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me: I hope you like this story!! It's actually my first!!!! I just have to tell you something, this story will be kinda tragic and sad, so if you don't like tragic endings, you don't have to read it.
Chapter 1- First Rose

It was the first day of school and I was finally in my second year of high school. I seem to be very nervous on these type of days. I'm always afraid if I might give my classmates the wrong impression. Many people say that I should be more confident in myself since I look beautiful. But I care nothing about looks because they can be very deceiving. I know that from experience. No one knows exactly why I act this way. Of course, I've never told anyone though. It's something that I keep to myself.

My hair is kinda like teal/aqua-ish like. It goes down to my waist. I have big, emerald colored eyes. Our school uniform is a polo shirt. Girls wore a navy blue, pleated skirt and a ribbon.

Right now at this moment, the teacher asked everyone to introduce themselves. It was now a boy's turn. All of the girls except for me had their eyes on him. I heard some voices saying "He's sooo hot!" and "This has to be love at first sight!" I looked at them with a confuzed look. I really didn't see what was so good about him though. I have to admit that he looks kind of handsome, but I really don't care about the looks, more about their inner-selves.

"Hi everyone, I'm Yamada, Hiroshi. Nice to meet you! Please get along with me," the boy said in some type of playboy voice. He had blonde hair and blue eyes. Just by looking at him, I thought he looked like the type of rich person. I heard some girls say "His voice sounds so sexy!!"

At this moment, I didn't even care. I just ignored everything he had to say to the class. He seems to be irritating me right now. I then realized that he scanned the room around. Then, I saw him stop. He was staring directly at me. I then saw him smile. I was wondering what was going on. What is he? a pervert? I slightly blushed and turned away. Looks aren't everything. That's why love at first sight is stupid to me. Just thinking about looks will get you no where.

Eventually, it was my turn. I stood up from my seat. Everyone was looking at me waiting for a response. I spotted a few boys with a perverted look on their faces, but just ignored it and took a deep breathe. "I'm Kawashima, Haruka." I sat back down. I saw some people giving the "That's it?" look on their face. I guess they were expecting something longer. I saw a few boys with nosebleeds. I got kinda upset though. I hate being in the center of attention.

It was now lunch time. I saw most people sitting and eating with their friends. I was eating alone though. Sometimes I wish that I could sit down and eat with my friends instead of eating all alone. There's many people who call me their friend, but I don't really think they're my true friend. It's nice that they respect me and help me out a lot, but they treat me more like some type of royal princess. I took out my chopsticks and before I could eat, I hear a voice. There was someone coming toward me.


I turned around to see who it was. It was him. that Yamada something guy. I just tried to ignore him. Even though I just saw him today, I already hated him. I had no clue why.

"You're Haruka, aren't you?" he said. I looked at him in confusion. I started to think, why is a stranger calling me by my first name?! We've just met today!

"Umm, yes." I said kindly. It was really just an act though. I was already ticked off at him because of his stupid, playboy attitude. That bastard. "Who are you again?"

The boy just smiled. It started to poison me. That smile. It made my heart beat fast. I started to feel dizzy. I started to wonder what was this feeling. "My name is Yamada, Hiroshi! Just call me Hiroshi, okay, Haruka?" he said cheerfully.

I just said, "okay." He probably isn't that bad of a guy, but I still don't trust him yet.

All of a sudden, I realized that he was sampling my bentou. He took a bite of my fried egg and ate a whole rice ball. His face looked so happy like a little child's.

"This tastes really good!!" he sad very happily. I started to get very irritated. We just met and he's eating my bentou! Now that was just weird and abnormal.

"What are you doing?" I said as I snatched away my bentou.

"I'm eating some of your bentou of course! It tastes so good!" he said as he tried to get the food back.

"That's not my point! I said. I was getting annoyed. "Why don't you eat someone else's bentou?!"

He just shrugged and placed his chopsticks on the desk. "Tell you what" he started. He took out something from his bag and handed it to me. "I'm very sorry for not asking for your permission to eat some of your bentou. In return, you can keep this."

I looked down at my hands to see what it was. It was a rose . It had a very pretty texture of red on it, but that wasn't my point. "Why would I want such a thing like this?"

He looked kinda of upset, but then started to smile. "Your name...... It's Haruka, isn't it. Well when I hear the name Haruka, the part, "haru" means spring, which reminds me a lot of flowers. That's obviously why. Also, doesn't it seem kinda romantic?"

I blushed a bit when I heard him say that. Whoa, I could never imagine a boy saying those type of things.

"I guess......" I said as if I didn't really care.

He smiled at me. It just made me blush more. What was this feeling anyway?

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Chapter 2- Hey Onee-chan, You're face is Red!!

Haruka was walking back home. She then felt as if someone was following her. She turned around and shrugged. Yep, it was Hiroshi again. It has only been three days of school so far and the two look as if they've been friends for years. Hiroshi has been following her most of the time, which seemed to just make her days feel longer.

