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(me: Um...err.... You must think I'm kinda crazy because of the last chapter I made! XD It's just that I couldn't think of anything, and that was the first thing I thought of. Sorry if it was a little too perverted XD And if you noticed, I've added titles to each chapter)

Chapter 15- Sunsets and Roses

Everyone was at the water park. The first thing they did was go on a huge water slide.

"W-wow!" There's so much water rushing down the slide," Haruka said in amazement.

Rei and Kei were the first two to slide down, since they were so excited.

"Hey, onee-chan, are you afraid?" Kanoko asked.

"W-What are you t-talking about, Ka-Kano-ko? Don't be silly!" Haruka stuttered.

"Hey, Hiroshi!" Kanoko went up to him. "Did you know that Haruka's afraid of water?"

Haruka's face turned red. "I thought you said you'd keep it a secret!!!!"

"And you actually trusted someone like me?" Kanoko asked and giggled. She picked up Yuna. "Come on, let's go together, Yuna!" Kanoko said and slid down the slide.

"Umm...." was all that Kai said. He then slid down, leaving Haruka and Hiroshi

"Hey Haruka, wanna slide down together?" Hiroshi asked.

"Um.... er..... I dunno" she said as she went the opposite direction from the slide. "I- I'm getting down the slide another way!"

"Come on Haruka!" Hiroshi grabbed her and they both slid down.

When they finally slid off the slide, they splashed into the water.

Haruka wiped her face off. "I hate it when water gets into my eyes!!!!"

"Hey, why don't we teach Haruka how to swim???" Rei and Kei asked in unison.

"N-NO!!!!!!!!!" Haruka shouted.

Everyone dragged Haruka to the pool. After a while, Haruka finally learned how to do the doggy paddle.

"Onee-chan is so late! I thought almost everyone her age knew how to swim!" Kanoko said.

"I'm hungry" Kai said quietly.

"M-me too" Haruka said as her stomach growled.

Everyone went to the stands and bought whatever they want. They sat down and put their food on a table.

Haruka quickly took chopsticks and slurped her yakisoba.

"Onee-chan has bad eating habits" Kanoko said.

"Not as bad as me" Rei and Kei said in unison.

Once they were finished with their lunch, they all went to get ice cream.

"I'm gonna have green tea flavor!" Kanoko said and smiled.

"Eww.... Green tea ice cream is disgusting! I'll have cookies and cream!" Rei and Kei said in unison.

"I'll have vanilla" Kai said.

"Strawberry" Yuna said.

"Mint chocolate chip!" Haruka and Hiroshi said at the same time.

Haruka blushed. "I never knew you like Mint Chocolate Chip!"

"It's my favorite...." Hiroshi said. "I used to eat it all the time with my mom after going to the flower field..."
After a few hours, the sun started to go down. Everyone went to the bus stop and waited for the bus.

"The bus probably won't come until 40 minutes" Kanoko said as she looked at the timetable.

"Hey, let me show you something, Haruka" Hiroshi said and grabbed her hand then left with her.

As Rei and Kei were just about to follow them, Kanoko grabbed their sleeves. "If . any . of . you . interrupt . them . you . will . DIE"

"So what is it, Hiroshi?" Haruka asked as she followed him.

The place hardly had any people. They were near the ocean. "Look at the sunset" Hiroshi said.

"A-Amazing" Haruka said as she looked at the sky. You could also see the reflection in the water. There were so many colors. Yellow... Orange.... Purple.... Red.... The sun slowly went down. "What a beautiful sunset..... I don't think I could ever forget this moment."

Then, Hiroshi grabbed Haruka and wrapped his arms around her.

"H-Hiroshi? Why are you..." Haruka blushed.

"Sorry.... just let me hug you..... please" he said and tightly held on to her. When he let go, he put a rose in her hair.

Yes... it was the 7th rose

"C-can I kiss you?" he asked.

