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Posted 8/15/08 , edited 8/15/08
Hi! I'm ToastBandits, and I roleplay Akari Mizunashi! Please enjoy roleplaying this anime/manga!

This is the ARIA roleplayers forum. If you wanna be one of these characters, just post a comment. And I'll be sure to put your username next to the characters name!
~~Aria Company~~
(水無 灯里, Mizunashi Akari)
Akari Mizunashi: ToastBandits

(アリシア・フローレンス, Arishia Furōrensu)
Alicia Florence:

(天地秋乃, Ametsuchi Akino)
Akino Ametsuchi (Grandma):

~~Himeya Company~~
(藍華・S・グランチェスタ, Aika S. Guranchesuta)
Aika S. Granzchesta:

(晃・E・フェラーリ, Akira E. Fērāri)
Akira E. Ferrari:

~~Orange Planet~~
(アリス・キャロル, Arisu Kyaroru)
Alice Carroll:

(アテナ・グローリィ, Atena Gurōrī)
Athena Glory:

~Aria Company Cat~
(アリア・ポコテン, Aria Pokoten)
President Aria Pokoteng:

~Himeya Company Cat~
President Hime M Granzchesta:

~Orange Planet Cat~
President Maa:

~Other Characters~
(出雲 暁, Izumo Akatsuki)
Akatsuki Izumo:

(アルバート・ピット, Arubāto Pitto)
Albert Pitt:

(Namihei Anno)
Anno Namihei:

FINALLY done!! Phew! That took me soooo long! lol. Anyways, if I'm missing any important characters, please tell me and I'll add them.

Hope you have fun roleplaying ARIA!!
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