"Yo!" Hiroshi said and smiled. At first, Haruka tried to ignore him, but then she started to realize that she was already far away from school and he was still following her.

"Why are you following me, Hiroshi?"

"What makes you think I'm following you? I'm trying to walk back home. What do you think I am, a stalker?"

Haruka seemed quite upset. How could he not realize all this time that he is some type of stalker who just won't leave me alone? "You know.... yes, I do think you're a stalker, because for the past few days, you've been following me so often as if we have some type of friendship or something!"

"Aww.... you're saying that we're not friends? That makes me very disappointed!" Hiroshi said. He started to look at Haruka with some type of "puppy eyes" hoping that she will fall for them.

Haruka just seemed to get more upset at him and tried to walk faster. She then tripped over a crack. Before she could fall, she closed her eyes, knowing that she was about to feel great pain. She then realized that a few seconds passes already and se didn't feel any pain. She opened her eyes to see what happened. She blushed deeply when she realized that she fell right on top of Hiroshi. She quickly stood up.

"S-Sorry. And thank you," Haruka said, still blushing.

Hiroshi stood up and asked, "are you ok? do you have any cuts or anything?"

"N-no, not at all." How could he be thinking about me at a moment like this when he could have probably hurt himself after saving me? "Umm... What about you? Are you ok?"

"Yah, of course, men are strong. I guess I'll see you tomorrow! My house is that way!" he said as he pointed the direction and left.

As you realize, Haruka is pretty stubborn. Knowing so, she tried not to be, so she tried to force a smile and waved her hand goodbye. She slowly walked home, thinking how embarrassing it was to fall onto Hiroshi. She finally reached to her house and opened the door.

"I-I'm home!" She then saw her younger sister, Kanoko.

"Ah! onee-chan! You're home! I was just making dinner!" Kanoko said cheerfully.

"Really? You're sure growing up, Kanoko. You can always take my place if you want."

"Yep! I'll do it whenever I can! I know that when you come back home, you're very tired after your part-time job in the early mornings and going to school school, so it's very troublesome taking care after all five of us, so this is the least I can do!!" Kanoko said thoughtfully.

Haruka smiled and patted Kanoko's head She then made a slight frown. "I'm sorry...... that we have to live without any parents. If they were still here, I'd be able to help them out instead of you..... so that you'd be able to play with your friends like any other child would do."

"Onee-chan.... I don't mind at all if it's for the family!" Kanoko then when up to Haruka and kissed her forehead. "Also..... I have a question to ask you....."

"Sure, Kanoko! What is it?"

"How come..... ever since you got in here, your face has been really red?"

Haruka then blushed even more. "Nothing! Nothing at all!!! You don't need to know!!!"

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Chapter 3- Rumor

"Hey Haruka! What do you have for lunch?" Hiroshi asked as he came up to her.

Haruka shrugged. "You know, school just started and it's not even first period yet, it's still homeroom and your talking about food?"

"B-but your bentou tastes so good!!! Who makes it anyway?!"

"None of your business! It could've been a cat for all you know!" Haruka said as she went to her seat and sat down.

"Seriously?! Cool!" Hiroshi impressed.

"...... It was just a joke"

All of a sudden, someone appeared.

Haruka and Hiroshi looked at her in confusion.

"Hmm..... The most popular people in the class is hanging out together, I see" the girl said as she nodded.

"Who are you, miss?" Hiroshi asked.

"I'm in this class you know. I guess we haven't talked to eachother before. Anyway, I'm Mari. I work for the newspaper club."

Haruka looked up at her eagerly. "So why are you talking to us? Even though we're in the same class, people don't usually go up to strangers and making a conversation, now do they?"

"You're right, but I'm talking to you guys because I'm trying to find the latest gossip. I've realized that you two have been getting along well..... So are you guys going out or something?"

Haruka almost choked when she heard that. "You've got to be kidding. There's no way that us two could possibly-"

"Maybe it's something like that" Hiroshi said cheerfully as he interrupted Haruka.

Haruka then gave him an insane look. "What do you think you're saying, Hiroshi?"

"Thanks you guys!!! This i very good info!!! I have to right this down!! Bye!!"

Haruka was silent for a while, then hit Hiroshi on the face. "Why did you say such a thing? Now she's going to put it in the school newspaper? Do you really want rumors to spread?"

Hiroshi looked at her silently then said, "Why I did it? ........ Maybe because I like you."

The whole class suddenly became quiet. Then, they had the "Oh my gosh!" face. There were many people whispering some gossip about the new couple that they now call "HiroHaru." Even during class. That was all that they would talk about. Soon enough, it was in the school newspapers. That was when it got around the whole entire school. Boy, was Haruka upset.

One day, Hiroshi was cleaning up the classroom. Then, the teacher told Haruka to help him since one person couldn't clean up the whole classroom by himself.

"No way! Not with him!" Haruka said loudly.

