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Ok so i've decided to make this a place were u everyone can get to know the characters dat appear in Pokemon a little bit better :

Ash Ketchum:
Ash is a caring and valiant trainer but he can be confident to the point of arrogance and is known for being stubborn at times. He also has quite the reckless streak, which has led him to troublesome situations. But when in a Pokémon battle, he is highly competitive, and he shows tremendous presence of mind, taking advantage of the battlefield as well as the nature of his and the enemy Pokémon's moves to claim victory after victory, though he has been known to lose from time to time. At the beginning of his journey Ash saw a mysterious flying Pokémon, which was later identified as Ho-Oh. It was believed in ancient times that Ho-Oh would appear only to a human that truly cared for his or her Pokémon, and that they would be promised eternal happiness. Ho-Oh has appeared for Ash twice more; when Ho-Oh flew towards Hoenn which gave Ash inspiration to journey there, and appeared again after Ash lost to Brandon. He also saw it in the end of the first episode.

Ash has matured greatly over the course of the series, and has considerably improved his abilities as a trainer, but his earnestness and determination remain the same. During the first season of the series, Ash trained to catch more Pokémon than his childhood rival, Gary Oak, although Gary has caught more, much more. He soon begins to focus more on each of his Pokémon's abilities. He also impresses many trainers by winning battles in which his Pokémon has a type disadvantage. At the Johto League Silver Conference Ash finally won a battle against Gary.

Brock aspires to be the greatest Pokémon Breeder, and gives up his title of Gym Leader after Ash Ketchum wins his first Kanto League Gym Badge from him. He is first seen taking care of his nine siblings. After Ash loses to Brock, a stranger offers to help make his Pikachu stronger. Pikachu (after being hooked up to a local hydro-power station) becomes stronger and manages to defeat Geodude, but Onix remains too strong. Onix has Pikachu in a body bind; however, Pikachu's previous electric attack ravaged the gym, which set off the sprinklers, weakening Onix. Ash declines the badge on the grounds that he unfairly beat Brock, but Brock later catches up to him and presents to him the badge, saying that he wants Ash to fulfill his dream of becoming the best. The stranger that first helped Ash reveals himself to be Brock's father, Flint. Brock is now free to train himself, and joins Ash and Misty on their journey.

Since then, he travels with Ash and Misty on their many adventures. In the Orange Islands series, he leaves the team to join Professor Felina Ivy, but mysteriously returns to Pallet Town when Ash wins the Orange League Championship. Rejoining Ash and Misty, Brock travels to Johto, where he continues to help Ash and Misty. Upon the conclusion of the Silver Conference, the three part ways, and Brock heads back to Pewter City. There he discovers his estranged mother Lola who, because she is a Water Pokémon Trainer, has ruined the reputation of the Gym he defended so dearly. By defeating his mother, he restores the Gym's reputation. He then leaves all his Pokémon (except Forretress) to his younger brother Forrest before departing for the Hoenn region, where he catches up with Ash and his two new friends, May and Max. The group travels across Hoenn and then returns to Kanto to participate in the Battle Frontier. The group then parted ways once again until Brock met up with Ash in Sinnoh in the next season.

During this time, Brock's father, Flint ran off again, and his brother Forrest has taken the role of Gym Leader in Pewter City, as well as the responsibility of caring for his eight younger siblings. Brock is the oldest of ten siblings, with five brothers and four sisters.

Brock is always well-equipped, and is often the voice of reason when Ash and Misty (and later, May and Dawn) get into an argument. He is also hardworking and is always willing to help others. Coupled with his experiences in taking care of others, Brock prepares food and does most chores for the main characters. Brock is also exceptionally good at making food for Pokémon.

She has a slight inferiority complex, especially due to the fact that her three sisters Daisy, Lily, and Violet do not think much of her, claiming that there are only three Sensational Sisters (the name under which they perform synchronized swimming) and one "runt". This complex diminishes over time as Misty grows closer to Daisy. They are the ones who usually take care of the issues related to the Cerulean Gym, although it was Misty who battled Ash when he was battling for his Cascade Badge there.

In the early episodes, Misty is depicted as having a wicked temper, spoiled attitude, stubborn temperament, and little patience. As the series progresses, however, she gradually shows herself to be kind and sensible. Although she regularly displays a somewhat romantic streak, Misty reins in Brock when he becomes enamored with cute girls, often pulling him away by the ear. She has a slight rivalry with Ash and is terrified of most Bug-type Pokémon.

Misty aims to be a world-class Water-type Pokémon trainer despite her sisters' ridicule. Her well-trained Pokémon reflect her aspiration. She admires the Ice-type trainer Lorelei.[3] She is a good friend of Sakura, a young girl who also has older sisters who treat her like a child.[4]

When a Pokémon egg that Ash had been carrying in his backpack hatches, Togepi is born. Since Togepi had already chosen her as its "mother", Misty ended up keeping it, even though Ash had won the Pokémon in a mini-tournament involving him, Misty, Brock, and Meowth.She takes on a motherly role to Togepi, being virtually inseparable from it until its evolution. After it evolved, she released it into the Mirage Kingdom to protect other Togepi.

Although Misty is the leader of the Cerulean Gym in the games, she left the Gym to leave her no sisters prior to traveling with Ash in the animated series. She first came across Ash when she accidentally fished him and his Pikachu out of a river while fishing for water Pokémon. Soon after this incident, Ash "borrowed" her bike, attempting to flee from a flock of wild Spearow. The bike was later charred to a crisp by a Thundershock from Pikachu.She told him she wouldn't leave him alone until he replaced the bike. However, this plot point later became moot, as Misty actually forgot why she started traveling with him in the first place.

Hoenn and beyond
After retrieving her bike at the end of the Johto League Silver Conference, she returns to Cerulean Gym and resumes her duties as the Gym Leader while her sisters leave for a cruise around the world. As such, she is not featured as a character of the Advanced Generation series, only appearing in five episodes and in The Mastermind of Mirage Pokémon, a 10th Anniversary special episode event. However, she is often a central character in the Pokémon Chronicles. In one of her few appearances in the Advanced Generation series, her Togepi evolves into Togetic. Misty releases Togetic after it chooses to stay behind to defend the Mirage Kingdom. After Ash finishes competing in the Hoenn League, he returns home to Pallet Town to find Misty waiting for him. However, she isn't the only one to rejoin Ash, as May, Max, and Brock join him as well for the Battle Frontier challenges. She travels with Ash for two episodes, and shortly after returns to her gym.

TO BE CONTINUED............

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