Find out in the next chapter ^_^
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23 / F / huh? why do you w...
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ur welcome
do ur best.. im gonna wait for the naxt part ^^
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25 / F / Wherever I wanna be
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Ch. 4
Ryosuke was lying on his bed thinking. He was probably thinking about if he would be able to blend in with the crowd at skool. He walked over to his skool bag to get ready for skool tomorrow. He packed his orange and white striped pencil case, textbooks, notebooks, and his good luck charm he bought at the Shinto Shrine. And of course he couldn’t forget his medicine that had to be taken after every meal. He checked his bag if he forgot anything and turned out the lights. He was lying on his bed staring at the ceiling feeling comfortable at home, when an animal jumped onto his bed. Startled, Ryosuke shrieked and his mom came rushing into the room.

Mom: What happened?! Are you okay? Do I need to call Doctor Natsumi??!
Ryosuke: *laughed* I was just surprised when Kuu jumped onto my bed. *pets his dog Kuu*
Mom: *relieved* Oh, okay, good, well goodnight honey. Sweet dreams *kisses his forehead*
Ryosuke: Goodnight mom. *yawn*

As Ryosuke’s mom was leaving his room, she could hear his sleeping breathing (is that how u say it? lol) and smiled.

The next day, Ryosuke woke up extra early to get ready for skool. He got dressed and went downstairs.
Ryosuke: Good morning mom, what’s for breakfast?
Mom: Good morning honey, we are having rice, miso soup, and natto (fermented beans).
Ryosuke: Oh~ awesome.

His mom hands him the food.
Ryosuke: Itadakimasu~ Un~ oichi~ :D
Mom: *laughs* really? That’s good.
Ryosuke: Well compared to the food at the hospital, this is a feast! *gives his mom the rice bowl* More please. *smiles sweetly* (*melts* his smile.. kyaa~ xD)
Mom: Okay, Okay *puts more rice in the bowl and hands it to Ryosuke* Don’t over do it hun, we don’t want you to get sick.
Ryosuke: I know, but, it’s just soo delicious!
Mom: Sou ka?
Ryosuke: *nods*
Mom: *laughs a little* Well you better wash your face and brush your teeth, or you’ll be late for skool!
Ryosuke: *eyes wide* It’s already that time?
Mom: Yes
Ryosuke: *eats his rice in a hurry and goes to the bathroom to wash his face and brush his teeth*

Ryosuke looked at the mirror, staring at his head. He forgot how long it was since he looked into a mirror. He sighed and started washing his face. After he was done washing his face, he reached for his toothbrush, but it wasn’t there. He yelled for his mom, and she came rushing in holding a new toothbrush.

Mom: Sorry, I had to throw out the old one cuz I was afraid that fungus would grow on it.
Ryosuke: *sticks out his tongue* eww fungus… Well thanks *starts to brush his teeth*

His mom exited out of the bathroom to wake his sisters up and to wash the dishes. Ryosuke went to his room, after he was done getting ready, he put his mask on over his face and put his bandana on his head. He was ready to go to skool. His dad drove him to skool, since he wasn’t allowed to walk to skool. On the way to skool, his father started talking to him.

Dad: Uhm, Ryosuke.
Ryosuke: Yea dad?
Dad: Are you sure your alright to go to skool?
Ryosuke: Yea… why?
Dad: hmm, I’m just so worried that your sickness might get worse, that’s all
Ryosuke: pfft, don’t be a worrywart, Doctor Natsumi even gave me permission to go, so I must be fine.
Dad: hmm…

The conversation ended there, and they drove to skool in silence. When they reached the skool, his dad told him to be careful, and to tell the teacher right away if he was feeling ill.

Ryosuke: Alright dad, I promise.
Dad: That’s my boy.

Ryosuke waved to his dad while he drove away. He gulped when he entered the gates of his skool.

Ryosuke: *thinking* Woah~ was my skool this big? Hmm…*walks into the building*

Ryosuke walks to his shoe box to put on his inside shoes. As he was putting them on, Daiki, Chinen, and Yuto spotted him.