"Why not? I thought you'd be happy, Kawashima."

"Happy? What do you mean happy?" Haruka questioned.

"You two are going out, aren't you?" the teacher asked. "Because I mean, anyone would know that since it's all over the school newspaper. You don't have to be ashamed of it." The teacher left without even waiting for Haruka's response.


"Now Haruka, you don't have to be that upset." Hiroshi said. "Try to calm yourself down and relax"

"How am I supposed to relax? There's a big rumor going on about us!!! Hiroharu this and HiroHaru that! I'm getting irritated!"

Hiroshi sighed and went up to Haruka. "Sorry if your not happy about this, but we can't fix what happened in the past. Also, the rumors will probably go away soon." He patted Haruka's head and thought to himself "she's so cute."

"..." Haruka blushed a bit and looked up at Hiroshi. He's such a kind person.....

Unexpectedly, Hiroshi kissed Haruka on the forehead, which made her blush even more. "Like I said before, I like you, and I'm certain of it. It might be one-sided, but I'll always love you." Haruka blushed so hard that she didn't want him to see her face.

"I-I-I'm gonna go to the bathroom for a minute!" Haruka said as she ran out of the room. She kept running, then accidently tripped and thought to herself, "why have I been tripping so often lately? It's probably because I'm a klutz, right? No other reason."

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Chapter 4- Sudden Illness

It was now dinner time and Haruka was eating with all of her siblings: her seven year old sister Kanoko, 6 year old twin brothers Kei and Rei, eleven year old brother Kai, and 4 year old sister Yuna.

"So you made this all by yourself Kanoko? It tastes so good!!" Haruka asked cheerfully. Tonight for dinner was some curry with rice and some miso soup.

"Yep onee-chan! I've finally mastered how to make curry!! How about tomorrow, we eat some fish I bought from the market? It was so cheap, that i had to buy it!" said Kanoko.

"Sure Kano-chan! Anything made by you has to taste good!" Haruka and the twins said at the same time. As usual, Kai was the type of quiet one, but he was known as the type of cool person at his school. And of course Yuna just cheered as usual. That was just the way she acted. People would probably think that she's still learning how to speak, but she speaks pretty well. She usually speaks in her own language.

When Haruka was about to take another bite of her curry, her spoon was shaking and she accidently dropped it."

"Haru-neechan, you've recently been so clumsy" said Kei, then Rei chimed in and said "very very clumsy!"

"Hmm.... I wonder why though. It just started recently like a month ago," Haruka said.
"Ummm..... Recently, I have been really clumsy," Haruka told the doctor.

The doctor then examined her and asked her to do a few things like walk around the room. He told her to come back i a week for the results. Haruka nodded and was kinda nervous and thought to herself "I hope I'm okay."
"Hey Haruka, are you free today?" Hiroshi asked.


"Aww! You're lying! You just don't wanna be around me!!" Hiroshi said sadly.

"The reason why I'm not free today is because I have to go to the doctor," Haruka simply said and left. Little did she know that Hiroshi was actually following her.

When she got to the building and visited the doctor, he asked "so who is that behind you? Your boyfriend?"

"What are you talking abou-" Haruka turned around and saw Hiroshi. "W-WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE HIROSHI?!!"

"I followed you. Didn't you realize me? It's pretty sad if you didn't."

"Anyway, both of you, sit down here. Since you and this boy seem to be very close, I guess I'll let him know too about what's going on," said the doctor. "Kawashima-san......... It seems as if you have a decease"

"A DECEASE?" asked Haruka.

"Yes. It's called spinocerebellar ataxia. This is the reason why you have been realy clumsy recently. "So far though, there hasn't been a cure for this decease yet. If this keeps going on, your symptoms will get even worse. But if you take these pills, the symptoms will slow down a bit, but it won't help prevent the decease," the doctor informed."

Haruka was speechless. So was Hiroshi.

"So umm.... Do you want me to walk you home?" asked Hiroshi concerned.

Haruka shook her head no. She ran back home as soon as possible. She seemed to be so terrified. She couldn't believe such a thing. She decided to ask more doctors on her days out of school, but all she'd get was the same results.
Haruka thought to herself. A decease, huh? And it can't be cured, huh? A tear rolled down her cheek. I don't wanna die so soon! If I die, what will happen? What will happen to Kanoko....... Kei......... Rei......... Kai.......... and Yuna? It will be all my fault that I wasn't able to take care of them.... My fault that I can't play the role of a big sister who takes care of their younger sisters and brothers.......
It was a school day, a monday afternoon after school. Hiroshi went up to Haruka. "So........." Hiroshi started. "Is everything all right?"

"Yes...... You know, Hiroshi...... I've thought about it. I think that I shouldn't think about the past. If I have a decease, so let it be! If it can't be cured, I shouldn't be so worried because worrying about it wouldn't help me at all!"

Hiroshi was stunned at Haruka's words. She seemed so strong. Hiroshi went closer to Haruka.

