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Posted 8/13/08 , edited 8/14/08
it's kind of a way to help the group get points. Ill try to do a story rite now.

I guess I'll start it off with a story of somesort and I'll continue from then and let you guys continue it by roleplaying.

The darkened areas were illuminated by fire. All in ruins, everything this kid once used to know has become nothing. In the midst of everything he vowed revenge and swore an oath to the remains of his beloved family that he will live and that he will avenge them. As the fire ceased to burn The boy uttered 2 words only...Vongola...Stronger...5 years have passed since that tragic incident and the boy then has become The sin of Wrath for the Vongola Aria. Often I would day dream about this incident, this event within my life and my reason to join the Vongola. I thought hard about my past and thought good, Vongola XI welcomed me in as if I were his own blood and I was grateful for that. I repayed his kindness with diligence and hard work as I plowed my way through the ranks of Vongola and have ascended to where I am today. I walk to the training room. There I stood alone and there I would focus my illusions based from my Mist type fire and there I will honor and be disciplined in the teachings of my two teachers Hibari Kyouya [Guardian of the Cloud Ring] and Mukuro Rokudo[Guardian of the Mist Ring] and I can't forget about Chrome-oneechan.

I start off with a few stretches and then I commence my training. The room is filled instantly with a Dark Purplish Mist and I become to lose my mind to this aura as I concentrated on strengthing my will and my mind
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