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Character Information Sheet

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Posted 8/13/08 , edited 10/22/08
You may have more than one character.
Each character can be part of a different kingdom.
You do not have to be loyal to a kingdom.
Try not to make more than you can handle.

User name :
Character Name :
Kingdom :
Race :
Character Description :
Picture (If available) :

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Posted 8/13/08 , edited 10/22/08
Username - mastercheesu

Character Name - Cheesu

Kingdom - Dark Kingdom

Race - Dark God

Character Description - In his physical vessel, he is 6' 5", with long dark hair and brown eyes. He is calm and quiet, thinking things through before acting. He created his kingdom when he came to this world. Little is known about his past as he keeps his private life secret. He loves apples and is friendly most of the time. He normally wears a loose white shirt, black leather trousers, and walks barefoot instead of royal clothing. When he becomes angry he changes his appearance, revealing wings.

Picture : None.
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30 / M / Malaysia
Posted 8/14/08 , edited 10/17/08
Username - Hirata88

Character Name - Varius @ Rasphardanium Varinthiael the First

Kingdom - Great Vathrulhein

Race - Aldamerian (a god race)

Character Description - Varius is the first son of Areadhleth family and takes the Rasphardanium Seat at his young age during the horrific civil war that bursted out throughout the whole kingdom. Varius who's also named Varinthiael the 1st (he's the 23rd Rasphardanium of Great Vathrulhein) was an outstanding and powerful king that unifies back his kingdom even though he's still a teenager. He's dark and destructive magical powers, including Necromancy and Demononlogy makes him feared by the sorcerers and wizards all over the kingdom until Varius abolished the ancient Council of the High Covens and introduced his own coven (wizardry guild), the Counsil of the Aldamers. Varius is a fanatic collecter of magical items and precious gems although he is an Artificer (can create magical items). He is a god, people worship him also because he cared so much of his people.


Username - Hirata88

Character Name - Lytham

Kingdom - Great Vathrulhein

Race - Netherworld Angel

Character Description - Lytham was found by Varius since the young Rasphardanium was just only 15. They become childhood friends until Varius take the throne and make Lytham his personal subordinate. No real identification about him but may folks in Great Vathrulhein and gossips about him that he was a forbidden child in adopted in the Netherworld by human parents. Even though Varius still care for Lytham without any differences. Lytham was so fond of Varius that he keep his feelingsfor him although he was his personal subordinate. His angeic powers of the Netherworld only cause a mass death and destruction thus makes he's the second most feared person of all the kingdom..

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23 / F
Posted 8/14/08 , edited 10/22/08
(Ya-ha! 203 ^_^)
Username : white_witch_01
Character Name : Youna
Kingdom : Wind Void Kingdom
Race : Devil Witch
Character Description : Doesn't like fighting much. All she wants is peace and harmony. She is training to use the power of the Elements. The Elements that is an expert at are Wind, Fire and the rare Element of Void. Also expert in healing. If you are wounded, she can help you! She loves to help out others and loves to solve mysteries. She also reads a lot of mystery novels in the free time. She has blue eyes and blonde hair but she can change it to use as a disguise. Her appearance when she was still a mortal was she had black eyes and hair.
Appearance using nowadays :

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30 / F / Lurking in the da...
Posted 8/14/08 , edited 8/14/08
Username: Undisclosedtoyou
Character Name: Dis
Kingdom: Metis
Race:Blood Goddess
Character Description: Dis is the Queen of Metis. She is also a blood goddess. She favors scholars of all sorts. She does feed from any beings with blood. And although she is nice she is evil. She likes for things to be neat and perfect, and dislikes unnecessary behavior. She is fair and loyal, but she always thinks logically before acting.
Posted 8/15/08 , edited 8/21/08
Character Name-Balthier
Kingdom-Great Vathrulhein
Character Description-He is often found where nature grows the most he was once human but did not remeber how he died since it is forbidden and said that if Valkyries do terrible things will happen to them the only thing they do remeber is their name he has a number on his arm none of the other Valkyries do only higher ups know why he has the number he has a sister who is a Valkyrie named Ashe she knows why he has the numbe but won't tell him nor other ppl unless she thinks that they can be trusted.

kingdom-Archadian Empire
character description-Kamina is a person who does not like to solve things with violence, but will if he needs to he is said to be a person who will listen with reason and will resort to violence if there is no way to aviod it. he has a young follower who is to be the next ruler of Archadian Empire if something should happen to him his name is zell.