"I'll make sure that I protect you, Haruka because I love you. Even though you might not like me, I'll do whatever I can so that you can be happy, Hiroshi said, which made Haruka blush a bit. He then leaned down a bit.

"Hey Hiroshi, what are you doing? You're so close to my face-"

Hiroshi kissed her on the lips. He couldn't control himself. Haruka's eyes widened.

"I-I'm sorry" Hiroshi said with guilt.

"I-it's ok." Haruka waved goodbye and started to go back home. She was blushing so hard. Then, she tripped to the ground.


Haruka was unconscious with blood covered around her.
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Chapter 5- Second Rose
Haruka woke up and wondered where she was. The first person she saw was Hiroshi. Then, she saw Kanoko and the rest of her siblings. Haruka was confused.

"W-What are you guys doing here?" Haruka asked curiously.

"Onee-chan! You're finally awake!!! You've been unconscious for so long!" said Kanoko, the twins, and Yuna. Kai didn't say anything since he was so quiet, but it was written all over his face that he was worried.

"I almost forgot.... I fell and hit my head."

"B-but onee-chan! You were always careful and never used to trip or anything like that! So how come you got such a big accident?" Kanoko said really worried.

Haruka sighed for a moment, then took a deep breathe. "I think i should tell you all..... that I have a decease, and it causes me to get these weird symptoms"


It was quiet. Silence. Everyone was shocked.
"Hey..... Onee-chan. Is your head ok, or does it still hurt?" asked Kei.

Haruka smiled. "It's okay, so please don't worry." It actually really did hurt, but Haruka didn't want to trouble her siblings any more. "The decease isn't that bad... it'll probably go away after a while..."

"Hey Onee-chan, who was that boy anyway? You're boyfriend?" asked Kanoko.

Haruka was silent for a second. "Kano..... don't SAY things like that! Of course the answer is NO!"

"If you say so, but he was so handsome!!! Also, he told me to give this to you! It's a rose!! Isn't it so romantic?" Kanoko said as she gave Haruka the rose.

Haruka sighed. "He gave me a rose before and even though I tell him not give me anymore, he still never gives up!" Really though, Haruka was actually kinda happy and thought in her mind, "so this is rose #2, will there be more to come? I.... I hope so."

"What's his name anyway?"

"....Hiroshi. Yamada, Hiroshi"

Kanoko was so happy and cheered. "I'm gonna ask Hiro-kun to come over to dinner sometime!!!"

Haruka became upset. Hiro-kun? She's made him a nickname? Also, I don't want him to come to our house!!! NOOO!!!!
It was a Sunday morning. No school. Haruka heard the doorbell ring and thought, "Who could be coming here this early in the morning?" Haruka went up to the door and opened it. When she saw who it was, she quickly closed it. She rubbed her eyes. "I must be seeing things." She opened it again and saw no change.

"Hi Haruka!!!!!"

It was him. Hiroshi. Then, he gave her a rose, which made her think to herself, "so this is rose number 3?"

"So what brings you here today?"

"Did you forget already? We're partners for the science project. We have to examine nature and blah blah blah. So umm..... I'm guessing it will be like our first date," Hiroshi said cheerfully.
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Chapter 6- Science Project
Haruka was sitting down on a bench in despair as she wrote some notes for the science project. She was so upset that she had to do a project with Hiroshi. She examined a few plants and jotted down what she was observing.

"That should be enough notes," Hiroshi said as he closed his notebook and smiled at Haruka.

"I guess" Haruka said as she took out her bentou. Kanoko insisted that the two of them should take the food that she made for them. Haruka gave Hiroshi his bentou, then handed him a pair of chopsticks.

"This tastes really good" Hiroshi said as he took a bite in to the food. "You're little sister can cook really well."

Haruka started to eat and nodded. "Yah, she cooks very often," Haruka said as she took a bite of her onigiri.

Hiroshi looked as if he was about to laugh.

"W-What's so funny?" Haruka said confused.

Hiroshi went closer to Haruka.

"What are you doing?" she asked.

"Stay still for a minute," Hiroshi said calmly. He came closer to Haruka's face and licked off a grain of rice that was near her mouth, which made Haruka blush.

"There was rice on your face," Hiroshi said and smiled, wondering if she'd be upset at him.

"You could've told me!" Haruka said as she continued to blush.

"By the way, Haruka......."

"Hmm?" Haruka asked as she looked up at him.

"I've never seen your parents. What are they like?" Hiroshi asked. He thought it was weird how Haruka and all of her siblings worked so hard.

"....." Haruka grew silent.

"Sorry, did I say something wrong?"

"They died," Haruka said and grew a little pale.
"..... I guess we'll work on our project more tomorrow" Haruka said as she packed up all of her items she brought with her.

"Yah" Hiroshi said, then felt a drop on his face. ".... Look at the sky. It looks like it's about to-"

Loads of rain started to pour down.

