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Best Character Design

Posted 1/3/10 , edited 1/4/10

NGUYENN wrote:

Vagabond, sasaki kojiro --- guy on the right (:

woah! what story is that from? the art is HELLA NICE!
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Posted 1/30/10 , edited 1/31/10
Hm... All the characters from Suiri no Kizuna are very well made; Narumi Ayumu has to take the cake, though. I am forever grateful that the mangaka was able to show his growth over the series. He was very real to me as a character (or maybe it's just me, since I've probably read so much manga now that it's screwed over my socialization in real life).

But if we're talking in terms of pure awesomeness, I'd say Minekura-sensei's works. I mean, bad-ass, gunslinging, smoking, cursing Sanzo priest? Simply blows my mind. The characters' background stories are good too (give you the meat, are sensible within context, and have room for slight modification so you can have fun with fanfics). Plus, the art is really unique and well-suited to the story-lines. Pure awesomeness.
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Posted 7/8/10 , edited 7/8/10
hmm there's quiet a lot
;;KKM;kuroshitsuji;khr;code geass;;etc..
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Posted 7/8/10 , edited 7/8/10
I like the characters from Soul Eater aannnd Death Note X]
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Posted 7/8/10 , edited 7/9/10

pikangie wrote:

Do Square Enix characters count?(some series have manga)

It's not that they're super popular, but the fact that most of their outfits are just so unique and original, and at the same time very pretty.

Unnecessary belts and zippers. Unnecessary belts and zippers., everywhere.
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Posted 7/8/10 , edited 7/9/10

coffeeoverwater wrote:

I like almost ALL the main characters created by Yuki Kaori and Sorano Kaili. They are so... beautiful and stylish.

If you are not familar with Sorano, just look at the manga version of Shirogane from Monochrome Factor and the guy from Mother Keeper. His characters are usually very fashion-oriented and/or futuristic, depending on the manga.

And Eyes Rutherford from Spiral: the Bonds of Reasoning. I love his outfits, hair and eyes! If you read the manga, you will be stunned by the clothes he wears - so cute and dashing.

same here. the characters are amazing from sorano. shirogane is pretty too! lol. but i don't like the gay part of him.
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Posted 7/11/10 , edited 7/11/10
I'm going to pick the 2 most interesting looking characters ever.

Alita (Gally) from Battle Angel Alita (GUNNM)

Look at her she's cute, petite, and can fight. She's actually quite muscular.

Plus her face is awesome, I love the markings!

Fran from Franken Fran

She's adorable. Twisted, but adorable. I love the stitches and her weird nails on the side of her head.

She totally looks like an evil scientist. So cute!

Kyoko from Skip Beat also has a very cute face.
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Posted 8/12/10 , edited 8/12/10
Ghibli (Hayao Miyazaki) and Osamu Tezuka is still the best for me

and there also other manga author have great character design, like
Clamp, Oda Eiichiro (One Piece) , Yuki Kaori (Angel Sanctuary), Shouoto Aya (Barajou no Kiss) (I like the gothic style of her), Yazawa Ai (Nana, Paradise Kiss), Yuu Watase, Hino Matsuri (Vampire Knight), Bisco Hatori (Ouran), Aoyama Gosho (Detective Conan), and Takaya Natsuki (Fruits Basket)
Their character are perfect and have a great emotional in each character

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Posted 10/6/10 , edited 10/6/10
Kurapika from Hunter x Hunter... Especially his looks really awesome and original
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Posted 10/10/10 , edited 10/10/10

lilacblue wrote:

Whether it's their attire, personality, background history, weapon, etc. which manga character do you think has the best character design? and if you can, plz post a pic :]

I think Himura Kenshin from Rurouni Kenshin has an awesome character design...

He's a red-haired samurai O.O! with a cross-scar, and he's got a mysteriously, melancholy past, and a cool sword w/ its blade reversed. He can also cook, do laundry, survive Kaoru's sadistic beatings, and kill people w/ killer moves.

My second choice would be Eve from Black Cat

She's a nanomachine/human (?) She's cute but lethal. Wears gothic clothes. Can fly, cut, hammer, etc. using her fabulous hair. She's an endearing book worm and her she's often got a cold attitude and occasionally surprizes us w/ her kawaii moments.
The other Chronos Numbers are pretty cool too...but I can't go on forever xD

V from Alan Moore's V for Vendetta, not so much for his terrorism, but for his badass cape, mask, and hat combination. Though his prescription for 'Fascist Government who put Pakistanis, Asian, Blacks, Jews, Homosexuals, &c. into oven' is anarchy, and so is disagreeable, you have to admire the all black Puritan look.
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Posted 10/10/10 , edited 10/10/10

Her cute Mod style, cute haircut, and her personality make her very unique. She's strong willed, naive, jealouse, maternal, distant, and really sweet.

Posted 10/15/10 , edited 10/15/10
death note
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Posted 10/16/10 , edited 10/16/10
I do not know why right now but SAIKO TAKAKI is doing good for me

Guess what manga is this I am sure most people would know!!!!

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Posted 11/5/10 , edited 11/5/10
I like the character designs of Kosuke Fujishima! (Ah My Goddess, You're Under Arrest, Tales of ... video games, etc...)
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Posted 11/6/10 , edited 11/6/10
I like characters in shounen manga such as Naruto and Bleach.

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