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Posted 8/13/08 , edited 8/14/08
Well i came across this forum that says that sekai and setsuna are half sisters since there dad is one person and makoto was blood related to them

After reading the family tree more carefully, it totally freaks me out on how much incest that 沢越 止 has committed. It seem I made a mistake saying Sekai, Setsuna and Makoto have the same father. It is Sekai and Setsuna that are half sisters with the same father, but it doesn't change the fact that Makoto being blood related to them. This is because:
- 'Shun' is the father of Seikai and Setsuna, so that makes them half sisters.
- Sekai's mother is the daughter of 沢越 止, Setsuna's mother is the daughter and granddaugther of 沢越 止 (creation of 沢越 止 incest with one of his daughters), so they are half sisters too.
- 'Shun' is son of 沢越 止, so that makes him half siblings with Seikai's and Setsuna's mothers (incent again OMG!).
- 沢越 止 is the father of Makoto, so that makes Makoto the 'double uncle' of Seikai and Setsuna since he is half siblings with their mothers and father.

On the side note, Makoto's sister has the same given name as their father 沢越 '止' (itaru).

this was a shocker to my system... school days is so twisted o.O
thats why i liked it
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Posted 8/14/08 , edited 8/14/08
Ewww that is so nasty!
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Posted 10/10/08 , edited 10/10/08
really now? they're related?
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Posted 9/20/09 , edited 9/21/09
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