Haruka blushed. "You kinda changed..... Before.... you never asked me if you could kiss me.... You'd just do it without thinking"

"I... I just don't want you to hate me for being inconsiderate about your feelings.... Because I know you probably don't like me"

"D-don't say something like that.... Well honestly, I don't know if I like you or not. But I do know that I don't hate you," Haruka then pulled him closer toward her. She then tiptoed and closed the gap between them.
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Posted 1/6/09 , edited 1/7/09
(me: for some reason, I feel so happy that I can probably write up to chapter 20 within 2 hours!!!! Or probably not. I feel sooo sleepy! I think I'll fall asleep before I even finish the next chapter! XD I'm not sure when I should end the story, but i have a very good idea of how it should end. I first thought of a very WEIRD dream. I was in the anime world and a guy with blonde hair was stalking me because I was new to the anime world XD And you can probably guess who that guy is! Hiroshi looked SO HOT. I think I should try making a sketch of him XD)

Chapter 16- Many mixed feelings and emotions

(Hiroshi's P.O.V)

"Well honestly, I don't know if I like you or not. But I do know that I don't hate you," Haruka said and then pulled me closer toward her. She then tiptoed and closed the gap between us. It happened right when the sun was about to set. I slowly closed my eyes and felt the wind blow.

I haven't felt her soft lips in such a long time.... When I felt it this time however... It felt different. Maybe because she was the one that kissed me. I was surprised because I never knew she'd ever do such a thing. Does she really love me?

(Normal POV)

Haruka sighed as she laid down on her bed in her room. Her face was red from thinking about what she did a few days ago. "My heart's beating so fast... I'm so confused!"

Haruka then got up. She accidently tripped and fell on her face. "I wonder if my symptoms are getting worse...." She then felt her face. She was bleeding. "Ewww...... blood." She went to go get bandages and put them all over her face.

"W-what happened, onee-chan?!" Kanoko asked.

"Nothing really. Just fell" Haruka said and sighed. "There's no way I can go outside like this! People will think I'm crazy with bandages all over my face!"

"Be careful next time" Kanoko said.

"I'll try" Haruka went back in her room and took out her diary. She wrote a few words.

Is it love?
If it is, why does it makes me want to cry?
Is love really this painful?

She sat down on the floor. Tears started to come out of her eyes. "W-Why am I crying when there's nothing to cry about? Am I afraid of something? This makes no sense." She took a rose out of the vase- the vase where she keeps all the roses that were given to her. "For some reason... I have a bad feeling about something."

She took out her cell phone. She nervously dialed Hiroshi's phone number.

"Hello? Haruka?" Hiroshi said as he answered the phone.

"Hi Hiroshi..."

"Did something happen?" he asked.

"I don't know....."

"Why'd you call me?"

"I... I guess I just wanted to hear your voice.... I wish I could see you right now...."

"You wanna visit my house?" Hiroshi asked.

"I-is it okay with you?"


Haruka smiled.

When Haruka arrived at Hiroshi's house, she rang the doorbell. Hiroshi then opened the door and let her into the house.

"What happened?!!" Hiroshi asked as he saw some bandages on her face.

"I fell."

"Is there anything you wanna eat or drink?" HIroshi asked Haruka.

"No thankyou...." She sat down on the couch quietly. Hiroshi then sat next to her. "Hiroshi..... can I have another rose? I've been keeping track of how many you've given me...."

"S-sure," he said and took one out of a vase and handed it her.

There were so many vases of roses around his house- it looked so girly. Haruka smelled the rose. It had a nice scent. She had never seen a rose so red and big.

She then began to yawn. "I'm starting to feel sleepy, even though it's only the afternoon." Without noticing it, she fell asleep and rested her head on Hiroshi's shoulder.

Hiroshi began to blush. He looked down and saw Haruka sleeping peacefully. He slowly put his arms around her shouler and smiled.

