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Posted 8/12/08 , edited 8/12/08
hello...... i am shi- chan, me and grace- chan trying to find gradians for our group
so... if you are interest on that, make a design and send to us.....
we will find the gradians for our group(shugo chara be yourself)

1. you could draw it i you are good at drawing could find a pic on google and change it by photo shop!!!
it need to have:
a name for the chara
description of dress
what characteristic your chara is
what's your chara's speical attack
what's your name( can be what ever you want to be)
egg design
what's your chara good at
and have fun

thanks ( shi- chan)

Posted 11/1/08 , edited 11/2/08
Name of the Chara: Rinna
Description: my chara is wear medium drees the colour is light blue.
wear a light blue hat and there is a black music sign in her hat.
wear light blue and white sport shoes.
almous like Ran
What Characteristic your Chara is: silent but cool.
What's your Chara 's special atack: Music drop and dance evolution
User name: karin_and_himeka (rorika)
Chara Nari 's: Roll diamond
Egg design : the colour is blue and there is a black music sign on the that egg
My Chara good at: music and dance
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Posted 9/10/09 , edited 9/10/09
Name of the Chara: Chimo
Description: light blue hair, small eagle like wings, bird tail,wears a long silver colour dress, light blue claw sign on silver colour canvas hat
What Characteristic your Chara is: not with it half the time, good singer and dancer, can be wild when wants to be
What's your Chara 's special atack: menace squalk and sky dive
User name: 2436racbuc
Chara Nari 's: Silver Eagle
Egg design : claw in the middle, bright silve
My Chara good at: singing and dance and very speedy
Posted 3/6/10 , edited 3/6/10
if it doesntwork then copy and paste this!/photo.php?pid=261846&id=100000017229800&fbid=110494988961075
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Posted 8/21/10 , edited 8/21/10
Name of the Chara: Liiya
Description: Long blond hair tied up in a pink ribbon and blue eyes
Has a typical gymnast outfit on (light pink) and has a white hat with white neko ears
What Characteristic your Chara is: Alsways jumping around and showing off how good she can do gymnastics, falls in love with every boy chara
What's your Chara 's special atack: Ribbon lock
User name: Ashes411
Chara Nari 's: Gymnast-tan
Egg design : yellow background with a pink ribbon and a white pawprint in the middle
My Chara good at: gymnastics and athletics
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