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Character OC's

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23 / F / Somewheree.
Posted 8/13/08 , edited 4/1/09
If people haven't done this before, OC stands for Original Character where you make your own character and roleplay with it! Amu and the other regular characters don't exist.

1. No Godmodding and mary sues. (perfect characters)
2. If you're going to cuss keep it to a minimum and no 'f' words.
3. Don't be rude and respect others.
4. Don't copy other characters from other OC's.
5. No more than 3 OC Characters and 4 charas for each person. The maximum for each OC CHaratcer is 4.
6. Have Fun :D

Character Format:
Trasformations/emblem items:
Charanari names:

There will also be Gaurdian Chairs.

Check if your OC's name or your OC's Shugo Chara's names are taken with this spreadsheet!
Made any changes on your OC? Found a mistake about your OC? Tell Sowelu now!
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Posted 8/13/08 , edited 8/19/08
OC RP Info

Name: Ashurii Kurekusu

Nickname: Ashu-chan

Age: 11ish

Gender: Female

Grade: 6th Star class

Appearance: Long brown hair, usualy fitted with a shooting star barrett

Height: 5"3.5'

Personality: Shy and soft-spoken, has trouble making friends. She also becomes a total spaz when a dilema sup.

Gaurdian Characters:

Do not steal plz

1st Sammy; Ashurii’s more confident Would-Be-self
Symbol: Megaphone
Sammy is a very spirited and confident Chara; she says whatever comes to mind.
She is also very talkative, I mean she’s always talking and when she talks it gradually gets put through the megaphone. She uses the Megaphone quite often like how ran uses her pom poms.

2nd Jess; Ashurii’s Brave Would-Be-Self
Symbol: Boomerang
Jess is a very adventurous and daring Chara: she’s always ready for danger.
She always looks at every thing in an adventurous way and She has somewhat of an Australian accent. She likes to throw her boomeang at bad guys even tho its small.

Transformation/Emblem items:

Sammy(Loud Cheer) Same clothes as sammy, gains a megaphone and can create super sonic attacks
Jess (Outback Soul) Same clothes as jess, gains a boomerang and can create dustdevils

Backround: She has just moved to this town. and has had her charas for only a short while.

Crush?: its seems she might be falling for her friends brother XD

umm for a chair i made one up hehe (its in my fanfiction) do you think i can use it?

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25 / F / City Of Sin
Posted 8/13/08 , edited 11/2/08
Name:Sakura Hizashi



Grade:star class, 6th grade, elementary

Appearance:wears girls version of Seiyo Academy's uniform with long socks.
Her hair is long and brown has a gold amulet with a white stone in the middle to help with her character transformations. Her hair up to her waist.

Here's what she looked like when she was little.

Height: 5'0"

Personality:has an outside character that's that acts cool and is smart but
she's really kinda shy and funny doesn't know what her dream is. She likes reading, drawing, and I guess cooking and rollerblading. Takes martial arts.(but that's a secret)

Gaurdian Characters:
Temari: sports and being a girl.
Wears a blue tennis outfit without the visor.
Her hair clip is a Sakura flower.

Miuk: cat
She wears a blue pair of shorts. Black boots that go above her knee.(Will be finished later.)

Lilliy: drawing.
Has Miki's shirt and has a mini skirt, the outfit is pink. Her hair is in a braid and is black.
The hair clip is a white heart.
She carries her sketchbook everywhere.

Aika: singing.
A pink t-shirt with a black vest(it's flat.(not puffy)) and black mini skirt. Her boots are black and go below her knee. Her hair is brown and down to her waist. She has a white headband, on it is a rectangular gem in the color of a ruby. She wears a mic headset.(like Dia's but pink not white)

Transformation/Emblem items:
Temari:Flower Blossom - a blue gymnastic ribbon/ hop, step, play(couldn't really think of any words)
Miuki: Kawaii Chef - mixing spoon/ cook, whisk, stir
Lilliy: Super Artist - big pink paint brush/ sketch, draw, color
Aika: Love Singer - /dream, love, sing

Transformation: Super Artist: She had brown platform shoes, blue jeans, a pink t-shirt, and her hair is in a braid.
Kawaii Chef: Get's Miuki's clothes
Flower Blossom: Get's Temari's clothes
Love Singer: Get's Aika's clothes

Special Transformation move:
Temari: super strawberry ribbon - swirls ribbon around, trapping eggs/charas
Miuki: Healing Honey - heals X eggs/charas
Lilliy: colorful picture - traps X eggs/charas
Aika: Sleeping lullaby - heals X eggs/charas

Backround:She lives with her mom.(Dad is dead.) Trainer's name is Brandon.