"I thought today would be sunny, stupid weather forecast!" Haruka said and frowned. "I don't have an umbrella."

Haruka went up to Haruka and picked her up, then covered her head from the rain with his arms.

"What are you doing?" Haruka said and blushed.

"I don't want you to get wet. Also, I don't want you to fall down in the rain" Hiroshi said and ran to Haruka's house.

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Chapter 7- Diary
It was now spring time. The cherry blossom trees were in bloom. Haruka has now gotten used to the perverted Hiroshi, and her symptoms. Right now, Hiroshi was following her back home as usual.

"Harukaaa, why don't we rest at the park for a while? My feet hurt from walking!" complained Hiroshi.

Haruka sighed. "If that's what you want to do, I don't care, go by yourself" she said as she continued to walk home.

"B-but I'm afraid that you might trip and fall on your way home and I won't be there to help you" he said as he grabbed her arm and took her to a bench in the park and sat down.

"So now.... tell me," Haruka started as she sat down next to him. "What is the real reason you dragged me to the park?" she questioned.

"To view the flowers and other scenery, of course" he said calmly.

"But why with me? You can go view flowers with some other girl.... or with a boy so you can finally notice how gay you are."

"Awww, don't say that Haruka! You know that you're the only one that I love. Besides.... don't you remember in the beginning of the year, I said that your name reminded me a lot like flowers."

Haruka began to blush when she heard him say that she was the only one that he loved. Then, she noticed that Hiroshi held out another rose.

"Why do you keep giving me these flowers?" Haruka asked, since she's been getting these flowers for so long now.

"I know you like 'em"

"Do not"

"Yes you do."


"I know that you write in your diary EVERY single time I give you a rose. You even keep track of how many roses I give you. I know that you know that this is the 4th rose that I gave you," Hiroshi said as took out Haruka's diary from his bookbag.


"The floor.... Earlier today, I saw something drop out of your book bag. I was gonna give it to you, but when I read the cover of the book with the little hearts and teddy bears that said 'Haruharu's DIARY Do not touch please!!! <3' I thought it looked so cute, that I had to read it...... And I never knew that you liked teddy bears so much"

Haruka snatched her diary away from him and scribbled something inside it.

"It's so obvious that you wrote that you got your 4th rose today inside of that diary......"

Haruka ignored him and stood up. "Bye Hiroshi"

"Nooooo Don't leave me" Hiroshi said as he grabbed onto her sleeve.

"Why do I have to listen to you?" Haruka said as she continued to walk.

"STOP WALKING SO FAST OR ELSE YOU'LL HURT YOURSELF" Hiroshi said as he ran up in front of her.

"Why should you care?"

"BECAUSE I LOVE YOU HARUUUKKAAAAA" Hiroshi yelled out, which made a few children at the park stare at them

"Umm.... I guess I should get going now" Haruka said as she quietly walked away, yet Hiroshi continued to follow her. As they continued to walk, they saw a girl around their age.

She didn't wear a school uniform. She had brown, shoulder length hair. She saw them and her eyes widened. "Hi-Hiroshi?"

"M-Mayumi?" Hiroshi said and froze.

Haruka was confused, and had a strange feeling. She didn't know why, but for some reason, the felt as if she already didn't like the girl.

"Long time no see" Hiroshi and Mayumi said in unison and hugged each other like lovers or something.

"Umm.... I guess I'll be going ahead" Haruka said as she ran back home without Hiroshi.

For some reason, her eyes became watery.

And for another strange reason, she only thought to herself about one little thing in her mind.

"Hiroshi, I thought you said that I was the only one you love..... Then why is it that it seems as if I'm not the only one?" she whispered

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Chapter 8- Jealousy

It's been a week since Haruka has seen Hiroshi with that girl. It seemed as if she was now left out of everything. She always saw those two together. He even said that she was living with him at the moment. Well they did look like a nice couple since they had many things alike.....

Haruka laid down on her bed and stared at the ceiling. It was already 1:00 PM and she still hasn't gotten out of her bed. She sighed, then got dressed. It was another boring Sunday.

Ring Ring!

"I wonder who's that..." Haruka thought as she picked up her cell phone. It was a number she's never seen before. She flipped open her phone. "Hello?"


She blinked a few times. "Hi-hiroshi, how did you get my phone number?"

"Kanoko told me"

"Oh.... So um... why are you calling me?" Haruka questioned.

"Mayumi asked if you wanted to tag along with us. We're going to the amusement park."

"Um... No thankyou... I don't want to interfere with you two" Haruka said and sighed.

"What are you talking about??? It's perfectly fine! I'll come pick you up!!!" Hiroshi said and hung up.

Haruka still hasn't gotten an explanation of who exactly Mayumi was. She never got a chance to ask.
Hiroshi knocked on the door.

"Um... hello" Haruka said as she opened the door.

"Are you ready?" Hiroshi and Mayumi asked and smiled.

