Substitute Teacher Sign-Up!!!
Posted 8/12/08 , edited 8/13/08

Okay, this is the "Substitute Sign-Up Forum" where you can sign-up to become a substitute for a certain class.
If you are chosen to be a sub, you must be available and there when the teacher is out of the classroom, absent, or attending a meeting. Some teachers are needing a sub right now to help them teach while they are busy and away. Please read and fill in the Following Information needed if you want to be a Sub :

*You can only Sub for 1 Class*

*If you are a sub, you can't just become one and just not visit the group ever again. You must visit at least once in a while*

*If you sub for a class that is in need of help of teaching, you must be the one who helps that class teach while the teacher is gone.*

Username :
Any Teaching Experience? : (Yes, No, or Okay)
Which Training Do You Wanna Teach :

This Will Be Approved by our HeadMaster "Yaso5" before you can actually become a sub.

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