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☆Chara Of ur own!!!☆

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Posted 8/13/08 , edited 9/17/08
Your chara just do what u want to put.... ur name the chara name pics n stuff like..... that here is the same example from the page
Ur Name:Nanami

chara name:Yui

Discription:Very energetic love's joking round and kind of cute
Charanere:Fighting Pose

Spical power:Element Sword (allowes the swords to use all the elements)


1. you can have as MANY charas as you want

2. If you have already made your first chara, the second and after..require 10 ranks to make

3. once you have 10 ranks say so in ur dorm and then come here to collect ur chara (Must wait for mod's approval)
Posted 8/13/08 , edited 8/13/08
chara name:Sumi-chan

really cute love's cute things but when she is serious she means serious
Charanere:Mystic Gem

Spical power:Sword....
Hope u like it &_&
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29 / F / Latvia
Posted 8/13/08 , edited 8/13/08
Name: Agnese
Chara name: Hana

Very sweet, she likes flowers and sleeping, but if someone disturbs her during a nap, she won't let him get away that easily, so be careful..
Charanere: Shining Pearl

Special power: White Katana
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25 / F / In The City Of Ma...
Posted 8/13/08 , edited 8/13/08
My Name : Melissa

Chara Name : Cecile

Description : Has Power To Control By Songs / Voices, Love Sweets, and Love to Sing!!

Charanere : Heavenly Charm

Special Power : Angel's Voice
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26 / M / Antarctica
Posted 8/13/08 , edited 8/13/08
Name: Yoshiitsu

Chara Name: Shiku

Description: Loves to play whit others chibis, but she usually gets mad when losses..

Charene: Dark Angel

Special Power: Shadow bow whit void arrows
1647 cr points
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24 / F / California... USA
Posted 8/13/08 , edited 8/13/08
Name: Michelle

Chara name: Kira

Description: Kira is a very sly, energetic, and powerful little girl from Elkland.She has the special ability to transform into the goddess Mayumi. Using her own special weapon and the goddess' power she turns into an intent focused opnent when faced with danger. And always 110% on target.

Charene: Golden Bow

Special Power: Array of Instant Death
Posted 8/13/08 , edited 8/13/08
Name : HellGirll
Chara Name:Ai-chan

Dicription: Serious DEADLY Serious only talks when she needs too never laugh very quiet

Charanare:Dark Soul
Spical power:Hell Time only charaneres if she needs to take REVANGE (powerful it's dark black power when it hits the openent the victimn will get shocked with never stoopping nightmares only stop if u say that u done the wrong thing)
Posted 8/13/08 , edited 8/13/08
Chara name:Kato

she can alaways out smart u just look at her face sometimes cute too
charanere:Angleee Gemmm

Spical power:A powerful gem that she holds with grat power inside

79 cr points
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22 / F
Posted 8/13/08 , edited 8/13/08
Chara name:Yuki

sweet n shy lovable too

Spical Power:Dark Arrow
Posted 8/29/08 , edited 8/29/08

Description: she is cute and nice ... she always good and sleepy.... and she like dancing....
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23 / F / In your house
Posted 8/29/08 , edited 8/29/08
Chara Character: Rikku
Name: Kairi

clueless at times, a clutz

Special Power: Sinner's Lullaby
Posted 8/29/08 , edited 10/7/08
Chara: Honey^^

Regular me (Momo)~

¸.•´¸.•*´¨ Character Transformation¸.•´¸.•*´¨

Most Powerful Attack: GOLDEN MEW!
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23 / F / philippines
Posted 8/30/08 , edited 8/30/08
name: xxx3shaxxx
chara character:kemeko(often called kame-chan)

description:she is a shy(at first)but playful cute girl...she likes animals and caring.....but she is serious....
charanere: blue winter

special attack: glass ice,,cool snow

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Posted 8/30/08 , edited 10/17/08
Name: Touya
Chara Name: Mochi

Description: Very shy, cute, does not talk a lot but is very cool and smart, she attacks very cunningly and is very strong!
Charanare: White Blaze

Special Attack: Eternal glow, this makes the oponent fall to sleep allowing me to control their body as i please, i can manipulate their thoughts and feelings.
Mochi's power consist's of earth elements such as water, ice, wind, the sky and the earth.
She can cast spells, but only things like reverse spells, healing and mind manipulation.
She can summond things like a silver dragon that fights alongside with her and a mythical sword for close combat.
289 cr points
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23 / F / memphis TN
Posted 8/30/08 , edited 8/30/08
chara name:mumci

she is a cutie pie that is super playful and loves to play with other people
me normal

Charanare: pink light

special attack:dark moon(it's a dark ball that sucks up anyone in her way.)
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