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Posted 8/14/08 , edited 8/14/08
What are some of your favorite quotes from They Kiss Again? What makes you like them? (Don’t forget to say what episode each quote is from, so everyone else can find the awesome quote and watch it themselves again... and again and again!

***I put the Episode number and then put the actual quotes and descriptions,to those who hasn't watched certain episodes yet can look at just the quotes for the episodes you've seen

hiRz miNe....

Episode 4

(ZS to YU SHU): You must be careful when make such promises, normally it will comes true in the end, moreover your Sao-sao (sister-in-law) is in the matter...

(ZS to YU SHU): I know you hate stupid people but don't bully MY WIFE....

Grandpa: Later go pick up some eggs to make breakfast..
XQ: How to pick up eggs?
Grandpa: Egg also dunno how to pick? GO AND ASK THE HEN!!
XQ: Will 'she' answer me?

Episode 11

(XQ to ZS)Please do not pull anymore.. I dont want to let you see me crying..
why am I the one only crying?... I cannot tolerate anymore.. I love you so deep.. but you.. you did not even look at me..
you do not love me at all.. you dont love me anymore right?
from the beginning you never love me.. then why did you marry me??...

ZS: I'm jealous of you Qi Tai..........the one who needs XQ most is me, as along as XQ with me I'll be myself again....

XQ: I'm happy you're jealous, cos now I know you care about me.....

Episode 12:

Qi Tai: I am not losing to Jiang Zhi Shu… but is lost to you
Xiang Qin: Lose? Lose to me? What did we compete in?

Both a cute/sweet and funny moment. Qi Tai really is a good guy; he’s willing to give up when he sees that Xiang Qin is really hopelessly devoted to Zhi Shu… that is, until Zhi Shu makes Xiang Qin cry again

episode 14

XQ: " My love for you is hundred and thousand times more than yours for me"
(she was saying this in hear head while waving good-bye to ZS as he goes of to military service)

ZS: (while looking and caressing XQ picture in his cellphone) " She doesn't seem to know how much I am in love with her"

(in the last episode) ZS, comforting xq said, “I don’t care if our child is ugly or beautiful, if smart or not. What’s important is I LOVE YOU. I LOVE YOU VERY MUCH.

i forgot what episode is this but all of all lines this is my very very favorite line said in TKA

zs telling qi tai “you are incomparable to xq’s love for me, she won’t fall for you”)

hahaha sooo sweet!!!but poor qi tai right???hahaha until now this line is still fresh in my mind!!!!hHhAHAHAHAA

ep 18:

ZS is in the hospital b'coz of the accident....XQ brought ZS a dinner and ZS pull XQ in the bed to embrace her..and ZS says now i felt how's the feeling in the X-rated films of nurse and patient XQ says..(laugh)then i better leave ZS stopped XQ to live and says it feels great,,,,hahaha sooo exciting lines...the role of ZS is so so...cold in outside BUT, HOT cool right??
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Posted 8/21/08 , edited 8/21/08
ZS to XQ...

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Posted 8/21/08 , edited 8/22/08
ZS: if someone asks you if you have boyfriend, say yes.
HM: do i really?
ZS:yes! me!
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Posted 10/20/08 , edited 10/20/08
w0aH.. i LuV thEse f0ruM...
i t0taLLy miss TKA...
i LuV tHe LinEs..

hiRs miNe..

*soory iF it's n0t d eXacT Line.. iT miGht diFFer duE 2 d suBs.. anD sUm i kUd jUst reMembEr d thoUght oF the main line..dui Bu qi*

episode when xiang qin passed d nUrsiNg exaM:

Zhi Shu: the lock code is your birthday.. you didn't even tried it...
Zhi Shu: .. you even came here wearing a nurse uniform.. wat if sumthing happened to you? what wud i d0?

episode 20:
Zhi SHu: "d0 y0u knOw thAT haVinG y0u is tHe besT thiNG oN eaRTh..."
Zhi Shu: please don't leave. i'll get scared. i'm scared... i'm scared of any day without you.."

and i love a lot more!!!!
i can't paste d whole episode 20 here.. buT daT's d best episode... love every bits of it..
and i can't even pasted the whole tka here ryt.. smiles...

i LOve TKA s0 MucH!! bEst LovE st0ry evEr..

xianG qiN♥zHi sHU

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