He went close to her ear and whispered "I Iove you, Haruka"
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Chapter 17- Meeting Yamada Suzuna

It was the middle of summer vacation and it was very hot. Hiroshi sat by the fan inside his house as he tried to start his summer vacation homework. Then. the phone began to rang.

"Hmm? I wonder who could that be." Hiroshi stood up and walked by the phone. "Hello?" he answered the phone. His eyes widened as he heard a voice on the phone.

"H-Hiroshi? Is that you?"

That voice.... Hiroshi could recognize that voice anywhere. "M-mom? W-what happened?!"

"Sorry I didn't tell you sooner, but I'm on my way to your house. I'm on the train and should be there in a few hours!"
Hiroshi ran around the grocery story- buying as much food as he could. He then spotted Haruka holding a basket of groceries. "Haruka!"

Haruka looked around and then saw Hiroshi in the distance. She waved and came up to him. "Hi Hiroshi, what's with all of the groceries?"

"My mom is coming back!" Hiroshi shouted as his eyes glittered. "I can't wait since I haven't seen her in a long time, so I want to make a lot of food for dinner! You should come over!"

"Is it really okay with you?"


"I just hope you have enough money to buy all those groceries" Haruka said as she looked at his shopping cart which was completely filled.

"Um.... I think so"

When Haruka and Hiroshi finished shopping, they went to Hiroshi's house. When they got inside, they sat down on the tatami mat.

"So you just started your summer vacation homework?" Haruka asked. "I already finished mine."

"Yah" Hiroshi nodded.

"Hey, what's wrong? You seem kinda stiff?"

"Oh um.... Well I'm kinda nervous about meeting my mother....."

"But I thought you said that you were always very close to your mom"

"I-It's just that I haven't seen her in a long time, and I don't know what I should say. There's just so much stuff in my mind, that it's all jumbled together and I don't know where to start"

Haruka smiled. "You must really love your mom a lot.... But it'll work out"

Then all of a sudden, the door opened.

"Hiroshi, how could you leave the door opened? Strangers can come in, you know" a beautiful lady said as she came in. She had long, blond hair and such pretty, blue eyes.

"M-Mom?" Hiroshi began to blush. "I's that really you?"

"Of course it is, have I really changed that much over the years?" she came up to her son and gave him a big hug.

"Well no, you look the same."

As she finally let go of Hiroshi, she then looked at Haruka. "Hello, Are you perhaps..... my Hiroshi's girlfriend?"

"N-no! It's nothing like that!" Haruka blushed. "I'm Kawashima, Haruka. Nice to meet you, um-"

"Oh! Sorry for not introducing myself! I'm Yamada Suzuna- Hiroshi's mom. Just call me by my first name."

"Um, okay, Suzuna-san!" Haruka smiled and thought to herself, wow! Hiroshi's mom is such a nice lady! And she seems very calm!

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Chapter 18- The Three At The Flower Field

Haruka smelled the nice scent of the flowers surrounded by her. She was with Hiroshi and Suzuna at the flower field.

"Hiroshi has showed this place to you before, right Haruka?" Suzuna asked.

Haruka nodded. "Yes, and it's a very beautiful place too"

Suzuna giggled. "If he showed you this place, this must mean that your very special to him. I think you're the first person he ever told."

"Really?" Haruka asked, then faced Hiroshi who's face was now red at the moment.

"Y-yah, you're the first" Hiroshi said.

"Hey, why don't we go to the ice cream shop?" Suzuna suggested. "Me and HIroshi used to go there all the time" Suzuna pointed to a small shop.

"Ok!" Hiroshi and Haruka agreed.

Right as Haruka was about to get up, she felt a sudden feeling of uneasiness. As she started to walk, she started feeling dizzy.

"Are you alright, Haruka?" Hiroshi asked.