"Yah" Haruka said and came out of her house. She locked the door and they left.
When they finally arrived at the amusement park, Mayumi smiled. "Well um.... I need to meet someone, so I'll leave you two alone"

"Okay, bye Mayumiii" Hiroshi and waved bye to her.

"So um... Hiroshi...." Haruka started.


"Exactly who is Mayumi? Your girlfriend?"

"SHE IS NOT MY GIRLFRIEND!!!!!!! But I can't believe I never told you before! She's-" A little boy with an ice cream cone bumped into Hiroshi. Ice cream splattered all over Hiroshi.

"Hi-Hiroshi, are you ok??" Haruka asked.

"Aww.... Now I just wasted my money on that ice cream cone because someone wasn't watching where they were going!" the boy whined and complained.

"You were the one that bumped into him, so it's your fault! Now Hiroshi needs to get new clothes!!!" Haruka blurted out.

"Don't be so hard on the boy" Hiroshi said as if it didn't bother him. "Here" he said as he handed the boy money to buy another cone.

"T-thankyou... and I'm sorry" the boy said kindly and left.

Haruka thought to herself. Hiroshi is a very nice person.... No wonder why so many people like him....

"By the way, Hiroshi...... How are you gonna get that off of your shirt?" Haruka asked.

"There must be a gift shop that sells clothing....." he replied and sighed as he looked at his new shirt that was now ruined.
Haruka waited by the bench as she waited for Hiroshi to change his clothes in the bathroom. She looked around and saw many different rides that looked so fun. Then as she stared at the roller coaster, she became pale.

Then, she saw Hiroshi running up to her. "Hey Haruka, which ride do you wanna go on now???!!!" Then, he saw her pale face. "W-what's wrong?"

"N-nothing's wrong, don't worry about it" Haruka replied. "I- I think I'm gonna go home"

"Haruka, tell meee!!!"

Haruka walked away from Hiroshi. "Sorry, I just can't" She then ran out of the park.

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Chapter 9- Surprising Information

Haruka kept running. She hoped that Hiroshi wasn't following her. Her eyes became watery. Then, she accidentally bumped into someone.

"S-sorry" Haruka said and then looked up at the person. He looked kinda scary and he was with a group of friends. He was probably in his 20's.

"Hey, why is someone as cute as you crying? What happened?" he said and grabbed her arm. "Why don't we have some fun?"

"L-let me go!" Haruka said as she tried to break free from him.

"Come on, it'll be very interesting" he said and started to get closer to her.

Then, someone came running and kicked the guy in face.

It was Hiroshi.

"What do you think you're doing with my girlfriend?" Hiroshi said in a deep voice.

Girlfriend? Haruka thought and blushed.

"T-This girl is you're girlfriend? I-I swear I was just trying to help her--" the guy said and the group ran off.

"Haruka, what's wrong?" Hiroshi asked in a gentle voice.

"H-Hiroshi.... My parents.... they used to own an amusement park until a terrorist came...."

Hiroshi wiped away the tears on her face and pulled her closer toward him. "I'm sorry if I didn't notice how much I hurt you.... but don't run away from me like that, it makes me worry when you do that."

"I-I'm sorry, Hiroshi" Haruka said and wrapped her arms around him tightly.

Hiroshi gave Haruka a rose.

"How do you get all of these roses???" she asked.

"That's a secret."

Then all of a sudden, Mayumi appeared.

"Don't you two look cute together!" she teased.

Haruka blushed.

"I-it's not what you think" Haruka started.

"You're such a nice and beautiful girl, Haruka!!! No wonder why my little brother likes you so much!!!!"

"Little brother?" Haruka questioned.

Mayumi nodded. "Is it possible that you didn't tell her yet, Hiroshi???"

"Sorry, I never had the time!!!"

So that's what is was..... I was getting jealous for no reason......... WAIT. Why was I jealous of her???? I don't even like Hiroshi!!! Haruka thought.
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Chapter 10- Flower Field

It's been a few weeks now and Mayumi was now leaving to go back to her home.

"BYEEE HIRO, BYE HARU!!!!" she said and hugged both of them. "I guess I'll meet you again when I go to your wedding!!!"

Haruka blushed. "W-what are you talking about???"

Mayumi just giggled and ran off with her luggage.
It was another day.

School just finished and Hiroshi was following Haruka home.

"Hey Haruka?"

"Yes" she asked.

"Well umm.... you know how you asked me where I got all of those roses from?"

Haruka nodded. "Yah, what about it?"

"Uh... Nothing, just follow me" Hiroshi said and grabbed her hand.


"You'll find out soon enough."
"I wonder... why have I been on this bus for over 20 minutes" Haruka said and sighed. "I have to get home soon you know"

"Just be patient" Hiroshi said and smiled.

About 30 minutes later, they arrived at their stop. Hiroshi lead her to a field.

It was filled with many different flowers of many colors of the rainbow. Haruka's eye's widened in amazement.

