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24 / F / The Fun Park
Posted 8/15/08 , edited 8/30/08
name: Tyler-John (tj) Mikan

age: 16
gender: male
personallity: cocky and friendly but also caring for his little sister "talia mikan"
apperance: about 5"7 with short black spikey hair with red tips he has teal green eyes
charas: leo
a fierce looking chara w/ lion ears & tail he has spikey red hair when he chara changes tj grows lion ears
transformation/emblem items: when transforms tj gets lion ears tail and claws (kinda like ikuto)
charanari name: jungle king
crush: none yet
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26 / F
Posted 8/15/08 , edited 8/25/08
Ahh we need more guy characters in this >__<
and i had my friend help me with this one (LOL HAI ANGE! I KNOW YOUR READING THIS! XDD this soo makes u want to make a cr account doesnt it? XD)

name: Hanzo Hattori

age: 17

gender: male

Personality: Normally he's gentlehearted and wouldnt dare to hurt a fly (like the Buddha). However, when he character changes, he becomes short tempered (thus easier to anger)

six feet tall, Japanese features, flat, volume-less brown hair, tan skin and black eyes. Outside of whatever school he wears loose, wide black jeans with a punk belt buckled with the leftover belt handing off the buckle. He also wears a orange tshirt layered with a white T shirt. he has chains hanging off his neck and pant pocket. To top it all off, he wears black sneakers. He has a heavy build due to all the fights he's been in, though many ppl mistake it for fat from afar)

whenever he character changes, his hair randomly defies gravity n spikes up (super saiyan style! LOLS)

Chara: Akuma ; almost looks like The Thing in Fantastic 4, cept red, with yellow eyes (thats right, i said it)

Charanari Name: Stone Onii (he's like stone cause his muscles get bigger, making him almost unbeatable)
When character becoming with Akuma, his skin turns a shade of dark red, grows devils horns and fangs. His eyes also change to yellow. His muscles also get bigger. He ends up getting a foot taller than he already is. All he's left with is the bottom part of his white gi, since everythign else kind of gets torn off and destroyed
uhh to summarize, he basically looks like Ifrit from the final fantasy series o__o well uhh that was the aim anyway LOL

He can destroy X eggs with the attack Hellfire. For any other attack he just uses Flash Cry, a wave of compressed energy emmited from his fists and kicks.

Crush: no one
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24 / F / Asia
Posted 8/16/08 , edited 3/27/09
Name:Tsukimori Miyuki
Personality:A little cold,seldom seen in crowds.An Ojou-chan.She can usually only be found smiling on:
When someone does her a favour
When she's playing her violin
When she's with her older brother,Tsukimori Shizuki,a famous violinist.
She occasionally takes part in class activities.
She's a genius.
She's the cutest girl in school?
Age:15(1st Year)
Appearance:She likes to wear the male's uniform sometimes.She has long,pure white and wavy hair.Dark purple eyes.About 1.66m tall.about 42kg.
Yori:Her cold and calm character.Quite mysterious too.
Saki:Her sweet and open character.Very different from Yori.
Mika:The character that was born from Miyuki's love for music.
Iori:Her Angel character.Innocent and powerful at the same time.
She doesn't use emblems.(She had one,Embryo Necklace but she kinda lost it.)
Kyara Nari:Dark puppeteer! Yori summons Spiritual Puppet and uses Dark reflection to destroy the Xs.
Kyara Nari:Sweet Lolita!Saki summons Syrup Downpour and uses Sweet Reflection to destroy the Xs.
Kyara Nari:Musical Beauty!Mika summons Quindret Confusion and uses Musical Reflection to destroy the Xs.
Kyara Nari:Angelic Heart!Iori summons Holy Aid and uses Holy Reflection to cleanse the Xs.(Will not be able to Kyara Nari until Tamago Necklace is found.)
Chair:(Dark Guardians?)Bishop(Not confirmed yet)
Crushes:None yet.
Emblems:She found an emblem,Shining Diamonds,one of the legendary emblems.Her power was strengthened from then on.(The Embryo necklace search is still on.)
Embryo Necklace:was said to be the one of the strongest legendary emblems.Rumours said that it was a piece of the embryo that fell out during a fight.
Posted 8/16/08 , edited 8/26/08
Kinda like a girl version on Nadeshiko.

