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F / あなたのベッド
Posted 11/25/07 , edited 11/25/07
Any ideas to make the club better please post them. It'd help me out a lot.

I'm also looking for Moderators (hoho partners in crime), so if your up to the job please leave a post or GB entry

MODS job includes:
~inviting members
~watching rules/bad language/or flaming
~correcting spelling or mistakes made

Yup, a lot of stuff for the MOD, but the more MODS I have the less jobs for each..and I you dont have to be that active...I'm not looking for someone to slave away every day

Also I wish to set a little goal for this group since I know these two arn't that popular, I think it'd be awesome if we spread this group and got to a goal of
5,000 CR points
More people could know about these two, and share our interest in them.
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