animal transformation class
Posted 8/15/08 , edited 8/15/08
Hey everyone im Jenny u could call me Jen im the teacher of the animal transformation class.
Im really stirct so watch ur bac *thunder* jk im not strict... well i hope im not

Here you could do training and make new friends games and all sorts of stuff.

No swearing
No spamming
No fighting
Listen to the teacher

How to train.
you train by naming an animal example deer the next person has to think of another animal that could beet a deer like tiger and then it goes on and on if u cant think of an animal that would beet the other one then say new game start then name the animal.Its a pretty simple game.

How our training grounds look like.

If your ever tired rest here.

Thats all for now bye bye
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uuuhmm ...

a TIGER !!

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