Crush?: umm...maybe
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Posted 8/13/08 , edited 3/14/09
well then i want to be the queen chair please

name: yumeka kinoda (first, last name)

gender: female

appearance: she is kinda tall, and she always wears cool/cute stuff
she have brown hair and it is pretty curly, sometimes she straight it though, she have pretty brown eyes and her skin has a peach tone
she usually lay her hair down but sometimes she tie it in two ponytails..........

personality: she is pretty girlish and childish, she is always kind and gentle to everyone, and she is good at singing,
she always helps her friends and she is very caring, she is very clumsy but she can really be intelligent when needed, she wears a little wings necklace wich is her amulet for good luck, later she discovers that it is a key to her would be self thing........ she has matured a lot and she is an idol/violinist

guardian charas:
*destiny: she is a musical chara, she wear a pink outfit and , she does looks like an angel, and she can purify eggs, her egg have little wings on the outside, she have long hair, and her symbol is a wing she is kind and caring to everyone, either when shes an angel she can act like a devil sometimes.......... everything depends in the situation XD

* destiny: (kyaranari eternal destiny) she wears a cute pink dress and her wings spare, her hair is lay down (wings)<-symbol

age: 14 (17/01)

grade: 8th grade star class

background: her sister got kidnapped years ago and she is trying to found her, thats why she became an idol, her manager is helping her to search for her, but now she lost her memories she has to wait a little bit longer.

chair??: queen chair

crush??: she kinda develop feelings to her bodyguard (kanata) but later he have to go to europe and she decide to forget her feelings towards him for her own sake (and kanata´s) .......but later on she really get in love with makoto-kun (kiyoko´s brother) but since she lost her memory none for now
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24 / F / Dubtown, California
Posted 8/13/08 , edited 2/15/09
Name: Allana Sanctimonia(Latin for purity) Sanbert, but people call her Allen.

Age: 13

Gender: Female

Personality: She's a quiet girl, but she has many things on her mind and she wants to let her thoughts come out. She was often bullied and pushed around by other girls, until she accidentally character changed with Vivvi, and yelled at( and attacked ) the girls. She always follows through with whatever she says, even if it's during a chara change. She has three buttons that cause her to change character without a chara:
1. When people apologize for something that was not their fault.
2. When she plays an instrument incorrectly, when an instrument is not tuned correctly, or when someone plays an instrument terribly but acts like they're amazing even though they know they aren't
3. When people lie about being hurt.
These are figurative buttons, and not ACTUAL buttons, in case that wasn't clear

Appearance: She has golden brown shoulder-blade length hair and large blueish-green eyes, she is tall and pale skinned because she spends a lot of her time reading, playing video games, drawing, or listening to music. She wears the boys' uniform at school because she feels uncomfortable in skirts. (she's insecure about being in skirts because other people treat her nicer when she is dressed as a boy VS. when she is dressed as a girl)

Vivvi: A rebel girl who's loud, blunt, and who always speaks her mind. Born from Allen's inability to speak her mind, and the dark parts of Allen's personality that don't often come out. She was born to help Allen feel okay with being who she was. She has a black shirt with ripped sleeves, black fingerless gloves, a ring belt, plaid skirt, and black lace up boots.

Sora: A calm, quick-witted, and curious girl who uses actions more than words. Born from Allen's want to express her ideas, and from the creativity that she holds. She was born to help Allen become all that she can be and to help her do what she loves. She wears a light blue long sleeved shirt tied at the cuff before a flare, a long dark blue skirt, and sensible white shoes

Hana: A cheery and upbeat bunny girl, she is very in tune with others' feelings and will put herself in harm's way to help someone else. Born from Allen's desire to help people, and the joy she feels whenever she sees someone truly smiling. She was born to help Allen overcome the doubts and fears that she is prone to, and to help her learn to charge on through anything in order to do what she wants to do. She wears a light pink shirt that cuts off to show the midriff and has white puff sleeves, a light pink skirt, white lacy gloves, and knee high white boots, with the sleeves and gloves accented by hot pink ribbons.

