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[TRANS] Pati-Pati Aug 08

The birth of their best ballad in the history of the 5 of them
THSK confidently conveys the message in this love ballad to be released on the 23rd of July. They talk honestly about what they think of the song, secrets to producing the song. Of course, it's just a happy, honest talk available on Pati-Pati, let's enjoy this together.

Their Arena tour was a huge success, and they are slowly gaining recognition. In their 23rd single "Why do I like you?", they directly expressed how someone was unable to convey his feelings for that precious someone; and those who listen to it can't help but feel touched at the ballad song. Perhaps, like the main character, you might have had a love that you regret, thinking "if only I've done this at then, an unforgettable love". Have you ever felt that way before? This summer, I think this song can touch various people, and even move them to tears

----When I heard it, I thought it was a good and pure song
JS: Did you really? I thought so too!
All: *laughs*
YH: Last time we wrapped up "Beautiful You" very well too. I think each single has a very important significance to THSK as time changes. Therefore, when I first heard this song's demo, I approached the song very tentatively; yet when I heard the completed version, I really liked it, thinking "Um... this is a wonderful song!"’
CM: It's a really~~~ great song!
All: *claps*

----Perhaps, did the members request to sing such songs?
CM: Yeah. For example, you might just hear it as you walk down a long road. Of course, it’ll have a great impact on the THSK fans, but I think this song will have a similar impact on non-THSK fans and they’ll think it’s a pure, good song. I hope that listening to this song will make them feel like singing it.
YH: Before the director let us listen to the song, he said ‘This is dangerous’ *laughs*
YC: It really was dangerous *laughs*
JS: So far, I’ve always felt that ‘THSK has a variety of songs’, but this time if you say ‘Ah! This song is sung by THSK’, people who are not THSK’s fans might be surprised
CM: I think even people who don’t know about THSK will like this song. I’m confident of that
YH: Even the lyrics are very touching. While singing, you’ll just be absorbed into the story of the song, Even I felt sad/touched.
CM: Truthfully, summer gives off the active, and energetic image. It’s very rare that such a song will be released during summer. Although it might not be suitable when the sun is shining down upon you in the afternoon, but after the sun goes down at night, I think it’ll be good if you listen to it alone.

---It allows you to sink deeper into the song
YH: We changed our singing technique for this song. We deliberately didn't use a vibrato, and sang purely with our voices

----Using your voices to express your feelings for her.
YC: And no only our voices this time, we've paid special attention to our breathing techniques.
JJ: This was THSK's first test. We've always been using vibrato, so the recording process was pretty tough

----Was it the director's request?
JJ: More than that, we felt it'd be better to sing this song simply and cleanly.

----You just wanted to express the melody with your voices
JJ: Yeah, that's it.

----Suddenly, MAX started singing "Doumini coopere~" in a complaining tone. He seemed rather down since the interview started
JS: While watching the PV, I felt even more upset/heartbroken
YC: In the end, when the girl was bidding her former lover goodbye….
YH: ‘I’m getting married’
JJ: Heartbreaking~~~~~
JS: We only appear in the lipsynching parts. The remaining parts of the PV were done in a drama-like version. The main character receives a wedding invitation from the woman he once loved, and goes for the wedding sends those 2 happy people off. While watching that, I thought ‘What would I do in his position?’ ‘How will I feel?’….

-----What would you do? When watching the dramas, the church doors open after the wedding and his ex-lover appeared. And then the main character will grab her hand and run off…..isn't this what usually happens in dramas?
JS: That’s a very annoying person *laughs*
CM: That’s Junsu’s specialty (T/N: Being annoying)
JJ: He would do it even though the person getting married isn’t related to him in any way
CM: He would go to various weddings then come back after wrecking all of them

----Ah! Junsu's back *laughs*
CM: Let's all escape
JS: What did you say? I would never do such things! If I did that, I would tag along on their honeymoon and wreck it *laughs*
CM: You’re the worst
JJ: I wouldn’t attack the other person. I would put a letter together with money in the congratulatory money packet (T/N: It’s customary to give money to the newlyweds on their wedding day). And I’ll just write the words ‘Ba.Ka’ (T/N: Idiot) on the letter.

