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~~~~~~~~~~~>>>>>>>>>>>>>WelCOme tO SchOOl<<<<<<<<<<<<<~~~~~~~~~~~~~

"Koromo...?? Koromo..??"

Koromo: Eh? Oto-san?? its oto-san's voice!!
**Opens her eyes**

Dad:Koromo...Wake up...u'r gonna late 4 lit princess..^.^

Koromo:Oto-san!!! Eh..?? U r OK?? Whrer's Ouka?? *confused*

Dad:Ouka?? Who is that??*confuse* Ah!! *like he got the idea* Co-Co-Could i-it be y-yo-your Boifrend??

Koromo:Boifrend?? NO!!! i think i was dreaming a strange dream...^.^ it is too insane to be true too...

*Walking to sch*

Koromo: *thinking* all that was a dream??but it seemed so REAL...*juz remember about the kiss and blush* Oh..well...i'm glad that it was juz a dream..^.^

*at sch*

Chimi: Ouhayou...Koromo...did you heard tha there will b a transfer student in our class today??

Koromo:Oh rlly?? Why so sudden??

Chimi:I dun noe Y...but its seem like it is a boy...

Koromo:Oh...rlly?? i wonder wat kind of guy is he?? ^.^

*teacher comes in*

Teacher: I think everyone noes it alr...we hav a transfer student...PLS COME IN!

*the door slides open*

Ouka:Hajimemashite..!! i am ouka toshiro...Yoroshiku...!!* wif a cool voice and all the gals in the class go "AHH!! So cool!!!" in their mind...

Koromo:Ouka?? is that that OUKA..?? *look in front*

*koromo see ouka and confused*

Koromo: OUKA??? O.O

Ouka: Yo! Koromo..!!!

*the class confused about their relationship*

Koromo: Exactly whats going on..?? O.O

*school recess time on the roof*

Koromo:Whats going on?? can u tell me exactly what is happening here??

Ouka: *sits down* U c...i am shinigami...but not the head of father is the head of all a king..but he is going to retired soon..but he got some problems passing his power to...

Koromo: Y?? rnt king usually pass thier power to thier eldest son??

Ouka: thats whr problem lies...he got so many children..and so we hav to compete against each other to take over his place...

Koromo: So..u guys must fight against siblings?? How cruel...

Ouka:Not rlly.... We r all from different mothers anyway...we had to compete since we were we always change familiars...and u r my new familiar??

Koromo: FAMILIAR???

Ouka: yup...simply u r juz my power source..when i fight ...i take ur power...n u fainted...u fainted means u r useless...normally familiars wont faint...

Koromo: WHAT?? u shd be greatful that i let u use my power..!!!! n i nv said i want to ur familiar..!!! n osoy shd i be bother wif ur siblings fight...???

Ouka: bcoz ur destined to...u cant change it..unless...

Koromo:Unless what??

Ouka: unless u help me win n u betray me...

Koromo: Sure...i can do it...i juz hav to help u win rite??

Ouka: ya....n betray me..

Koromo: EH...??

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>THE END OF CHAPTER 3<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<~~~~~~~~~~~~~

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