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Posted 8/14/08 , edited 8/15/08
Introduce: This is the character simulator for mabinogi. just like gaiaonline or others, this program allow you to
preview how you look when you wear a centain clothes in a centain color.

How to get it: you can get it by going
however, you need do have the requirement to use this program.
you will need
-At aleast IE6 (Internet Explore 6) not sure if firefox work
-ActiveX installed and enabled (if you don't have it you can go mircosoft's website to get it)
-Have mwfre installed
-some said they got it the first time they visit the site
-if it did not happen you can get mwfre from then run "install.bat"

If you have all these above at the top of the simulator page you will see "about mwfre (installed)"

Known issues:
-Face,eyes,mouth is not well orgainize so you might have problem finding the face expressions you want

-Beware you might not able to get what you want in actual game (ex:a human using a elves eyes in game)

-You can use and mix any color you want, but no flashly color in this simulator (sometimes the outfit will be black no matter what color you want, might able to be fixed by reload the simulator)

-If you install everything and you still can't see the "about mefre (installed)" and a character. you can.....
- Reload the simulator by go to the top right and click "home" then go in again by clicking "pseudo Mabinogi Character Simulator"

- If you have window vista or some random issues that even reloading the simulator is not working, download the reset at and use the "reset.bat". after that reinstall the install.bat and it should be fine (try reload again if you still can't see the character after using the reset.bat and so on)

-You might be using the Korean ActiveX and this simulator won't work if you have a ActiveX, you can fix it with other version of ActiveX

Can't understand a single word from me? look at the offical FAQ
if it still doesn't help send that guy a mail or just leave a post here and see if anyone who familar with this program can help you

have fun and share your idea and wish how you want your character to looks like!!!
example of the what you can made and good example of the you get black no matter what color you choose

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