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28 / M / Wisconsin
Posted 8/15/08 , edited 8/23/08
Username: Alixonzen
Character Name: Alixon
Kingdom: Mercenary Citadel = Lord
Race: Demi-God of Chaos (half-human)(its a secret no one knows)
Character Description: The leader of the Mercenary citadel the fact that He carries Soeht a Black Sword that was forged in a leyline of chaos(I have a pic of the Leyline if you want to see^_^) rumor is He's a skilled solider and deceptive Magic user...
Known Abilities: Warping realities, Changing the fabric of Magic, Summons Destructive Rift
*Note*:More will become known later*End Note*

Posted 8/15/08 , edited 8/16/08
Character Name: Nima-chan
Kingdom: demon
Race: unknown
Character Description: the ruler of this nation. she appears at the age of a 13 years, or younger at many times, a mystery to her herself, but underestimating her would be a very stupid idea. she was orphaned after birth, thus never learning what kind of demon she was, and somehow managed to not only raise herself but become an extermly powerful being, so much so, she ended up as the ruler. she is very impatient, aggressive, and tends to have anger management problems. she loves fighting and tends to take joy in killing. her sword, chi senshoku ken, meaning "blood stained blade" it is a very powerful shape shifting blade and much like that of a zanpakto, it has its 3 states, its power to copy any kind of 'bankai' Nima-chan has seen or imagined. she tends to have no friends due to her aggressive nature and her only friend in Yuki, at this point she has dropped the 'kun' in his name and he is the only one how has ever seen her smile (this happened twice, once was on the day of her 5th birthday, he bought her a music player, and she jumped on him and hugged him, and on her 11 birthday, he got her tickets for them to go to the human relm and see Live At Gotham in NYC).
other details/hobbys: ~she has a deep love of music and is an amazing singer
~she tends to sing while training when no-ones around (with the exeption of Yuki, of coarse)
~ finds it a pain to run things and sometimes skips out on work to train



Character Name: Yuki-kun
Kingdom: demon
Race: also unknown
Character Description: also appears at the age of 13, and also orphaned at birth, he never learned what kind of demon he actually was. he was trained by Nima-chan and is her best friend, Yuki never leaves her side. he is the only one she trusts and spends most of his time helping her and training together.he is also very strong, powerful, and skilled. he is most skilled in medical, which she also taught him. he also has a very powerful sword, but it is not his preference to use in fighting. he prefers to be more like a ninja, using his flash step,strong physical condition, justu, and also learning to use gentle fist technic to fight.

other details/hobbys: ~ singing along with Nima-chan if shes singing while training alone (come to think of it, he spends most of the time hes not doing work watching/training with Nima-chan)
~using justu to make him self look older, which is a very useful skill



one thing they share in common is that neither no where they came from, or the origins of their power, they no not if its spirtual pressure, chakura, or demonic power, but what they do no, is that its power, it matters not where it came from, but that they posses it.
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29 / M / Brasov
Posted 8/16/08 , edited 8/16/08
Username: Chilolo
Character Name: Joker-sama
Kingdom: Mercenary Citadel = Spy
Race: Unknown (believed to be one of the ancient warriors)
Character Description: All that its knowed is that he is called The Smiling Reaper

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36 / F / Konohagakure no sato
Posted 8/18/08 , edited 8/20/08
Username: skelly
Character Name: Mayakashi aka Maya
Kingdom: Kingdom of shadows
Race:Demon Shadow Kunoichi
Character Description black hair black mask Green and purple armor black sash black leggings purple top
Picture (If available)
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Posted 8/19/08 , edited 8/25/08
Username Mastercheesu
Character Name Cirus
Kingdom Metis
Race Vampire
Character Description Abel 6' 2" with long black hair and grey eyes. He has no heartbeat and doesnt need to breath, and his body is cold and hard. but he is still a happy person, looking to learn. He tries to avoid drinking the blood of innocents, sticking mainly to bad people, accountants and the occasional scholar when hes been in the library too long. He is intelligent, quick and strong, choosing to use a crystal dagger when fighting. He takes regular trips to other kingdoms, to feed, have fun and learn.
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26 / M / Omnipotent
Posted 8/19/08 , edited 8/19/08
Username: L6CL
Character Name: Torath Morkan
Kingdom: Crystal Kingdom
Race: God of Ice
Character Description: Torath Morkan is the God of Ice who is the ruler of the Crystal Empire. He has charming blue hair with matching eyes. He always wears a grey-ish blue suit under a dark blue robe with silver lining. As a weapon, Torath usually uses Hand Magic but if unable to for any reason he is also very skilled with his Dragon Scythe which feels immensely light only for him. Although his true age is unknown, Torath can change his form into any form using the water particles around him. His physical body is half dark and half light so he can travel into both realms without being seen as an outcast. Also meaning that he can be very generous and caring but dangerous and violent at the same time.