Daiki: WHA?!
Chinen: Is that?!

Ryosuke heard his name called out and looked towards Daiki, Chinen, and Yuto.

Ryosuke: Oh, hey guys! *grins*
Chinen: What are you doing here?!
Yuto: Yea~ aren't you supposed to be in the hospital?
Daiki: I must be dreaming!
Ryosuke: *laughs* My doctor approved of me going to skool! isn't that great?
Daiki: OF COURSE! gawsh~ I missed you!
Chinen: Me too!
Yuto: Me three!
Ryosuke: Haha~

Fumiya spotted Yuto, Chinen, and Daiki talking to Ryosuke and walked over to them.

Fumiya: Woah~ who's this baldy?
Yuto: He's not bald! he's just really sick, and had to have chemotherapy, which made him lose his hair.
Fumiya: Oh, if he's that sick, why isn't he in the hospital where he belongs? *covers his mouth* I don't wanna get his sickness.
Ryosuke: Don't worry, my illness isn't contagious.
Fumiya: Then why are you wearing a mask?
Ryosuke: This mask is so that I won't breathe in bacteria, and get more sick.
Fumiya: pfft.. *starts kicking soccer ball* well... smell you later

Fumiya walks away.

Chinen: What a jerk.. sorry bout that Ryosuke, he isn't always like this, really.
Ryosuke: It's okay *smiles*
Yuto: Why I outta.. lemme at him! lemme at him! *running towards Fumiya but his shirt is grabbed by Daiki*
Daiki: Chillax dude.

They all started to laugh. They hadn't realised, that people (the students) were crowding around staring at Ryosuke and whispering to each other.

Student 1: Look at him, he's got no hair.
Student 2: I heard he has cancer.
Student 1: How awful, but why isn't he at the hospital?
Student 3: I heard, he begged his doctor to go, so he could spread the disease to everyone.
Student 2: How low.

Ryosuke and the others realised about the people standing around them and stopped laughing.

Ryosuke: *gulp* Why are they all whispering? and staring at me like that?
Chinen: I don't know, but let's go.
Ryosuke: Okay...

Daiki, Chinen, Ryosuke, and Yuto all walk up the stairs to go to there homeroom.

Will the staring and whispering end? Or will it continue? Find out in the next chapter ^_^
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25 / F / Wherever I wanna be
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Ch. 5
When they reached the homeroom, the bell rang. They were walking slow for Ryosuke, because he wasn’t allowed to walk up the stairs that fast. Daiki, Chinen, and Yuto didn’t mind, really. They were just glad to go to skool with there best bud again.

Chinen: So, Ryosuke, how long are you allowed to go to skool?
Ryosuke: For only a month.
Yuto: awww~ only a month? *sad face*
Ryosuke: Yup…
Daiki: Gawsh, Yuto, it hasn’t even been a day yet, a month is very long.
Chinen: Yea~ Dai-chan’s right, a month is very long.
Ryosuke: Oh yea~ the teacher told me to wait in the hallway, so he could introduce me to the class. So, go in without me.
Yuto: Oh, Okay
Chinen: Alrighty
Daiki: Okay

As Ryosuke waits in the hallway, he sees a lot of students staring at him while they enter the classroom. He could see them staring at him and whispering in the classroom. The teacher tapped Ryosuke one the arm and whispered to him. [Teacher’s name is Fujimura-Sensei]
Fujimura-Sensei: Are you ready to go in?
Ryosuke: Uh…sure?
Fujimura-Sensei: Okay

Fujimura-Sensei enters the classroom and tells everyone to hush.
Fujimura-Sensei: Alrighty everyone~ we have a new student joining Class 4. Please give him a warm welcome.
Student 3: Sensei~ *raises hand*
Fujimura-Sensei: What is it Kurihara?
Kurihara: Is the new kid that bald kid with a mask over his mouth, that was walking around with Daiki, Chinen, and Yuto?
Fujimura-Sensei: Uh… *clears throat* So, I see you have already seen him. *sighs* Come on in Yamada.