Transformations/emblem items: A spike collar; a pair of glasses; bunny ears and tail

Charanari names:
Rebel Trick- spike collar, hair straightened completely with red bangs, uniform T-shirt with tie knotted down to the middle of her chest, double black belts which cross in the back, plaid capris and vest, and belted boots up to mid-thigh. attacks: Spiked assault, which, obviously, assualts the enemy with giant spikes. Chain Link, which connects her heart to all of the hearts of the eggs pierced with this attack. It can cause a chain reaction where whatever happens to one egg happens to all the others and Allen. It takes up a lot of energy, and if she does it too long without any of the eggs being purified, her heart will darken.(She hasn't gotten this one yet). This chara nari is the powerhouse. It has the best strength and its attacks take the least amount of pain and energy(comparatively). Though it makes it easy to fight eggs and to purify them in bulk, it also has a high chance of injury since it puts Allen right into the action.

Pencil Trick- glasses, hair in loose ponytail that comes around over shoulder, greenish-brown peasant blouse with sleeves that tie at three-quarter's arm length then flare and trail down to skirt bottom, and a long, flowy and sparkly dark blue-green skirt that covers up feet. attacks: Magical eraser, which stops X eggs by erasing all darkness from them(without actually purifying them). Clean sheet, which cleanses by opening a giant tome, and taking all the darkness away onto the pages. As soon as the story of the owner of the heart is finished being written, Allen absorbs it and lives through the pain of the unrealized dream of the egg's owner. As soon as that is done, the pages have been cleared and the egg(s) is/are purified. This chara nari takes the least energy, but it has a great physical toll on the body and it's hard to purify more than a few eggs at once. It is the best for defense.

Essence trick- bunny ears and tail, red ribbon collar, light pink toga-style dress cinched with a red ribbon at the waist and ending at knee height, light pink sleeves disconnected from the dress and wrapped in hot pink ribbons that crisscross, hair in pigtails which are tied with red ribbons, sandals with red ribbons that wrap around legs in crisscross. attack: Heart's ribbon, which cleanses X eggs by piercing them one by one on a long ribbon of pink sparkles. It is somewhat like Chain link, but it purifies upon the piercing of the egg. This chara nari takes the most amount of energy, but it is the fastest and can heal the most amount of X eggs in one go.

Crush?: She has a bit of one on Higa and Kira, although she hasn't realized it because she's never really had a crush on a boy before. Excluding Nathaniel, of course(but that wasn't really a crush, anyway).
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26 / F
Posted 8/13/08 , edited 8/31/08
Name: Lockette Mikami

Age: 12

Gender: female

Personality: Usually keeps to herself, so shes quiet. however, shes easy to approach, its just that you wont be able to get critism or opinions about others out of her =)

when she character changes, she has a more honest character who isnt afraid to speak and act her mind. Her character change triggers automatically when she's not being completely honest about something. when she character changes, Lockette wears a necklace similar to Shelke's, to symbolize how honesty and friendship knows no bounds.

History: Owns and maintains her family's shrine (Mikami Shrine). Is childhood friend of Leon, who's family owns a dojo nearby. Being a miko, she is able to identify the presense of danger though various omnious signs, or through fire scrying or fortune telling with cards.


Chara: Shelke - has the appearance of a priestess. Often seen with her own staff. She also wears a loose string necklace.



Transformation (Shelke - Holy Cleric): new cloths to symbolize a more 'priestess-like look'. However, the top part is sleeve-less. The long flowy sleeves are worn like arm warmers. The bottom part of the outfit is a red skirt with golden embelishment. her hair is put up in a ponytail (like Shelke's), and decorated with a golden hair piece that ties it in place. She can also use/summon a staff with the words 'Holy Staff'. with the staff she can cleanse x-eggs or even repair broken ones with the attack 'Cleansing Wind'. When she doesnt use her staff, she uses written spell scrolls (aka - Dispel), and throws them at her enemy to immobolize them. Since she is a priestess, she can even use Dispel without character becoming/transforming