Name: Natsumi Hinako/Natsume Hinako(Natsumi is her real name, but her brother put Natsume accidentally)

Age: 14

Gender: Female, but often looks like male so many presume she's a male.

Personality: Soft natured and kind, but very intelligent. She's the type to stay in the back of the room, but when needed she will rush to the rescue. She doesn't care about her appearance that much, but secretly wishes people will think of her as a girl. She never corrects other when they say she's a guy. She has a secret infatuation with cats.

Appearance: Wears school uniform. When not wearing that, she wears a long black sleeved shirt, with white pants. Always wears a hat.

Momo: She's shy, but kind. She has a sword on her hip and uses moon attacks.
Yuki: A mix between Yoru and Kiseki. She's a mischievous cat and says she's royal all the time.
Nao: A tough girl who has 2 twin, black fans. Uses wind attacks.
Shou: The only boy chara showing her uncaring attitude of how she looks. He's has a indifferent attitude, but cares when someone he cares is in danger. He uses magic attacks.

Transformations/emblem items:
Natsumi with Momo: Emblem is a crescent moon symbol on her hat.

Natsumi with Yuki: Emblem is that she wears a diadem instead with cat ears coming out of them.

Natsumi with Nao: Emblem is a swirl on her hat.

Natsumi with Shou: Emblem is her hat is now a wizard hat.

Charanari names:
Natsumi/Momo: Moonlight Protector
Natsumi/Yuki: Royal Feline
Natsumi/Nao: Wind Maiden
Natsumi/Shou: Magic Soul

Chair: Knight or Pawn of Dark Guardians/Destroyers (not confirmed yet)

Crush?: T.J Mikan, but eventually will stop because her friend Ashurii likes T.J. Later develops crush on Leon.

Background: Her parents left her and her brother when she was five. Her only family is her brother who decided to take her in. The reason she has her hair short is because well....something happened at her old school. She doesn't care how she looks. In her old school, one girl who hated her cut her hair when she was taking a nap. She only discloses her dark past to her close friends. Currently in Seiyo Academy, everyone thinks she's a guy except her close friends who know she's not a lot of girls like her.

She had a hard past before she doesn't share much at her old school.
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23 / F / Vienna.... -.-
Posted 8/18/08 , edited 7/27/10
Name: Kiyoko Kuraiko
Age: 15
Gender: Female
Personality: she is calmly, first she played guitar but now she plays drums, her parents don´t like her and she lives alone, because of an accident she is afraid of thunder and spiders, she loves the rain, she is shy, and likes to skip the school, lonely, she wishes to be strong and to be happy again, since her parents left her and she doesn´t know whrer they are she isn´t her self anymore and she wants to know where her parents are... (because of her past she works for easter but she has to spy on the Guardians and no one knows it)
Appearance: She has red hair, darkblue eyes, long hair

Name: Maruko
She has the Gothic style, and is the "bad side" of Kiyoko, she is strong and helps her to get through problems, she ist calm

Name: Akemi (unhatched)
She is the "good side" of kiyoko, when she is hatched then Akemi will help Kiyoko in being happy, she is energetic, and very cheerful.

Trasformations/emblem items:
Maruko Attack: Gothic Shower
Akemi Attack: White Shine
Charanari names:Maruko/Kiyoko: Black Goth

Akemi/Kiyoko: Shining Black

Crush?: She has fallen in love with Natsu's brother Ryo.
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22 / F / Pluto
Posted 8/19/08 , edited 8/20/08
kinda long =.=
i hope this is ok ><
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22 / F / My world
Posted 8/21/08 , edited 10/4/08
Sorry it got kinda long!