"I come here very often" Hiroshi said and sat down on the grass. "The flowers are in bloom throughout the whole year because of the weather over here"

Haruka sat down next to Hiroshi. "How did you learn about this place?"

"Well..... ever since I was very young, I'd come here with my mom and we'd plant flowers. Her favorite one was the rose, so it made me love them too..... I used to be very attached to her"

"T-that's amazing! So you mean you and your mom planted all of these?"

Hiroshi nodded. He carefully plucked off a rose and gave it to her. "But recently, I've been coming here by myself"

"Why don't' you come here with your mother?" Haruka asked.

"Well the thing is that I've been living without my mother for a few years because she has some type of illness, so I can't get near her"

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Chapter 11- I'm Visiting You No Matter What

Haruka just finished writing in her diary and giggled.

Now I have a total of 6 roses.... half a dozen. And today.... Hiroshi took me a secret place where only his and his mother knew of..... I wonder what type of person Hiroshi's mother is....

Today, for some reason, Haruka was walking to school by herself. Usually, Hiroshi would wait for her every morning.... but today, she couldn't find him anywhere. Haruka carelessly walked without looking where she was going and fell.

"Oww... I'm bleeding..... Why is it me out of all people who have to have these symptoms??" Haruka complained. Then, she saw someone's hand reach out. It was her doctor. "What are you doing here?" she asked.

"Oh um... just out for a morning walk," he replied and helped her up. "You should star coming to my office more often so that I can give you pills. There's so many bruises all over your body."

"I guess your right" she said and took out a big bandage and placed it on her wound. "I've been carrying these around me more often."

"Have you ever been feeling dizzy recently or any other symptoms?"

"No, not really."

"Well that's good. Because most patients who have the same illness as you have even worse symptoms. But watch out, you might get them too"

It was now lunch time. However, it was very odd. Hiroshi was absent. He was usually NEVER absent.

"Are you disappointed that your boyfriend isn't here today?" a girl named Miho.

"H-He's NOT my boyfriend, just someone who stalks me."

"He might be a stalker, but you seem to enjoy his company!" she teased.

Then, Haruka got a text message. It was from Hiroshi. It read:

Haruuuukkkaaa!!!!, I'm sick today.
Sorry I couldn't come to school today!!

"He's sick?" Well that was hard to believe. It doesn't even seem possible that someone like Hiroshi could even get sick.

After school, Haruka took out her cell phone and called Hiroshi.


"H-Hiroshi! Are you okay?" Haruka asked.

"Oh, it's Haruka! Yah, I'm fine, don't worry"

"Well that's just what you say. Are you really okay?"

"Yah, I'm perfectly fine"

"If you were perfectly fine, why didn't you come to school today? Anyway, tell me your address, I'm coming to your house".
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Chapter 12- He Looked So Peaceful

Haruka looked at a piece of paper. It had Hiroshi's address on it. She tried to find his house, and then saw a house that had the same address that was on the paper. She nervously went up to the house and rang the doorbell. Then, she saw Hiroshi. He looked really sick. His face looked pale and he looked very sleepy.

"Oh, hi Haruka"

"Hi, Hiroshi. Are you alright?" Haruka asked as she entered the house. It was very neat and organized.

"I guess"

"You should probably take a rest, you look tired," Haruka said.

"No, it's ok. If I go to sleep, you won't have anyone to talk to."

Haruka sighed. Hiroshi thought about other people a lot. "But you should take care of yourself instead of worrying about me" she said and sat down on the couch.

Hiroshi went to the kitchen and brought back two cups of tea. "Here," he said and gave her a cup.

Haruka took a sip of her tea "This tastes really good!"

"Yah, it was expensive." Hiroshi sat down and put his cup on the table. His face started to become red.

"Are you okay?" Haruka asked and went up to Hiroshi. She felt his forehead. "Hiroshi, you have a fever!! You should get some rest!"

Haruka finally managed to get Hiroshi in his bed.

"Are you warm enough?" she asked.

"Yah" he nodded.

"I'm gonna make some soup for you. If you need anything, tell me"

"Okay" he said and Haruka left the room.

He thought to himself.

This reminds me of the times when I was little.... I'd always get sick and my mom would always take care of me..... Haruka seems a lot like her......

About 20 minutes later, Haruka came back with a bowl of soup. "Here, Hiroshi!"

Hiroshi sat up. "Thank you, Haruka" he said and began to drink his soup. After he was done, he became sleepy. "I think I'm gonna sleep, if you don't mind.

"I don't mind at all, you should rest."



He gabbed her arm and pulled her so that she was lying down next to him. He kissed her forehead and hugged her tightly. In seconds, he fell fast asleep. Haruka smiled. He looked so peaceful when he slept. Almost like an angel. She stroked his blond hair, and then fell asleep with him.