Crush: it'd be hard to find out if anything :D

Chair: Ace
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24 / F / The Fun Park
Posted 8/13/08 , edited 8/23/08
Name: Talia Mikan

Age: 14

Gender: female

Appearance: medium height about 4"5 with long dark brown hair she is light skinned and very pretty

Height: 4"5

Personality: her personality comes off cold but she's really is just super shy when someone talks to her she never knows the right thing to say so she either just ignores them or just stares at them til' they get scared and walks away she really wants friends but just get so nervous she usually makes them run away and then she gets sad but she really is a good hearted person

Gaurdian Characters: 1st chara

Star - a super kind chara who is energenic like ran she helps talia not to be so shy. she wheres a cute light blue dress w/ orange bracelets and has a star shaped clip in her hair

2nd chara

poron poron - a chara who is good at house work and redecorating and always speaks her mind especially if someone is thinking about someone they like she usually already knows who and makes fun of them for it in a playful way

3rd chara

unhatched egg

Transformation/Emblem items: [star] when character transforms she wears a colorful light pink dress w/ sparkles and frills she can fly and has a ribbons in her hair.

[poron poron] when transforms wear a cute maid looking outfit w/ red ribbons

Backround: lives w/ her brother and is shy she really wants to be part of the gardians but doesnt have the courage to ask she got her 1st chara from wishing to be less shy she still doesn't know what charas are but she still happy even though the 2nd one for wanting to help

Crush?: she has a crush on kira hirakyu but doesn't like the fact that hes always seems so cold cause that makes her even more shy
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24 / F / The Netherlands
Posted 8/14/08 , edited 3/14/09
Same character as in other roleplay, but a bit different xP


Name: Miyu Komaki

Age: 15

Grade: Moon Class, High School

Gender: Female

Appearance: Something like this, only she has a scar on her cheek. And she wears the school uniform Ikuto and Utau go to.

Height: don’t know, short for her age..

Personality: She’s shy and isn’t used to talk much to people, because she used to avoid to talk to people. Also that’s why she doesn’t have any friends. She’s quiet and make it looks like she doesn’t care about things, but she's kind when you get to know her. She trying to be more cheerful and to talk more to people, but she isn't really making any progress.

Guardian Characters:

*Juuji: She likes cute things and is kind. She doesn't complain and is loyal to her friends. But she does what she want and stands up for her opinion. She isn't scared to talk to strangers and easily makes friends.

Transformation/Emblem items: (hasn't transformed yet, maybe she never will.. but if she will it's like this:)

*Juuji: chara change: cat ears and tail.
Chara nari, Cat Bell:

Background: (It’s still a secret, but I put it here anyway. Maybe revealed later.)
She had a normal life until her mother died. He father said it was her fault and hit/beat her. Sometimes it was so bad, she had to go to the hospital. That’s why she has a weak health and often looks pale. Also that’s why she has that scar on her face and she has a big one on her right arm. (bruises etc) But she lives now with her aunt, uncle and cousin since a week. Only they know what happened. Her aunt and uncle are a little overprotective..

Crush?: none (not yet ^^)
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23 / F
Posted 8/14/08 , edited 4/14/09

Name: Hia Haruki

Age: 15, June 4th

Gender: Female

Grade: Moon Class, High School

Appearance: Long back-length hair that is Jet Black with Dark Red highlights, which is natural in other words she was born with her hair like that, which goes al the way down to the back of her knees.Dark Red eyes that seem hollow which wasn't always like that, they were once lively and cheery eyes but that was before her parents got killed and her world seemed to turn upside down.Her hair is always loose or pulled back with a clip with a Black rose on it, wears Black roses with stems as earrings the stems hanging down, and has a red choker with a black broken broken heart that hangs from it, prefers dark color clothes, and is tomboyish, she has peach-like skin color, has a slender hour-glass figure,with long, slender arms and legs,boys are usually attracted to her, she is also popular with younger girls,she is also very good at sports and at academics she always gets straight A’s and 100% on tests, she is also good at singing, also plays the flute,she also knows karate, and kenpo and she has mastered both so she is a great fighter, also she did gymnastics when she was younger so she has great flexiblity and balance,she also knows how to dance ballet, she also has a chain as a belt and has her unhatched chara egg hanging on it.