----That's a very cowardly protest
JJ: And during the honeymoon, I’d go check which hotel they’ll be staying at and go into their room before they enter and place a letter on the pillow. Again, it’d be the word ‘Ba.Ka’ *laughs* I’ll keep~~~~~doing that.
YH: Meanest!

--I'd think it was a cute joke at first, but if it keeps going on, it'd be a form of torture *laughs*
JJ: That was a lie. If the 2 of them have a daughter, I’d marry the daughter 20 years later
YH: That’s stupid!
JJ: That was a lie. I won’t do such stupid things. I’d sincerely pray for the 2 of them to be happy!
YH: Liar……..*laughs*

----Nevertheless, Yunho seems to be someone who'll drag the girl away
YH: What I would do differs along with the time and place. Just like the PV, I’d definitely go if I receive a wedding invitation. I’ll just gaze at her from a far away distance, where she can’t see me.
YC: I wouldn’t do anything too. No matter how much I like her, but because it’s something she decided, I’ll just accept reality. Although it’ll be extremely frustrating….
JS: You can’t turn back anymore

----Although the girls like reality too, but…..wouldn't you have more complicated thoughts than that?
YH: I can accept it if the girl likes the other guy more than me. However, if I get confirmation that she still likes me and not the other person, I wouldn’t say anything and take her hand. I wouldn’t want to live without regrets.
All: Oh Oh~~!!
YC: Maybe the girl doesn’t think only of her own feelings, but will also consider various conditions before settling on that certain someone. Therefore, I didn’t get chosen because I lack something in comparison to the other person~I think….

----You're very calm~Compared to that, Yoochun has always been extremely practical from the beginning, looking at things objectively. However, when you are in love, it's really difficult to remain calm
YH: That’s right. Therefore, when you listen more to the song, it’ll be great if you become more honest with yourself and live without regrets. That can apply not only to men but to women too
JS: *singing* Doushiite~kimi no tewo tsukami ubaenakattan darou? (T/N: Why didn’t I take your hand?) I can empathize with the main character’s feelings, if I were in his shoes, it’d be really hard for me. However, I think that a man will not regret that he once liked her.
CM: Those words were unexpected
JS: If such a thing happened, I’d take it as the man’s fault. And, it might not be only the female’s choice, but her family or surroundings. So it might not be so easy to stop the wedding.

----Although they both want to be together and love each other, but other factors have to be taken into account
CM: That’s cause he watches too many dramas *laughs*
JS: What if she has to marry someone she doesn’t like? Of course I have to snatch her back. However, if she likes him, *sings* ‘Eienni kimi ga shiawase de iru koto tada negatteru’ (T/N: I just wish you’ll be happy forever). I would do that too

---In the song, the main character not only regrets how he wasn't able to convey his deepest feelings to the other person, but also wishes that the other person will be happy.
YH: In the end, it’s an affirmative song. Although the lyrics are very sad, but the good thing is that she has found someone she loves. For those who are having problems in love, in order not to end up like the main character in the song, please guard your present relationship preciously.
JS: Although THSK has sang many love songs, this is from the guy’s point of view, I think it’s a song for men.
JJ: It’s a song that the more you listen to it, the more you like it. Therefore, please listen to it many times, continuously!
CM: Doumini coopere uta wo suki ni natte shimattan darou? (T/N: Why do I like this song?)
JJ: Doumini coopere uta wo suki ni natte shimattan darou?
YH: Sense *laughs*
JS: Come to think of it, on a music program, Jaejoong said that if he were to express the song in one phrase, it’d be ‘Bean paste soup’, right?

----What additional ingredients will be in the soup?
JS: So, I’ll talk about the additional ingredients! Fresh cream.
All: ……………………..
CM: The worst
JJ: Natto
CM: I really don’t want to eat it (T/N: the bean paste soup) *laughs8
JS: If I had to express the song in one phrase, it’d be ‘milky way’

----That's romantic~!
CM: That's completely different from what you said before
JS: The image of stars blinking in the sky but *shoong shoong* (T/N: Whooshing sound) flying...

-----Shoong shoong~? *laughs*
CM: It's okay, you can ignore him *laughs*

-----It sounds rather romantic
JS: So, what about this?