"Y-yah, I'm fine" Haruka replied. She continued to walk, yet for some reason, her legs felt so stiff. She then accidently tripped and fell unconscious.
When Haruka finally awoke, she saw her siblings, Hiroshi, and Suzuna surrounding her. She looked around and noticed that she was in the hospital. "W-what happened? Haruka asked as she lied down on the bed.

"You suddenly passed out while we were walking," Suzuna said. "Are you alright?"

Haruka nodded.

"I'm so glad you're okay, onee-chan!" all five of her siblings said at the same time.

The doctor entered the room and sighed. "I'm afraid that..... her illness is getting worse."

"N-no way" Haruka's eyes widened. "A-Am I gonna die?"

"Well I'll try to prevent that from happening" said the doctor. "But so far..... there hasn't been a cure for spinocerebellar ataxia."

"W-What do you mean?" Kanoko asked. "B-But there has to be! You're a doctor, aren't you?" she began to sob. "Doctors are supposed to create miracles!"

"I'm sorry, but there just isn't a cure. Doctors can't always fix everything..... there's no person in the world who could have such godly powers like 'making miracles'," the doctor looked at Kanoko crying and walked up to her. He wiped away the little girl's tears. "But I'll try my best to help your sister."
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Chapter 19

Summer vacation has finally ended. Haruka sat down in the corner of the gym as she watched her classmates jog. "I wanna run!" Haruka complained as she banged her head against the wall like an idiot.

"Hi Haruka!!!"

Haruka looked up and saw Hiroshi in front of her. "H-Hiroshi! What are you doing here? Get back over there or else the teacher will scold you!"

"Aww... but don't you feel lonely by yourself, Haruka?"

"I guess so... but don't worry about me.... worry about yourself" she giggled as she saw the gym teacher staring at them.

"Yamada... get yourself over here and do an extra 10 laps..."

Hiroshi sighed. "Well, see you later, Haruka" he said as he went back to running his laps.

Haruka looked down at the ground and spaced out. "Everyday... I just keep on getting weaker and weaker... I won't die, will I?"
After school, Haruka and Hiroshi walked home together. "Hey, why don't we hold hands? I don't want you to trip and fall" Hiroshi suggested as he watched Haruka walk slowly. She had 4 bandages on her face already, even though they just left school 10 minutes ago.

"Don't tease me, Hiroshi!" Haruka pouted as she continued to walk slowly. Accidently, she tripped and fell on Hiroshi, pushing him down to the ground. She blushed as she looked at Hiroshi, who was right below her.

"See what I mean?" Hiroshi said as he looked up at Haruka and started to blush.

Haruka stood up. "S-Sorry Hiroshi. Are you okay?"

"Yah" he said as he got up and grabbed her hand. "Let's go home"

"O-Okay... Just don't walk too fast... I won't be able to keep up with you."

Hiroshi smiled. "Sure, but... Only if you kiss me."

"Y-You pervert!" Haruka blushed as she looked at Hiroshi.

"But I can't help it! It felt so good when you first kissed me!!"

Haruka's entire face turned red. "F-fine then" She tiptoed and leaned toward him, kissing his lips.
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Chapter 20

Haruka woke up and got up out of her bed. She went to the bathroom to wash up. She looked at the mirror and saw her flushed face. "I think I have a fever" she said as she felt her head. After she finished washing up, she started getting dressed. All of a sudden she heard someone come into her room. She turned around, wondering if it was Kanoko. When she looked to see who it was, she saw.... Hiroshi.


Hiroshi's face turned red when he saw Haruka who was halfway undressed. "Umm... er.... I came here early and... Kanoko said I could go into your room... I swear, I didn't know! Sorry!"

"Oh um... don't worry about it," she said and finished getting dressed. "But if you do that again, I'll kill you"

Hiroshi looked at Haruka's face for a few seconds. "Hey... are you okay? You're face has been red for a while now..."

"Oh yah... I think I'm kinda feverish..."