Ryosuke walks in, dragging his bag. The students were silent and staring at him.
Ryosuke: Hajimemashite. Yamada Ryosuke desu, yoroshiku~.
They were all silent and still staring at Ryosuke, when Daiki, Chinen, and Yuto started clapping.
Fujimura-Sensei: Well, I guess you can sit in that empty seat next to Daiki.

Ryosuke walked over to the seat next to Daiki and stares out the window.
Everyone was still staring at him. When he looked at them, they looked away.
Ryosuke: *thinking* This is going to be a long day….

After the first period, which was math, some girls came to Ryosuke’s desk.
Girl 1: Oh my gawsh! *pulls Ryosuke’s bandana off* He doesn’t have any hair! Kimoi~ [kimoi means eww, nasty, etc in Japanese]
Girl 2&3: *laughs*
Girl 1: *throws it back at Ryosuke and glares at him* I hear you have this disease. Well, don’t give me the disease. Cuz my mommy’s a lawyer, and I could sue your @ss. *pinches Ryosuke’s cheek* Got it?
Ryosuke: *manages to nodd*
Girl 1: *gives him the evil eye and lets go of his cheek* That’s what I thought. *laughs like an evil person like the three girls in Hana Yori Dango*
Girl 2&3: *laughs with Girl 1*

Daiki, Chinen, and Yuto run in.
Daiki: What are you doing to him?!
Chinen: Leave him alone!
Yuto: Yea~!
Girl 1,2,3: hmph!
Girl 1: We were just having fun~.
Girl 2: Yea~
Girl 3: *pokes Ryosuke’s nose* See, no harm done *grins*
Chinen: DON’T YOU DARE TOUCH HIM! *eyes fiery red*
Girl 3: Meoww~ sor-ry~
Girl 1: hmph, let’s go.

The three girls leave.
Daiki: Ryosuke! Are you okay?!
Ryosuke: Ahaha~ yea I’m fine, just, my cheeks hurt *feels cheek*
Chinen: Grrr~ I’m gonna so beat them up!
Yuto: Yea! Me too!
Ryosuke: No, Don’t.
Daiki, Chinen, Yuto: WHY?!
Ryosuke: Cuz, fighting isn’t the answer for everything. (wooah!)
Chinen: He’s right… again
Ryosuke: *laughs* And I shouldn’t be blue just because they say stuff about me. Sticks and stones may break my bones…
Yuto: And words can never hurt me… you’re right.
Ryosuke: Well, let’s get ready for next class, cuz the bell’s gonna ring in 2 minutes.

They rush to go get their stuff and sit in their seats.

It was lunchtime, and Ryosuke took out his o-bento his mom made for him.
Yuto: Oi~ what did your mom make you?
Ryosuke: hmm… kara-age (fried chicken that’s like small? I guess?), rice with furikake (rice sprinkles), some vegetables, mini wieners (rofl don’t think dirty xD) and strawberries for desert! (xD hehe strawberry~)
Chinen: Oh~ do you want to trade lunches?
Ryosuke: What do you have?
Chinen: My mom made shrimp fry (not tempura), cooked pumpkin and potatoes, carrot shaped like flowers (it’s supposedly pretty? But I think it’s cute lol), meat and cherries for desert!
Ryosuke: Hmm… I’ll trade some kara-age for your shrimp fry.
Chinen: Okay! *trades the food* Mmm…these kara-age’s are good!
Ryosuke: Yea~ my mom makes the best kara-age!
Yuto: gawsh~ I feel left out.
Daiki: Me too…

Ryosuke laughs and feeds Yuto a wiener.
Ryosuke: Haha… Is it good?
Yuto: *nods head: Oichi~!
Ryosuke laughs and watches Chinen feed Daiki cooked potatoes.
Daiki: Thank you Chinen!

After lunch, it was time for a special class. As Ryosuke thought, it felt like a long day for him.
Fujimura-Sensei: Hmm… well, there is going to be an essay contest in three weeks. I would like for all of you to write a 1,000-word essay on anything that you want to tell the class about. The person who wins, gets to give a speech in front of the whole school. Please have your pencil and paper out to write the rough draft. You will have an hour and a half to write, if you don’t finish it, you need to take it home and finish it by next week.