Torath also has a familiar called Fenwrath. It is a shape-shifter and can take up any form of animal, creature, or spirit. It is very loyal and caring to it's owner but can be extremely vicious if offended or if it senses danger. It usually uses the form of a wolf when not doing anything special.

In the Crystal Empire, Torath has a enormous castle built for the people who live or want to pay a visit in his kingdom. It is heavily gaurded with giant animated ice statues called Ice Titans so the people who reside there are sure to be safe.

Torath's Normal Form

Fenwrath's Wolf Form
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24 / F / you can find me i...
Posted 8/20/08 , edited 9/14/08
Username: assassinXfire
Character name: Empress Kaida (but her friends call her Kaida-chan or just Kaida)
Kingdom: kingdom of shadows
Race: assassin/human
Character Description: at the age of 14 she was crowned ruler of the Kingdom of Shadows, after her father’s death. Seeing how she had no brothers, she was the only rightful heir to the throne. Hoping to avoid any possible conflicts, the order of the shadows, the ruling counsel in the kingdom, quickly made her the new ruler. To their surprise there were no objections. Except one, hers, she had dreamed of becoming an assassin not some one who rules the assassins.
Now, at the age of 20, and having been ruler for 6 years she has learned that there is more to ruling a kingdom of assassins then just sitting in a chair and looking pretty. On more then on occasion her face and long blond hair has been covered with blood.
(side note: she tends to act stupid, when it comes to sweets she.... well lets just say she really loves them......and when it comes to feasts she tends to have one when ever she can{she really likes food..})


Character name: David
Kingdom: Kingdom of Shadows
Race: assassin/human
Character Description: at a young age his parents were killed by an unknown assailant, so he became a castle ward, at the castle in the shadows. Having been one of the only wards in the castle he had no friends, but the king’s daughter quickly became his friend.
Now at 21 he has become the body guard of the empress and his friend. He pledged to protect her with his life, and so far he’s been doing a good job.


Character name: Sariyah
Kingdom: Kingdom of Shadows
Race: Assassin God
Character Description: recently, after the "war" with the Vathrulhein Army. he had come to reside in the kingdom of shadows.
now much is known about this god, but empress Kaida plans to learn what powers this god posesses.
(side note: he usually follows Kaida around.... he tends to always be there even when you don't what him to, he also tends to not speak, unless it is to the empress or someone else of high power in his kingdom.)

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24 / F / what are you talk...
Posted 8/21/08 , edited 12/6/09
Username: LoveAngel604
Character Name: Nami (only friends can call her anything else)
Kingdom: Kingdom of Shadows
Race: Godess of Death (Soul Reaper whateverelsethathastodowithdeath)
Character Description: Friends with the Empress never talks much unless forced or with friends. Likes the red color of blood and sometimes accompnies the empress on her assassinations. She likes red roses because the color means 2 seperate things.


Username: LoveAngel604
Character Name: Derek
Kingdom: Kingdom of Shadows
Race: ? unknown
Character Description: doesn't talk at all unless alone or with Nami. He is extermly cold and almost never protects anything. Has been living in the kingdom for a really long time and doesn't hesitate to kill the target.


Username: Loveangel604
Character Name: Aika
Kingdom: Demon Kingdom
Race: Godess of life
Char. des.: Pretty hyper and very nice tries not to be cruel. twin of Nami.

Posted 8/22/08 , edited 8/23/08
Character Name: Rhakael
Kingdom:Demon Kingdom
Race: Demon-Elf
Character Description:From the great demon-elven aristocracy bearing the sapphire of avarice passed down through the line of the great demon who devoured the wings of 7 angels.

I will fight for anyside as long as I am paid in the blood of children or stolen gold.
(I'll fight for Lord Alixon for free tho^-^)
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