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The Love Letter

Sophie woke up in a wonderful day. The birds chirping quietly, as Sophie stood up slowly.
“Ahh! Such a wonderful day!” Said, as Sophie stretched after she rose up from her bed. “I want to play at Sora’s house today.” Sophie was a 13 year old, she has a problem with her heart also. Her family and friends have always watched her, ever since she was born.
“Sophie! Come down here, Sora came to play!” Sophie’s mother yelled.
“What!? He came here at my house!? I was suppose to come to his house!” Sophie though nervously. “I-if he sees me dressed like this. What’ll he think!?” Jimmy knocked on Sophie’s door quietly.
“Sophie, you okay? Did something happen?” Sora asked quietly.
“Y-yeah, I’m okay. I-it’s just that I’m still in my pajamas… P-please wait, okay?” Sophie replied nervously. Sophie went to the bathroom. Washed her face, and changed clothes. She slowly took out a hair brush, and brushed her hair. Jimmy sat down on the floor, and took out a letter from his pocket. He held the letter close to his chest and began to talk, softly and quietly.
“You know, before summer vacation. You didn’t hesitate when you talk to me, is everything really okay?” He was about to rip the letter into very small pieces.
“Don’t do it.” Sophie said as she opened the door. “Is that letter for me?” She asked Jimmy quietly, Sora nodded slowly. Sophie took the letter slowly from his hands.
“N-no! Don’t read it, it has my true feelings in it!” Jimmy screamed at Sophie and took the letter from her hands. Sophie was shocked and fell down on the floor.
“He’s hiding something, I know he is! B-but I’m scared of him now. He screamed at me for the first time.” Sophie thought, then looked at Jimmy’s eyes as if she was about to scream at him back.
“Why did you scream at me like that? Why? Why!?” Sophie snapped and ran back into her room. After she did that, Jimmy talked to Sophie’s mother.
“Oh, I see. You should not have done that, when we moved in this house. Myself and Sophie had a fight, and I kept on screaming at her because she was so useless. She cried, ran to her room and didn’t come out for two weeks. She didn’t eat, or drink. She only cried herself to sleep.” Sophie’s mother explained. Sora was getting really worried, he ran to the door and knocked a few times. But Sophie didn’t say a thing, he only heard Sophie crying.
“Sophie, I’m sorry. I never knew that you were scared when people are screaming. I thought I knew every single thing about you. And I was wrong, but I’m sorry. Really sorry.” Sora said while tears start to roll down his cheek.
“If you are, why did you scream at me at the first place? Why, tell me.” Sophie said. She stood up and walked to her entrance for her room.
“Because that letter had my true feelings about you. And I think it was too early to give it to you.” Sora explained.
“The true feeling from you to me was… Love?” Sophie asked while she started to slide down from the door. Sora slowly nodded.
“Yeah, that’s the feeling towards you. If you still want to read the letter, I’ll give it to you. It might be a bit embarrassing.” Jimmy mumbled, then slid down the letter below the door. Sophie saw the letter then opened it. What it said was:
“Sophie, you were the first person who cared about me. Besides my parents though. You’re a nice, caring and sweet girl. If you read this letter, don’t change how you are. Stay how you are, if you do. One day, when we grow up I’ll propose to you. And I promise that!” Sophie was shocked but happy in a way. She stood up and opened the door behind her. Sora turned around and looked at her face.
“So…. This is how you feel? When we grow up, I might not be here. When we grow up, I might be dead. Whe----“ Sophie was interrupted, because Sora kissed Sophie on the lips (For the first time). Sophie blushed, Sora did too. But Sophie suddenly pushed Sora away from her.
“Don’t do it here, my mom will see.. A-and it’s already 6 P.M. You have to go home now.” Sophie mumbled (She was still blushing because of the kiss).
“Yeah, I better go home. See you tomorrow at school.” Sora said, waving good-bye. Sophie went downstairs and asked her mother if she could it now.
“Okay, but what happened with you and Sora?” Her mother questioned.
“N-nothing you need to know. Mother” Sophie replied. She looked out the window for a while, thinking about Sora’s letter.
“Oh no! I forgot to give his lette--- No… I’m not giving it back, because I love him too…” Sophie thought, then started to blush.
“Sophie, what happened? You’re blushing!” Sophie’s mother said. Sophie looked at her mother like she was really getting pissed of that question.
“E-eh… I’m sorry Sophie, I won’t ask you again!” Her mother said, Sophie almost laughed out loud! But instead she just sat there, staring to the window again. Sophie’s mother slid the food to Sophie’s hands. Sophie herself was really hungry, so she said,
“I’ll be digging in now and thank-you for the food!” Sophie ate really fast, her mother was thinking she was a pig for a while. Because of how she ate though.
“E-eh… Do you want more?” Her mother asked. Sophie shook her head.
“Thank-you for the food. Mother.” Sophie said with a happy tone. Her mother smiled back. Sophie went back to the room then read Sora’s letter again. It said:
“Sophie, you were the first person who cared about me. Besides my parents though. You’re a nice, caring and sweet girl. If you read this letter, don’t change how you are. Stay how you are, if you do. One day, when we grow up I’ll propose to you. And I promise that!” Tears began to roll from Sophie’s cheeks, Sophie started to day dream about Sora. She cried herself to sleep, and had a wonderful dream..

The Next Day
“Good morning!” A student said, then another did. Then another did! It was Monday, which was school day. Sophie was dressed up and ready to go.
“I’m going now mother, I’ll be home soon!” Sophie yelled to her mother.
“Ah, okay. Be careful on your way.” Sophie’s mother said waving good-bye. It was another great day. Sophie was really happy, since she always loved school.
“Good morning, Sophie.” Sora yelled out waving. Sophie almost ran away from him, but instead she said a simple, ”Good morning.” Then walked away very slowly. Sora chased after her.
“H-hey!” Sora yelled out reaching out his arm. “Wait up, I want to talk to you!” Sophie turned around, her face looked like she was almost about to cry. Because of yesterday, at her house.
“Sophie… What’s wro---“ Sora was interrupted, because Sophie suddenly hugged Sora. When Sophie looked up to his face, Sophie was already crying.
“Why didn’t you tell me earlier? Why didn’t you tell me when we were still young!?” Sophie asked, her voice rose to a voice that Sora never heard before.
“Because, if I did I though you would say, ‘Idiot!’ or something like that.” Sora said, looking down to Sophie’s eyes. Sophie opened her mouth and tried to say something, but the bell rang after she opened her mouth.
“No! We’re late!” Sophie screamed, she tugged Sora’s hands and pulled him.

Next Chapter is soon!


Main Characters:

Sora : Is a guy was a child hood friend of Sophie, for 12 years actually. In the age of 14. He gave a letter of his true feelings to Sophie.

Sophie: A cheerful child, loves school because everyone respects her. Sora is a childhood friend of hers, in the age of 13 (Sora was 14). Sora gave her a letter about his true feelings

Its long
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that's soo cool sora remided me of kingdom heatrs i loveeeeeeeeeeeeee ittt
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lol yeah me too ^^
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thatz a great story i can w8 2 c what happens next and i like the names u picked
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i like that icon at the top!
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love itt! when is the second chap coming?! im going crazy without the second chap!
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