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Here's a pic that I drew of Haruka!!!!! But i accidently forgot to color her eyes green and made it purple instead -.- Please don't steal because I put my hard work into drawing it! Hopefuly, I can make a Dozen of Roses into a manga!

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Chapter 13- Tickets

It ha now been about a week now. Hiroshi has finally gotten better. Haruka was now at home.

"So Kanoko, Kei, Rei, and Kai are with their friends, right?" Haruka asked Kanoko as she was playing with Yuna.

"Yah," she nodded. "H-Hey, onee-chan...."

"Hmm?" Haruka asked.

"Do you like Hiroshi?"

Haruka froze for a few seconds. "WHY DOES EVERYONE THINK THAT I LIKE HIM????!!!!!"

"You don't? Well... um.... you can always tell me if you need help with your relationship"

"W-What would you know?? You're younger than me!!!"

"Oh, I didn't tell you? I have a boyfriend!!!"

Haruka's eye's widened. "WHAT?"

Kanoko giggled a bit. "And I've been chasing after hims since I was 5!"

"What could you be doing at such a young age? You didn't do more than holding hands, right?"

"I almost kissed him, but a teacher was walking by, so I missed the chance" Kanoko said and laughed. "I'll try again.


Then all of a sudden, the doorbell rang.

"I'll go open it," Haruka said and ran to the door. When she opened it, it was Hiroshi. Pretty obvious.

"HI HARUUUUKKKAAAAAA!!!!" he said cheerfully.

"Hiroshi! What are you doing here??!!!" Haruka asked.

Kanoko walked up to the door "Yay! It's Hiro-kun!!!!"

"Hi, Kanoko!" he said and smiled.

"So what brings you here today?" Haruka asked.

"Guess what I have?!!!!" he said cheerfully.

"A name, a face, a body, and two legs for you to walk away.

"Onee-chan! Don't be so mean! Let's hear what he has to say" Kanoko said.

"Well since tomorrow is gonna a very hot day, I ordered tickets to go to the water park!!! And I have enough tickets for everyone!!!"

"REALLY?!!" Kanoko and Haruka said in unison. They looked very happy.

"Is everyone free on that day?" he asked.

"Yah, we don't have any plans" Haruka said.

"Ok, so then it's all set! All come pick everyone up tomorrow around 12' o clock in the afternoon!"

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Chapter 14- OMG, THEY'RE SO HUGE!

"Yay!!! I can't wait to get to the water park!" Kei shouted as everyone entered the bus.

"Yuna, hold onto my hand so we don't get seperated" Haruka said as she paid for the bus fee.

"Hey, this basket is too heavy!" Rei complained.

"Stop complaining!" Kanoko said and sat down on a seat. "Besides, you can just rest it somewhere."

Kai just sat down quietly and took out a manga to read.

"I LOVE THAT MANGA!!!!" Hiroshi shouted out and sat next to Kai. "Let me read it when your done!!"


Kanoko and Haruka giggled. "They seem like good friends even though they have two completely different personalities!" Kanoko said. Haruka nodded.
When they arrived to the water park, everyone went to the bathroom to change.

"Hey, onee-chan! I love that bathing suit you're wearing!" Kanoko said. Haruka was wearing a blue bikini. Kanoko wore a one piece, yellow bathing suit and Yuna had one that matched Kanoko's, but was pink.

"Hey, Haru nee-chan" Yuna said.

"Yah?" Haruka asked.

"Why is that part of your body so big compared to me and Kanoko's?" Yuna asked as she pointed to Haruka's chest.

Kanoko started laughing out loud. "SHE'S TRUE, YOUR'S ARE SO BIG!!"

Haruka's face turned red. "T-That's what's called puberty."

"Yah, but all of the girls around your age don't have ones as big as yours" Yuna added, which made Kanoko laugh even harder.

"You're so lucky! How did you get them to become so big, milk??" Kanoko teased.

"H-Hey! You know that I don't like drinking milk that often, so what makes you think that?" Haruka said very embarrassed.

"Hiroshi is a lucky guy" Kanoko whispered.


"Oh, nothing" Kanoko said and smiled.

Haruka sighed and then looked at the mirror. She tied her hair into two pigtails with ribbons. "Okay, let's go, we've been in here for almost half an hour."

The three girls got out of the bathroom. They saw Hiroshi, Rei, Kei, and Kai waiting for them. They've been out about 15 minutes ago and have been waiting for them for a long time.

"Sorry to keep you waiting" Haruka said.

"Your hair looks nice like that" Hiroshi said and smiled.

"Oh, um, thankyou"

Yuna went up to Hiroshi and poked his hand.

"Um, is there anything you need to tell me, Yuna?" Hiroshi asked as he looked down at the girl.

"Don't you think that Onee-chan's upper part of her body is rather huge?" she asked.

Both Haruka and Hiroshi blushed.

"Um.... I don't know," he replied.

"Well anyway, let's go to that water slide over there!!" the twins shouted out in unison

(me: The next chapter will continue from this, so look forward to it :'))

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