Everyone else was whining, but the teacher made them hush.
Ryosuke: *twirling his pencil* I wonder what to write about? *thinking and a light bulb appears above his head* Oh~ I've got it! *starts writing*

What did Ryosuke write about in his essay? Will the other classmates stop bugging/making fun of him? Find out in the next chapter :]
nyaa~n btw Fujimura-sensei is a female lol..
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heh the word 'illness' in ur topic description caught my eye like IMMEDIATELY o.O i haf this crazy thing for hospital dramas, fics etc xD

sry to hear bout ur dad though, cancer's plain horrid T.T it took away my grandpa in 03 and my aunt earlier this yr):

anw, lets not ramble on bout sad things....GANBATTE WIF UR FIC ;D im sure it'll be awesome^^
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25 / F / Wherever I wanna be
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Ch. 6

Ryosuke wrote until the bell rang and the class ended. Fujimura-sensei shouted out to everyone.

Fujimura-sensei: Well, I expect all of you guys to write a good essay, and hopefully someone from this class wins the contest and gets to read it in front of the whole school.

Fujimura-sensei grinned happily to the students and dismissed them for the cleaning period. Ryosuke, Chinen, Yuto, and Daiki were assigned to clean the boy’s restroom, so they talked about what they wrote.

Yuto: I wrote about reserving water and light. What about you, Daiki?
Daiki: Hmm? Oh, me? I wrote about Ghana chocolates and how they are made. Did you know that little kids that are about from age 6-10 gather the cacao plants and cut it with a knife? Do you know how dangerous it is?! And, they have never tried chocolates before! Now, I think that is just ridiculous!
Chinen: Woah~!
Ryosuke: How harsh!
Chinen: I didn’t know that…
Yuto: I heard that the families in Africa that grew, gather, and cut the cacao beans get little money from the Ghana chocolate factory.
Ryosuke: How sad. If I had known that sooner, I wouldn’t have eaten that much chocolate.
Daiki: Not eating the chocolate wouldn’t help the people in Ghana at all. There’s this program that helps little kids from harm. I will tell you guys the site later.
Chinen, Ryosuke, Yuto: Okay~
Yuto: Oh yea! Chinen, what did you write about?
Chinen: I wrote about endangered species.
Ryosuke: Woo~ that’s so like you!
Chinen: Haha. Thanks? Btw, Ryosuke what did you write about?
Ryosuke: *laughs a bit* It’s a secret. You guys gotta wait until next week, when we all read it to the class and vote.
Chinen: Aw~ no fair!
Ryosuke: *sticks tongue out*

As Chinen, Daiki, Ryosuke, and Yuto continued cleaning, the bell rang.
Chinen: *turns the hose off* I guess we should head back to the classroom.
Yuto: *has full toilet paper rolls in his arms* Yea, sure.
Ryosuke: *rolls the hose up and wraps it around the knob thingy where the water comes out* Okay
Daiki: *puts the scrubber brush away* I’m ready to go~
Yuto: Uh, Daiki, don’t forget to wash your hands.
Daiki: Oh yea! *washes hand* Okay, now I’m ready.

As Ryosuke walked back to class, he was thinking about more stuff to write in his essay.

~~Two Weeks Passed And It Was Time To Present The Essay’s In Front Of The Class~~

Fujimura-sensei: Okay~ first to read is Asuma-kun, his title is, “Roses Are Red”

As more kids were presenting their essay, the time came for Ryosuke to read his. His heart was thumping, nervous to speak in front of the class. He gave a deep breathe before he read his essay.