Height: 5"8

Personality: She is very kind when it come to someone being hurt but doesn't usually show it, she’s not very social, she also doesn’t trust people easily, she is used to being alone, but she wants to make friends with people she meets, she also hides her inner personality she also hides her emotions.She doesn’t let people get close to her so she doesn’t hurt them or so she doesn’t get hurt herself.She wishes she could trust people more easily but because of her past she is unable to, she also love playing the flute, singing when she feels down. She also loves to dance ballet when she is alone.Also when she is in a bad mood she releases her anger by doing karate or kenpo moves by herself. The only time when she will not act cold and acutally act like real self is when she's around her childhood friend Kirio Lanou. He's the only who can make get mad, blush, tease, and bother he is one of the only people she actally trusts.

Rose: She is a very kind, happy, sweet, and very hyper chara.She was born because Hia wanted to be able to be friends with people, and to be able to trust people more easily
She looks extactly like this

Akira: she is very kind and she is also very girly, she was born when Hia wanted to be more girly
She looks extactly like this

Transformation/Emblem items:
Rose: Chara~Nari name: Angelic Charm; Hair Turns light pink, gains angel wings and a halo, she also ends up with the same clothes as rose
Emblems: Angel wings, and halo
Akira: Chara~Nari Name: Girlish Charm; Hair turns light purple, gains the same necklace and rose as Akira, gains the same outfit as her
Emblem's: the rose in her hair and the necklace she has around her neck that is a ribbon
And one unhatched egg

Charanari names:
Rose: Chara~Nari name: Angelic Charm
This is exactly how my Chara~Nari! looks like
Akira: Chara~Nari Name: Girlish Charm
This is exactly how my Chara~Nari! looks like

Background: She used to live here but had to move due to her father having a job transfer and she had a child hood friend who is Kirio Lanou. He's the only person she actually completely trusts.

Relatives: No One

Crush?: No one~~~
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23 / F / America
Posted 8/14/08 , edited 8/14/08
Name: Akemi Hoshibara
Age: 14
Gender: Female
Personality: Very Smart Shy & Serious
Appearance: Long Brown Hair, Blue Eyes, Wears a Clip in Hair All of the Time
Charas: Akira (Looks Like an Actress on the Red Carpet)
Trasformations/emblem items: Star Dust. I Get a Long Pink Rod With a Star On Top. Shoots Out a Beam.
Charanari names: Super Star. Gets a Long Sparkly Pink Dress & My Hair Gets Longer & Curled.
Crush?: Ikuto!!!!!!

(I'll Add More Detail After the Storm is Over)
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20 / F / In my own room
Posted 8/14/08 , edited 8/16/08
Name:Tsukiyama Endo


Gender: Female

Personality:Kind,Help Poors,Scared In Horror Movie,Likes To Stare At The Sky,Likes To Read Books

Appearance:Blond Hair With Sky Blue Eyes,Wear Blue Ribbon Behind Her Hair,Wear Pink Dress Everyday,She Keeps a Light Green Bird With Her,She Have A Black Ribbon Behind Her Dress.


Trasformations/emblem items:When She Chara Change With Yui She Become Flyable Sweet,With Faye She Become Flyable Faith,With Cherry Is Flyable Peace,With Sakurako Is Flyable Heart XD!

Charanari names:Flyable Faith,Flyable Heart,Flyable Peace,Flyable Sweet







Flyable Sweet:

Flyable Faith Chara Change:

Flyable Peace:

Flyable Heart:
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F / a dark world wher...
Posted 8/14/08 , edited 8/15/08
Age:16(character age not mine)
Personality:nice and caring but wierd loves anime can cheer ppl up easily loves 2 hang out with her friends loves 2 shop but more 4 accessories than clothes never wears a skirt(or rarely) can talk alot is random can get -take-over-the-world-crazy sometimes has a problem of saying hi 2 much loves 2 watcha anime doesn't like 2 comb her hair but still does is really cheerful but has a secret personality that gets all mysterious and sometimes cries(i made her almost just like me)
charas:niki is an otaku chara she loves anime and is sort of a cat girl bent on world domination but is sweet not 2 girly but sometimes can b she is caring and kind kind of wierd random and alot of fun every1 that gets 2 know her loves her but she can b mysterious and times and likes 2 go off alone
Charanari names: amulet neko:

Crush?: nada
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26 / F / Ontario, Canada
Posted 8/14/08 , edited 8/19/08
Name: Kaminari Takaishi

Age: 16

Gender: Female

Personality: Since long ago, as a young child she had been self-reserved and anti-social. She rarely shows any emotion other then anger when she finally snaps, she avoids conversations not wanting to waste her time with 'bonds'. Her father had left her and her young mother when she was merely a confused toddler and her mother had fallen ill and passed away when Kami was 10 years old, since then she holds a deep hatred towards relationships...which caused her unhappiness. She never backs down when she is challenged, her strong-will is dangerous at times when she cannot control her actions.

Appearance: Long flowing lilac which has raven black and sliver highlights which reached her mid back, her emotionless cold eyes the color of icy water which sends shivers down many spines when she's irritated that contrasted with her deathly pale face. She is about 5'10, she had a slender body that she used for daily martial arts and gymnastics during her free time. She usually wears black knee-length skirts with tank tops and hoodies, she never liked attention on herself so she wears anything that blend in the shadows. The one thing she always wears was blood red jeweled star pendant that lay around her neck on a thin sliver chain, it was given to her by her mother.

Jinx - Playful with Kami's passion for gymnastics, she is also Kami's inner child.

Rena - Mature, has Kami's strong will in Martial Arts.

Trasformations/emblem items:

Charanari names:
Jinx - Devilish Neko
Rena - Devilish Vixen

Crush?: She detests everyone ( maybe in the future )

o.O Hope that's fine ^_^
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24 / F
Posted 8/15/08 , edited 8/15/08
Name:Chiyeko Fugunaga
Personality:Kind to everyone,warm heart, innocent girl even thought she look a bit scary, like animal and Nature, hate horror movie and darkness ( ghost and sometime bugs too). She good at playing violin, a carefree person, believe what other people say ( she even believe in a lie too ), a bit clumsy, not really a talkative person but friendly.
Appearance:Blonde hair, red eyes, wearing pink dress with black ribbon.
Charas:Sumomo is one of the priestess
Nadeshiko is the character who good at fighting
last is Yuki who can call the creature of the underworld
Trasformations/emblem items:
Sumomo: Holy staff
Nadeshiko: Seal Staff
Yuki: Devil Staff
Charanari names:Sumomo: Moonlight Drops
Nadeshiko: Heart Drops
Yuki: Shadow Drops
Crush?: it will be a little secret

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20 / F / Ballroom Dancing
Posted 8/15/08 , edited 8/15/08
Name:Miko Sakurai
Personality:nice,easy to make friends with,honest,sweet,fun
Appearance:has long brownish hair,her bangs are to her side.she usually wears dresses or clothes with skirts.she has white leggings.has blue eyes and has pink ribbions on her head most of the times.

Miko's History:she was raised as a priestess ever since she was young.she was a very good girl,but she got sick of it and ran away from home.she bought a house of her own and lived alone.

kiki is a girl who likes to play in the forest.she loves animals.she usually has a bow in her hair.her clothes are black and white.she is playful and fun.she often wander around and gets lost but thats only when they go to new places.she has long,red hair.

mika is a nice,and fun chara.she loves to dance and sing.she often sings to kiki and lily when miko is at school.mika wears black and white clothes.she has blonde hair.she always ties her hair in a pony-tail.

lily is a cute and funny girl.she has blonde hair and bluish eyes.she always has a dark purplish ribbion in her hair.she loves to clean and play.she always has her hair in pig-tails.

Moonlight Priestess[when transforms with Kiki]
her hair becomes black and her clothes becomes red and white.and her eyes become red.she can cleanse x-eggs by the attack"Cleansing Soul".her weapon is her fan.

Dancing Mist[when transforms with Mika]
her hair becomes black and her eyes become black.she wears a kimono.and her hairs can almost touch the floor.she cleanse x-eggs by the attack"Expell".her weapon is her fan

Night Priestess[when transforms with Lily]
Hair becomes purple and her eyes become red.her weapon is her sword.she wears a kimono too.

Crush?: himistu

chara pics:
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