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24 / F / ♥ In All Of YouR...
Posted 8/21/08 , edited 8/21/08
Yamashina Yuki



cheerful, friendly and kind

works for the Easter secretly

long blonde hair with ruby eyes


Trasformations/emblem items:
Rina~ turns to the dark side of the personality
Ina~ turns very shy and becomes very lady like

Charanari names:

Not yet to be found~~~
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26 / M / Columbia, MD
Posted 8/21/08 , edited 8/23/08
Name: Leon Mane
Nickname: Leo
Age: 13
Gender: male
Personality:Kind,helpful person, friendly, charismatic, puts others before himself, very blunt speaker, athletic, like to meet new people, brave.

Appearance: Black hair,black eyes,white shirt and pants.

Chara:Yuji:samurai, wears samurai armor and a mask that covers his face, Leo's hot blooded would be self, very outgoing and often jumps into situations without thinking first, impulsive behavior.

Transformation/Emblem item: Ronin:leo has samurai armor on and holds his 6'2" katana "infinity". In this form leo has a very high fighting ability, but can not purify x-eggs.
Attacks: Crescent Slash: Leo slashes his swords in three directions at the same time. Destroys x-egg.
hi-speed slash: Leo attacks very fast, his attacks become hard to see. Destroys x-egg.
"Sure Kill!, Eathreal Strike!", used to destroy many x-eggs at once.

Crush: we'll see.
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25 / F / I'm either in the...
Posted 8/22/08 , edited 8/23/08
Name: Tsubame Hinode (Guy name: Narasu Azayaka)
Age: 14
Gender: Female
Personality: A role-model type person that often feels insecure when someone likes her only for her piano talent. She is also secretly tomboyish, but it isn't shown quite often.
Appearance: She has light green hair that is put up and she likes gothic-loli clothing. She also dresses like a boy when she is in public as a famous pianist.

No pic. Sorry.
Charas: Mimi and Rika

Trasformations/emblem items:
Mimi~Becomes one half (the girly half) of her true self
Rika~Opposite of Mimi
Item: Microphone and stand for both transformations

Charanari names: Angel Melody and Rebel Voice
Crush: We'll find out soon.
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24 / M / Cookie Land~!
Posted 8/23/08 , edited 8/23/08
Name: kyrie mayuki
Age: 7
Gender: male
Personality: kyrie is always happy but is kinda shy
Appearance: short blond hair with red eyes, always wears a bracelet his mother gave to him before she died,
Trasformations/emblem items:
Charanari names:

( i'm soooooo sorry i never finshied i'll finish it tommorrow k??)
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25 / F / fgfhgfhg
Posted 8/23/08 , edited 10/7/08
Name:Yumemi (I use the same character)
Age:15( changed her age legally she's really 13)
Gender: female
Personality:A very curious girl that listens to her charas way too often. She can sing but doesnt do it so often. Is very careful of guys and is afraid of being betrayed by other people so she wont make friends that often. She has occasional music jobs she does for easter she secretly gets x-eggs for her uncle. she is a orphan. Yumemi is also nosey and likes setting people up.Yumemi has a very big tendency to be sarcastic at times. She hardly ever goes to school. She has a fairly high I.Q. but it wouldnt show that much. She does usually give people chances but only when she thinks peole are worth it. Yumemican play the violin like her twin bro Yukino

Appearance: Yumemi has long blonde hair and blue eyes She's also 5'4

Charas: Lenne is the chara created fom yumemi's desire to be her moms ideal daughter she has been with Yumemi the longest.Lenne is just as free spirited as Yumemi but less sarcastic. She hardly ever character changes.But when she does Yumemi's skirt turns blue.

Rikku was born from when Yumemi actually lost her voice from pushing her self too hard and represents Yumemi's outspoken sideShe's known as a loud mouth chara but likes to hide her real pain so that she can help others.

Tifa was born from Yumemi's desire to help people fall in love.

Charanari names:
Lenne: Blue diamond - Yumemi uses this to purify x -eggs
Attacks: Sapphire dream - purifies X - charas and eggs
blue sky- makes a shield
Violins cradle: A purfying move that purfies large amount of x-eggs or charas at a time.

Rikku: Violet diamond - Yumemi uses this to hunt down eggs and fight other people
Attacks:twilight rose- a attack that attacks from all areas except the ground
violins chasity- A tune playedbye a violin that puts X charas and eggs to sleep.