----Is it okay?
CM: I’m not really looking forward to this
JS: While walking down the path towards the lake in the woods….even the birds ‘choo choo choo’ (T/N: Birds chirping, I think)
JJ: Choo Choo Choo?
JS: The lions are going ‘ARGH’ (T/N: I suppose he’s trying to roar)
All: *dies laughing*
YH: The lion in the woods? *laughs*
JS: That’s right. What I was trying to say was that it’s a song that’s compatible with nature

---Eh? When talking about mountains, was there a church in the woods? It seems to have become rather dramatic….
CM: No it hasn't *seriously*

So, Yoochun, say something romantic
YC: When I listen to it now, I feel like it was playfully recorded in the midst of a troubled period. If you listen to it now, doesn't it break off halfway?

-----The regret of not being able to return to the past noise, an expression of regret/loss?
JJ: That's really good~

---Is Junsu listening? He seems to be waiting for something..
JS: So let's give movies as examples

---Is this okay?
JS: Titanic
JS: Surprisingly, I think it’s a pretty good answer. Is everyone too shocked for words?
CM: Definitely not *laughs* For me, it’s ‘Ima, ai ni yukimasu’ (T/N: I’m coming to see you now)
JJ: For me it’s ‘Tada, Kimi wo aimini coopereru’ (T/N: But, I love you)
All: OH OH~!!
JS: Ah, this is good! Forrest Grump
YH: Only Junsu’s words are wrong….

----In the beginning, ‘Forrest Grump’ wasn’t about love
JS: What about ‘Godzilla’
CM: You’re the worst. A total nightmare
JS: I was just joking! As expected, I’ll still go with the ‘Titanic’

----‘'Titanic' is indeed a sad and pure love story
CM: I’m sorry for Junsu always being so annoying
JS: What? Did I do something bad?
YH: So, let’s ignore Junsu and talk about our coupling song ‘Box in the Ship’!
JS: *Pretending nothing happened* This song…
All: *dies laughing*
JS: What happened?
JJ: It’s okay! So, let’s quickly talk about this!
JS: This song has a reggae sound. It’s a new feel that THSK has never tried
YC: Although THSK doesn’t usually listen to a lot of reggae. It makes it seem like the people singing the song are very close to the people listening to it, as if we are friends. You can listen to it comfortably.
YH: If you listen to this song, you’d feel that it was already summer. I feel like going scuba diving.
CM: I want to play beach volley ball under the sun
JS: The image that comes to mind when I listen to this song is, some time ago when we all went to Bora Bora Island, drinking wine while looking out into the beach
JJ: That’s good~

----Using the scenery that Junsu has just mentioned. If everyone were to film a "Box in the ship" PV, what would it be like?
JJ: I would turn into a crab at that beach! *laughs*

---So you aren't human
JJ: Therefore, Junsu is alone watching the beach drinking wine. He falls into the sea because he gets too drunk *laughs* But Yoochun saves him…
JS: Yoochun-ah, thank you *both of them shakes hands enthusiastically*
YC: I was in the midst working when I received Junsu’s call crying ‘HELP’
CM: But you can’t call after falling into the sea
YC: It’ll be fine if you use a waterproof hand phone!
YH: Is your work place near the beach?
JJ: Yoochun and Changmin are both waiters in the beach’s restaurant
JS: Because Yoochun rescued me, I’d be lying on the sand for a while. Just then, I’d get bitten by a crab….*laughs*
JJ: Therefore, you regained your energy, and went to the restaurant to listen to some music in the evening. The band member Yunho… Yunho plays the drums
YC: And, after going into the restaurant together with Junsu, we ate crab shabu shabu and ate that crab *laughs*
JJ: I died~
YH: Too bad~Does this tie up with the heartbreaking ‘Doumini coopere~’?
JJ: Sense!
JS: Please listen to the 3rd track ‘Doumini coopere kimi wo suki ni natte shimattan darou’ a capella version. Although the 1st track is really great, the atmosphere of the original song is cheerful, but please pay attention to our voices in the a capella, the echo of the chorus. Please listen to it.

---Especially the high tone in the second half, it makes it seem all the more saddening, I think I cried.
JS: Because the song is quiet, you’ll be able to fully listen to our voices one by one.
CM: It’s completely different from Junsu. Please try to be quiet sometimes~~!! *laughs*

Credit: sparkskey, dnbn
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