Fujimura-sensei: Okay~ last person to read, is Yamada-kun. His title is, “My Fate” *claps*

Ryosuke: *clears his throat* My Fate, by Yamada Ryosuke. Everyone in this school, has been acting differently towards me ever since they saw me. I think it is because of my illness, and the fact that I am wearing a mask.
Student 1: Yea~!
Fujimura-sensei: Hush!
Ryosuke: Well, I don’t think you should judge me by how I look. I only wear this mask because I have to. If I had a choice, I would have chose not to have this illness and not to wear this mask. At first, I thought that god was only punishing me, because I have done a sin. But when I think back, I haven’t done anything wrong. The reason he chose me to have this illness was for me to teach everyone about cancer and to teach me a lesson about illnesses and the deaths that occur around the world everyday. The kind of cancer I have, is a type of lung cancer called lymphoma. Lymphoma can be a curable disease, if I have a bone marrow transplant. A bone marrow transplant is a procedure that transplants healthy bone marrow into a patient, whose bone marrow is not working properly. The healthy bone marrow may be taken from the patient prior to chemotherapy or radiation treatment, also called auto graft, or it may be taken from a donor, which are called allograft. For those of you who don’t know what a bone marrow is, it’s the soft, fatty tissues inside the bones. It’s the place where blood cells are produced and developed. The donated bone marrow must match the patient’s tissue type, and they find these donors by a living relative or from an unrelated donor. The risks of chemotherapy given prior to bone marrow transplants may cause significant toxicity. While waiting for bone marrow to grow, the patient is at high risk for infection. Another major problem with bone marrow transplants is, when the marrow comes from a donor, the healthy bone marrow cells may attack the patient’s cells as though they were foreign organisms. This is called graft-versus-host disease. In this case, drugs are used to suppress the immune system must be taken, but this also decreases the body’s ability to fight infections. Well, what I’m trying to say is that bone marrow transplant lengthens the life of a patient who would otherwise die. Another problem with bone marrow transplant is finding a donor, and the cost of it. Each day, I spend it as my last, because of all those risks I have to take, and if I do die, I know I wouldn’t regret it. What I’m trying to say is that life is not replaceable, nor always fair. Thank you *bows and walks back to his desk*

Everyone is quiet, then, Fujimura-sensei starts to clap her hands. The clapping grows, until you can see that the whole class was clapping! Ryosuke couldn’t believe his ears, or his eyes! They were clapping for him!

A week past, and it was time for the teacher to tell to the class who would be the representative of the class to read their speech in front of the whole school.

Fujimura-sensei: The student that would be the representative of the class is…Yamada Ryosuke-kun!

Everyone was clapping, and Ryosuke stood up.

Ryosuke: Is it really okay for me to read my essay?
Girl 1: heh, I guess.
Ryosuke: Thank you very much you guys!

Would the whole school clap for him like how his classmates did?
Find out in next chapter~
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Ch. 7

As Chinen, Daiki, Ryosuke, and Yuto were walking home from school, they were talking about the essay contest.

Chinen: Oh my gawsh! Ryosuke! I think you can win the essay contest and go to the all school essay contest!
Daiki: I agree! That was the best essay, I’ve ever heard.
Ryosuke: Haha, but I liked Daiki’s essay more. Actually, his is much better than mine.
Daiki: pfft, no! Yours is more educational. And I think that’s what Fujimura-sensei was looking for, for the representative of the class to read their essay.
Ryosuke: But, what about the poor kids in Africa? Daiki?
Daiki: Even if I was the representative of the class to read my essay in front of the whole school, what could they do about it?
Ryosuke: eh…

They reached their blocks and said their goodbyes to each other.

Ryosuke: *opens door* Mom~ I’m home!
Mom: Oh~ hello dear! I heard that you get to read your essay in front of the whole students at school. I’m proud of you!
Ryosuke: It’s not that big of a deal mom…
Mom: But honey, you might become the representative of the school to read it at the Prefecture Essay Contest!
Ryosuke: I doubt it, cuz I only have one week left until I have to go back to the hospital. And you know Doctor Natsumi wouldn’t allow me to be in the Prefecture Essay Contest.
Mom: *sigh* I guess you’re right, go wash up, dinner will be ready in 10 minutes~!

