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Post Reply Why do you think Gintama is unpopular?
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Posted 6/7/18 , edited 6/7/18
Many people I've talked to have enjoyed Gintama so I'm surprised that it actually isn't really popular. I just got into it not too long ago and have been collecting the manga. I was disappointed to find that the US releases ended at volume 23. I can get why though because with an ongoing manga like that, for someone just getting into it, starting at the beginning can be daunting. There are many series that I'm interested in that go beyond 20 volumes. Some I'm willing to tackle, others we'll have to wait and see on. Gintama was one of the ones I was totally ready to collect every single volume. I'm even more surprised that this site doesn't even have the manga available to read. Not everyone is a Naruto fan...
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Posted 10/13/18 , edited 10/13/18
Yeah, it's weird. Although Viz indicated that they would be interested in releasing more volumes. But that was 2 years ago...
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