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Kingdom Information Sheet
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28 / M / antarctica
Posted 9/1/08 , edited 9/1/08
Kindom Name - The Wizard Academy

Location Of Capital - On An Island To The North West

Name Of Ruler - Shingledorfph

Information - The Island Where The Wizard Academy Is Located Is covered In A Dense Fog Created By Elder Wizards To Keep The Academies Identity Secret. A Very Peacfull Academy Untill Attacked But Does Not Like To Fight There Not Many Gaurds As We Believe In Peace
Posted 10/2/08 , edited 10/2/08
kingdom name-Essex
Location of Capital-mountain of death
Name of Ruler-Rubedo
Information-it is one of the darkest places on earth it is mistaked as a horrible place on earth, but rubedo keeps it peaceful there so that new people can come rubedo is planning on making the place a little brighter so that many people will come to his kingdom. it is a place were medicenes that were never heard of made and could cure any kind of disease, sickness or a poison, some are said to be able to bring back the dead. it is guarded by huge dragons and undead soilders that don't look undead, so it is almost immpossible to take over.
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29 / M / some were
Posted 3/6/09 , edited 3/6/09
Kingdom Name : mentrol
Location of Capital : Server
Name of Ruler : machine king or Alpha
Basic Information : it is located in the south. has a lot of water rotes. ther has ben roomesr that "if server falls ther rest the world falls as well", becuse it has a lot of tradeing parnenters. it is very wealth and power. has a very strong fighting force in cast it needs it. in server all most very rare for organits to enter server. it has a lot of meltles and things they they needed. peace helps us more than the world and "war is a wast of money and time".ther are organits in this kingdom. very advance in a lot things
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23 / F / if you were to kn...
Posted 7/15/09 , edited 7/18/09
Kingdom Name : Temple Valley

Location of Capital : Kandrakar

Name of Ruler:Oracle Of Life

Information : floats in the sky no one knows were it is form .......the say it came form the mountains far east....and they think the people are all made of elements ....... dose not need anything form the ground and most peaceful place for monks
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28 / M / lost...somewhere...
Posted 4/2/10 , edited 4/3/10
Kingdom Name : Principality of Amantherium
Location of Capital : Amantherium
Name of Ruler : Prince Kassidus the Curator
Basic Information :
Amantherium had started from seemingly humble origins, a simple town in the middle of a peninsula connected to a mainland, until the former Governor Caliphus died of unknown reasons. His son, Kassidus, took control of the city by force, and established himself as the Prince of Amantherium. Many of the people there called him the "Curator", for his ability to care for the people living under his Principality.

The Principality of Amantherium is well known for its cleanliness and organization. It was said that the citizens were so well taken care of that the surrounding villages allowed themselves to become assimilated willingly. Their standards of living were much better than most of the known kingdoms, their lower class looked as if they were that of the upper class of other kingdoms. Their religion follows that of one god.

Their military is much to be feared. Their organization and discipline are the best in the known world, and their soldiers come from all known walks of life. Their armies are so well-trained that it is said that, if you reassigned a normal soldier to be a horse archer, he would hit his mark with accuracy. The Order of the Pale Knights are their most powerful weapon against their neighboring countries, their faith and zeal were said to be stronger than death itself.

Lastly, they are known to use a substance called the Black Powder. Combined and engineered with the use of the Sun Crystals, they are known to fire projectiles with an amazing power, capable of toppling down fortifications with speed.
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