Ryosuke walks up the stairs to the bathroom and washes his hands. He was in deep thought about the essay reading at school tomorrow. He didn’t really think his speech was that big of a deal. But deep down inside, he knew why he wasn’t that happy about winning, it was because, he only had 4 more days of school left before going back to the hospital.

At dinner, his family was talking about Ryosuke. Nobody knew how he felt, he was angry with that. He slammed his hand on the dining table.
Ryosuke: It’s not that big of a deal! The person who should have been the representative for the class shouldn’t have been me!
Mom: What?! Why?
Ryosuke: Because, like I said before, it wasn’t that good! Daiki should have won! Or somebody else!
Mom: Ryosuke…
Ryosuke: I’m done eating, I’m going back to my room to do my homework.

Ryosuke took his plate to the sink and climbed up the stairs to his room.

~Next Day~
Yuto: Ryosuke~!
Ryosuke: Oh hey, Yuto!
Yuto: Are you nervous about making your speech in front of the whole school?
Ryosuke: Uh, not really.
Yuto: I knew it!
Ryosuke: You did?
Yuto: Yea! Cuz your too cool to be nervous!
Ryosuke: *sweat mark* uhm… okay?
Yuto: Well, break a leg!

The students filed into the auditorium to listen to the essays. Ryosuke was the last one to give his speech. When it was time for him to read his speech, he felt a bit nervous.

Ryosuke: *talking to himself* Get a hold of yourself Ryosuke! Only 2 million students are out there, listening to your essay… *gulp* I can do it!

Ryosuke walked up to the podium and cleared his throat and looked at the audience whispering. The whispering was probably about him, he thought.

Ryosuke: My Fate, by Yamada Ryosuke.

At the beginning of his speech, everyone was whispering, and not talking. But, by the end of his essay, everyone was quiet and listening with full ears. (is that right? lol)
After he finished reading his essay, the judges announced who would be the representative for the school, and read it in the Prefecture Essay Contest.

Judge 1: *stood up* Everyone did a great job writing their essay.
Judge 2: But, only one will be able to go to the Prefecture Essay Contest.
Judge 3: And the lucky contestant is… Ooshige Raito-kun.
All three judges: Congratulations!

Ryosuke was relieved that he wasn’t the one who would be going to the Prefecture Essay Contest. But after everyone was out of the auditorium, the judges gave Ryosuke an award for his very touching essay.

Judge 1: Yamada Ryosuke
Ryosuke: Yes?
Judge 1: The other two judges and I would like you to have this award.
Ryosuke: Me? Why?
Judge 1: Even though, you didn’t get to be the representative to the Prefecture Essay Contest, we thought yours was the best.
Ryosuke: Uhm, thank you? *takes the award and bows to the judges*

~4 Days Past~
It was time for Ryosuke to go back to the hospital. He was sad that he had to go back.

Yuto: *almost crying but being a man and trying not to* Ryosuke~ eat your veggies when you go back to the hospital!
Ryosuke: Alright, Alright! I will..
Chinen: *tears in his eyes* Ryosuke.. I’m going to miss you! *hugs Ryosuke*
Ryosuke: *laughs a bit and pats Chinen on the head* Don’t worry, you can come visit me. It’s not like I’ll be gone forever…
Daiki: Take care of yourself… *has arms crossed*
Ryosuke: *tears trickles down his cheek* Okay, I will Daiki. *faces Chinen, Daiki, and Yuto* Thank you for your help. I know I couldn’t have gone through this month at school without you guys. Un, Jya~! *waves bye to them*

~Back at the hospital~
Ryosuke walked to the front desk and gave a greeting to Doctor Natsumi.
Ryosuke: Hi, Doctor Natsumi! Did you miss me?
Doctor Natsumi: *stares blankly at Ryosuke* What? Miss you? No way~!
Ryosuke: *glared at Doctor Natsumi*
Doctor Natsumi: But, I really missed you!
Ryosuke: *blushes* Eh… hehe
Doctor Natsumi: *smiles* Oh~ I need to introduce you to your new neighbor in the next room.
Ryosuke: New neighbor?
Doctor Natsumi: Yea~ same age as you, only 2 months older.
Ryosuke: Wow, cool.