Hiroshi blushed. "Haruka, don't tell me you're-"

Haruka's face turned even more red than it was before. "STUPID HIROSHI!!!!" She hit his head. "Why do you have such a perverted mind? I never done it with anyone before, so it's impossible!"

"I was just kidding... But maybe you should stay home today" he said as he felt her forehead.

"i guess so..."

Hiroshi picked her up and placed her onto her bed. "Well... I'm gonna go tell Kanoko that you're staying home."

"Thanks, Hiroshi..."

15 minutes later when everyone left to school, Hiroshi came back up into Haruka's room.

"H-Hiroshi! I- I thought you went to school already!" Haruka said as she sat up in her bed.

"How could I? Everyone in your family is already at school... I can't leave you here by yourself. What if something happens to you?"

"But you should be going to school... I don't want to trouble you"

"You're not troubling me at all, Haruka" he walked up to her and sat down. "So don't worry about anything..." He hugged her tightly. Haruka put her arms around her arms around him.

She smiled and looked at the window, still holding onto him. "Hey Hiroshi..."


"Well... outside there's a big tree. A few months ago... it was filled with cherry blossoms..."

"Yah, go on..."

"...And every day... the cherry blossoms slowly fell off..." her voice began to tremble and her eyes started to water.

"H-Hey, Haruka, are you okay?"

"...And right now, that tree is filled with leaves since it's fall.. but once it becomes winter... all of the leaves will fall off" she began to sob. Tears from her eyes ran down her face.

"Haruka, what's wrong? Why are you crying?" Hiroshi looked at Haruka's face which was filled with tears.

"The tree reminds me of myself... I bet you by the time all of the leaves will fall off, I'll die!" Haruka screamed.

Hiroshi's eyes widened. "D-Don't say something like that! I- I won't let you die!"
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Chapter 21

Today was a weekend. Haruka and Hiroshi were at the same flower field.

"Wow... The flowers are so pretty, even though spring is over! It's already almost fall!" Haruka said. She took out something from her bag. "Want some?" she asked Hiroshi. She was holding a huge lunch box.

"Sure" he smiled. Haruka opened the lunch box and gave him a pair of chopsticks.

Hiroshi took a bite. "Wow, this tastes good! Who made it? Kanoko?"

Haruka blushed. "Well actually, I tried my best to make this.... It probably doesn't taste that good, does it?"

"It tastes really good! I didn't know you could cook"

"That sounds like an insult, Hiroshi, you meanie!"

After they finished eating, Hiroshi lied down. "I'm getting kinda tired he said, closing his eyes.

"Hey... you shouldn't be lying down right after you eat!" Haruka scolded him and put the lunch box away.

Ignoring her, Hiroshi grabbed her arm and pulled her to the ground. "Look at the view" he said as he pointed to the sky. It was a nice shade of blue, however, it was mostly covered with puffy, white clouds.

Hiroshi moved closer to Haruka. "Hey Haruka..."


"You're sooo cute?"

"What?" she blushed. "Why are you saying something like that to me now?"


"Because what?"

"Because I just felt like saying it" he smiled. "We should get married"

Haruka's face turned deep red. "S-stop joking around, Hiroshi"

"I knew you'd say that" he sighed. He paused for a few moments. "Oh right.... there's something I have to tell you..."

"Huh? What is it?"

"Oh... I won't tell you right now though... Probably a little later" he said and took out something from his bag ad put it in hers.

"What's that?" she asked.

"Don't read it until you get home" he said. For some reason, he looked kinda... depressed. He then forced a smile. "Do you love me?"

"Yah.... I guess that is kinda weird..." he said and gave her a kiss on the cheek "Hey Haruka... L-let's go home now... A bus should be coming soon"
When Haruka got home, she opened her here bag and looked inside. There was a letter. Her eyes widened as she read it

Hey Haruka...
I probably won't see you at school tomorrow...
I put a letter in your locker...
Please read it when you get to school...

She then saw two roses attached to the letter.

The second rose is for to show you how sorry I am....
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