Tifa: Pink diamond - Yumemi uses this for both reason thatis used for blue and violet diamond
Cupids arrow - A bow and arrow that makes the x-eggs purify
Cupids chokehold - A attack that uses two ribbons that hold the enemy in place.
Ruby ecstacy - A attack that makes the enemy fall asleep

Posted 8/23/08 , edited 9/6/08
Name: Hino hazuki
Gender: Female
Personality:A happy brownhair girl out going girl that likes 2 eat a lot (she cooks alot :sweatingbullets:)She dreams to be a sword fighter just like her father that is where To comes out XD She is also smart that is where Rin comes out 2 XD she is blutly says thinkings that r on her mind and she likes the moonlight XD and that is where Lin comes in 3 =3.She also Likes Listening to music she sings when she is Lonley that wheres Min XD 4(Hino is also carefree in alot of ways . Her parents r care free so they move away to a different house leaving Hino alone.When ytou piss hino off she might become a sadist cuz of To

Wearing the skool uniform Amu goes 2
Hair colour: Light Brown
Eyes : purple
Hight: 5'7

on the left is Lin on the right is To and the middle is Rin

Iz the 1 with an smart brain
Min is 1 with the music
Rin is 1 with happness
To is 1 with fighting skill
Trasformations/emblem items:
To Transfomation:Code Blade

Rin Transformation: Code zero

LinTransformation:Code Moon

Min Transformation:Code Music

Charanari names:Rin Lin To Min
Crush?: Nobody yet XD
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24 / F / Wonderland
Posted 8/23/08 , edited 8/27/08
Name: Suki Sayachi

Age: 13

Gender: Female

Personality: Appears to be very cold and a lone wolf, but she's actually a very kind and caring person, enjoys music, archery, and fencing

Appearance: Light blonde,short- fluffly hair,
Dark- lonely blue eyes,
She usually wears black straps shirt, dark blue jeans with chains, and a black ribbon pin on her hair, and tennis shoes,
The clothes she's rarely seen in is the one she's wearing is this pic

Renna : Her dark lone wolf side
Rinne : Her kind side
Lenna : Her music chara
Sootie : Her violent, weapon addict [ like fencing, archery ]
Trasformations/emblem items:

Charanari names:
Renna : Bloody Rose
Rinne : Misty Wings
Lenna : Spirit Song
Sootie : Sparkling Waves

Crush?: *snickers* you'll see
Posted 8/25/08 , edited 8/28/08
(I felt like having Natsu's brother in the story)

Name: Ryou Hinako

Age: 16

Gender: Male

Personality: Lazy, but kind. Has no ability to do any housework or cooking. Loves to sleep in so he's late to school a lot. Has a huge sister-complex and worries for her all the time especially if any guys look at her.(which is why he enrolled her as a guy) Usually knows what she's feeling. He's sweet, and outgoing compared to Natsumi.

Appearance: Wears school uniform often. If not wearing that. A white shirt with a black jacket. He usually wears a necklace which Natsumi gave to him when she was young. It has a Star on it.

Raizu: A strong, and loud chara. He wears armor. He is there because of Ryo's will to protect Natsumi.
Kyo: A quiet chara. He wears regular clothes. He can use magic like Shou. It shows the small alikeness Natsumi and Ryo have.

Transformations/emblem items:
Ryo with Raizu: Emblem is the necklace had a small scythe.

Ryo with Kyo: The emblem is a moon.

Charanari names:
Ryo/Raizu: Scythe Soldier
Natsumi/Yuki: Moon Wizard

Crush?: So far a big complex for Natsumi.Eventually,(now currently) he develops a crush of Kiyoko.

Background: Similar to Natsumi's. Parent's left when he was 7. He didn't want anything to separate them so he started to take care of his sister by himself. He started taking of jobs at a young age, as did Natsumi. He worked very hard. He was teased by many when he couldn't join them on sports. He worked really hard. When his sister got hurt, they moved. He started anew here. Currently he works at a waiter and other small jobs as part time. Goes to school; High school level Like his sister, has many fan girls, but doesn't pay attention. He doesn't have as bad a past as Natsumi, but still has a bad stuff about his past. Shares a lot with his sister.
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