Who's the new neighbor in the next room?
Will they be enemies? or friends?
Find out in the next chapter~! whoo hoo~!
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Ch 8

Ryosuke followed Doctor Natsumi to meet his new neighbor. Before they reached the room, Doctor Natsumi said a few words of encouragement to him.

Doctor Natsumi: I think you will like your new neighbor.

They finally reached the room 209, and Doctor Natsumi knocked on the door. They opened the door and went inside.

Doctor Natsumi: Knock knock, you have a visitor.

The figure put down a magazine and looked at Ryosuke. Ryosuke gasped at the girl who had brown hair and hazel eyes sitting and staring at him.

Doctor Natsumi: This is Tomoki, Ryosuke. She will be your new neighbor starting today.

Ryosuke’s mouth was wide open. He was hoping to meet a boy instead of a girl. He introduced himself.

Ryosuke: uh…er, hi, my name is Yamada Ryosuke. Nice to meet you.

The girl smiled at him and spoke.

Tomoki: Pleased to meet you ryo-chan. My name is Funaya Tomoki. Is it alright if I called you that? Ryo-chan?

Ryosuke has never been called “Ryo-chan” before, so he was surprised.

Ryosuke: Uh…sure.

Tomoki smiled at him sweetly.

Dr Natsumi: Well, I guess I’ll leave you two alone to get to know each other. Have a good time.
She waved at them and walked out the door.

Ryosuke: So, uhm what should we talk about?

Tomoki: *shrugs* I don’t know, but would you like to sit down?

Ryosuke: Okay.

Tomoki brought a chair and Ryosuke sat next to her bed.

Ryosuke: Sorry if I’m rude, but I thought you would be a boy.

Tomoki: *laughs* And I thought you would be a girl. Cuz, the only thing Dr Natsumi said was that I had a neighbor about the same age as me.

Ryosuke: Woah, me too.

Ryosuke and Tomoki laughed. Then, there was silence.

Ryosuke: Since we don’t have a full conversation, let’s talk about our likes and dislikes.

Tomoki: Okay, you go first.

Ryosuke: I love strawberries~!

Tomoki: *laughs* I like strawberries too, but I like rambutan more.

Ryosuke: Ram…what?

Tomoki: *laughs* It’s Ram-bu-tan. It’s a fruit that’s hairy, it’s kind of like lychee. The first time I ate it was in Australia, and it was the last time.

Ryosuke: Oh, *senses something wrong so changes the subject* I hate tomatoes.

Tomoki: I hate cherry tomatoes, but I can eat regular tomatoes. I hate spinach. Bleh~

Ryosuke: *laughs* What’s your favorite color?

Tomoki: My favorite color? Hmm… I guess I love shades of blue, and the color black. How about you?

Ryosuke: I love the color orange and white~!

Tomoki: Cool! Hmm… I don’t have any more questions to ask…

Ryosuke: Me either.

They are both thinking of a question to ask.

Ryosuke: I got one!

Tomoki: Oh! Me too! Tell me yours first.

Ryosuke: What kind of sports do you like?

Tomoki: Oh~! I was just about to ask that! I like soccer, basketball, and dancing!

Ryosuke: Woah! I like soccer too!

Tomoki: I guess, we have some stuff in common.

It was time for Ryosuke to go back to his room. He waved at Tomoki, and exited out of the room. His heart was pounding. Could it be? Of course not, he thought.

He was back in his room listening to music, when Doctor Natsumi came into the room.

Doctor Natsumi: So, how did you like your new neighbor?

Ryosuke: She’s okay, I guess. And she’s really nice.

Doctor Natsumi: *relieved* That’s good. I was worried that you wouldn’t like her.

Ryosuke: May I ask something?

Doctor Natsumi: Sure, what is it?

Ryosuke: What’s her condition?

Doctor Natsumi: Uh…


Will Doctor Natsumi tell him? If she does, what kind of disease does Tomoki have?
Find out in the next chappy~! Hope you liked this chapter! lolz it was kinda short though =p
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