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Posted 8/14/08 , edited 8/14/08
Hello people of the Basic Japanese Group plaace thingy. Um i havent been studying jap for like 3 months now and is kinda rusty so bear with me. So for this lesson i suggest we learn about the particles, Knowing the different particals is a good foundation on your way to learning japanese. If i mess up or forget something just say and dnt kill me LOL and ill change it.

Particals (that i know, Still posting got to read the books again to find other ones XD)
Wa - I like to think of this particle as the word Is, usually in a basic sentence when wa is used it usually says something is something eles. Or something is gunna do something eles Etc...
No - Kinda like the word My. When no is place after a noun it shows possesion. Meaning that something belongs to something eles.
Ga - Is a noun director. Meaning that the adjectives are to point to the noun that comes b4 Ga.
O - Basic particle. By looking at this particle i know theres gunna be a verb in the end of the sentence.

Watashi wa Tabemono O Tabemasu
I am eating food. ( I is Food Eating XD)

Watashi No Namae wa SekuShi Beritsu desu.
My name is Sexy Beast XD. ( As you can see here No shows that sexy beast is my name)

Watashi wa SeGa Takai desu
I am tall. (As you can see the adjective Takai, meaning tall, Points to the word Se, which means height,)

More To come, If you have suggestions or just dnt like it I give you permission to tear me apart JK XD
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Posted 9/3/08 , edited 9/4/08
ooh nice guide!

but i think you missed ni, e and de...

te-buru no ue ni ke-ki to ko-hi- ga arimasu
there is cake and coffee at the tabletop

maiasa maiasa go ji han ni okimasu...
morning after morning i wake up at 5.30...

gakkou e iku noga kiraidesu
i dislike going to school

heya de konpyu-ta ge-mu wo suru noga totemo sukidesu!
i like playing computer games in my room a lot!

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