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Post Reply Rein coupled with...?
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The Future
Posted 4/28/12 , edited 6/6/17
Rein X Shade in the manga

( This is the manga where Shade was about to kiss Rein but stopped by Fine)

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Posted 4/29/12 , edited 6/6/17
I agree with the anime pairings (Shine and Brein) instead of the manga pairings (Shein and Brine)...

Why? I personally think that Rein and Shade- when put together- they'd look siblings. (Don't compare this to other animes where siblings always kiss lips to lips.. ~! ) Also, it was Fine who first showed interest for Eclipse, which was (at first) wrongly judged by Rein (Ep. 6 Season 1). Then, Fine always used her curiosity to know more of Eclipse, until it was announced that Shade was actually Eclipse. Though Fine was the first to show feelings for Shade, Shade readily accepted her feelings, but never told her. But in the manga, Shade almost confessed and even kissed Rein. IT was purely EVIDENT that the scenes in the 2 seasons, escpecially in the ending episode, that Shade and Fine's conversations are featured, not much of Rein and Bright's.

Anyways, that's my opinion, and DON'T FLAME IT ~!!

BTW, who agrees with the pairing Alter (Altezza X Auler)?
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Posted 7/26/12 , edited 6/6/17
total Shade and Rein hehe. I used to be a Fine and Shade but then I realized like it doesn't matter whether someone hates someone first or not. I mean yea Rein shouldn't of been mean to Shade but look at the facts he was pretty mysterious to them. So she was just being as smart as she was, staying away from strangers. Rein acts kinda like me which is why I like her a lot. She's different from Fine a long way but she likes to be a bit independent. She realizes how Bright likes Fine a lot. But even so she still tries to go for him. She's really strong-hearted for a girl so young. She strives for her goals just like Fine. Except I mean naturally for me I hate her voice in the anime ehehe but I think Shade liked her because she was so strong. Because when you see Rein she is behind her sister more then in front. Because for me I really think the anime focuses more on Fine then Rein. In the manga it's them both because I read it a couple times and each girl has their moments. It's just cause Shade has a liking for Rein so you know it's more like everyone focuses on him and so Rein is the "main character" in the manga. Their both pretty and beautiful but for Rein she thinks she's uglier then her sister so she dresses up and stuff but even so she can never be as cute as Fine. Sometimes I think why people like Bright and Rein is because they like Shade and Fine so the 2 that are left should be together. Rein is not perfect. She was never perfect she wants to be but she knows perfect is a long way for her. Bright I mean is not perfect either no one is. But in comparison Fine is compared to be physically worse then Rein and vice versa. Like Fine is gluttonous and a klutz and easily scared. Rein is "perfect" girly girl and judges people to quick. So she's more like the bad sister to people. I love both sisters and Rein doesn't deserve Bright. She deserves someone who knows how to handle her and make her laugh and love her. When Bright was giving Fine his jacket and saying never touch Fine ever again I can only guess that Shade was thinking 'What about Rein? What about the girl who watches her sister no matter what? What about the girl who is brave enough to love you when she knows you love someone else? What about the girl whos in the shadow 24/7' Sometimes I think Shade knows Rein for who she is instead of what people think she is.

and please no flame ^-^
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Posted 3/30/13 , edited 3/30/13

I LOVE Rein&Shade in manga he try kiss she


Posted 12/13/14 , edited 12/13/14
I agree with animefav825. Truth be told, among twins, the one most highlighted is the energetic one rather than the more demure one. So in the anime series (which catches the most attention), Fine gets more attention and liked by fans because she's bubbly and sporty. But no offense, her character is the most used among all shoujo type stories, so is Bright's.

I agree with how the manga interpreted the love interests in the series! Definitely Rein and Shade, Bright and Fine. This has nothing to do with their types being cool or slorty or what not. But more on their personalities, most of the time they say that opposites attract. Maybe so, and these pairings seem to contrast way too much to work right? RxS and BxF? However, vasing on the character development in the anime and the game, with their hearts, Bright and Fine suit each other a lot more because of their tender hearts. She may not show it behind her sporty, bubbly nature but she is a sensitive girl and she relies a lot on Rein to be the more mature and intelligent one to be her steady ground. With Shade's brusque nature where he doesn't really show it, I think Fine would get hurt by him eventually.

Also, another reason why Rein and Bright won't work and Rein and Shade would. Why not Rein with Bright? She's been seeing him in the view of a fangirl. He's an absolute gentleman which she admired and fantasises as a wonderful prince. That kind of love won't last. So why Rein with Shade? The logic is the same here. Fine admired and crushed on the mysterious Shade as Eclipse at first, just like how Rein did with Bright. Crushes don't work out because they don't see how the person is. Rein saw Shade as an equal, just like how Fine did with Bright and that is why Bright was attracted to Fine. With Rein and Shade, Shade noticed her despite of her more eye-catching twin. Based on his personality, Shade has a discening eye. He saw Rein for who she was. In many ways, his intelligence, judgment and sensibilities fit similarly with Rein's from protecting and being with her sister. In certain ways, Rein would be challenged and would stick it to him when he is wrong just like how Fine would tell Bright nicely if there was something wrong too. However, I can't see either of the girls doing that to their current pairings much, even if it was shown in the anime. The progression of love in the series seems flawed and forced that way.

I kinda felt that they never did expanded on Shade's personality. He seemed near perfect here too, despite his Eclipse side. The whole transition from liking Rein to Fine was odd in the anime in the first place like how because Fine believed him to be innocent so he slowly fell for her. (Really? Based on his motives for doing everything, he probably cared less about that and more on saving the planet.)

So~ I think Rein with Shade and Fine with Bright like how the mangaka Mayuki Anan interpreted it. Shade's personality there fit more to how he was, just like how she characterized both Rein and Fine well there. She handled the delicate balances of sensitivity for Fine and headstrong stubbornness for Rein that seemed more in character throughout, much more so than the anime because the anime emphasized a lot more on the comedic parts. As for Bright, how he is in the anime is fine but in my point, at this point, he certainly suits Fine more.

I would be glad to discuss and debate this with anyone would wants to~
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Posted 6/9/16 , edited 6/9/16
where did u read the manga?
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