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Posted 8/14/08 , edited 8/15/08

As much as I want to let everyone be a mod, we had an incident earlier. Someone, or something erased all our group profile stuff, so we had to redecorate and save back ups! O:
We do NOT want that to happen all over again! So this time, we're taking precautions, and allowing you to fill out a form. ^__^ It's easy.

USERNAME: [As it says.]
SHUGO CHARA SPOT: [Pick a spot, from either guardians, easter, etc. If it's full, request a character from the manga/anime.]
REASON: [Why do you want to be mod? And how can you help?]
PLEDGE: [Agree or Disagree]

By agreeing to this pledge, you are willing to sacrifice your life and soul to this group. xD [Well, not literally.] And by any faults were to come by you, you will have to take full responsibility. And promise you won't join, and disappear for 8 years.

Disagreement to the pledge, will result to form disqualification. [Yeah, I know. C: I'm taking this seriously.]
If you have a problem with the pledge, please reply. And if you have a reason for not going on as much, just message me.

To the mods I already have given the power to, you're allowed to let anyone become mod if you think they are reasonable.
Posted 8/22/08 , edited 8/23/08
i want to be MOD!

USERNAME: arveegomez
SHUGO CHARA SPOT: my heart unlock..........amulet spade but because some got the place well any place then ^_~ ♥
REASON: at the very beginning, I don't know that shugo chara ever existed in the world. When I was young I don't have any friends and I began to imagine an imaginary friend(weird right?) Her name is Charlote. (that also became my nickname) Every time after class, I go to our school's playground and swing alone. Then I'll imagine she's beside me cheering me up and doing happy things for me. When I reached elementary, she's always been there for me. All of my classmates have plenty of friends while me I only have one, Charlote. When I'm on the sixth grade, everyone is teasing me out as a ''CRAZY NOBODY'' because they often see me talking to myself. I'm always on my verge of tears. And she's there...............for me. Then I surprised everyone because I didn't became shy on answering discussions in class(most shocking to them is that I became an honorable because they also known me as a school dunce.) and never cry when they teased me, instead I say their embarrassing secrets and blackmailing them. ( I have a strong ability of hearing xD) I'ts like a whole new me. That must be what you call ''character change'' and achieving my ''would-be-self''. Right now while I'm typing this, she's beside me giggling. And we are both happy because shugo chara have the same story like us. ^_^. But another thing why I want to be MOD because Charlote have an uncanny resemblance like MIKI! So here are my reasons to be a MOD: 1. Have friends and expand social life. 2. Share my life with people like me and treat me with no difference 3. Experience true friendship. and 4. Be more addicted to Shugo Chara. I'll invite more members 4 this group. I promise and recruit more shugo chara lovers. I already spread one of my SHUGO CHARA DISEASE to one of my classmates and we created and come up with the amu hinamori fans club! please flag it to your group. TNX.
I agree on the pledge and don't worry i'll won't disappear 4 eight years.

please excuse my wrong grammars.

Posted 8/29/08 , edited 8/29/08
USERNAME: animeloverkatie
SHUGO CHARA SPOT: i want to be seraphic charm or utau!`
REASON: i love tadamu,, and i can also help when im free,,,
PLEDGE: i agree on pledge, any no worries i want to disappear and i love CR!!!!
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Posted 11/23/09 , edited 11/24/09
USERNAME: hop_step_jump_shugoshugo (yah, lol, loooooong)
SHUGO CHARA SPOT: I don't have one, there isn;'t anyone i wanna be.. ima girl but i wanna be kairi (sad..)
REASON: I'm very active, i'm good at graphics, i make videos too ^_~ anyway, yeah, feel free to visit my page for samples
PLEDGE: agreed, i will stay active, LOLz, i keep my groupies in my page (: N-E way.. you could chekc out other groups i mod in and see how i work there... never cause anyt trouble ^_^
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