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Post Reply So which is it? Dead or Alive?
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Posted 8/29/08 , edited 8/29/08

nikki_gurlz wrote:

yuzihan wrote:

nikki_gurlz wrote:

he is definitely ALIVE! the director already clarify that question wid example of the 2 pair of shoes in the last episode; one was 4 iljimae! but wat really show me that he was alive was wen he burglarized the palace at the very ending!! it's the same scene they showed at the very beginning of episode 1....remember toward the ending wen the villagers were all gossiping bout how someone's place got burglarized n used the same method iljimae did, then the ending scene, it was confirmed that iljimae was the 1 who did it!!!

den wah about the change of flowers??
i agree with you...
just dat one point and...
how come the villagers did not noe dat yong-ee is still alive??

well i'm not 100% sure bout this theory, but i believe the flowers changed 2 white rite??! i think it was red b4 bcuz it symbolize revenge n anger cuz yongee saw someone kill his dad wid his own eyes, n blood splurt onto the white titis changing it 2 red, n since iljimae was looking 4 the man who causes his father's death, so it's red titis.....but the meaning of why he's iljimae totally changed by the end of the movie, now he's iljimae 4 the pepo, not 2 seek revenge, so it's white.....bout the villagers, quite a lot of pepo know that yongee is iljimae at the end, but not ALL knows...remember tha part where eun chae asked some of the villager bout yongee n they replied he's doing well?? well these r few of the villagers that knew his identity at the end n they confirmed that yongee doing well, therefore, he's not dead.....the ones who doesn't no bout his true identity was the gossipers, n tha one who does know r not gonna expose his true identity so they juz go along wid everyone else.....

right. even iljimae sweetheart eun chae doesnt know who is iljimae. but i seriuos know she thinking it him yong.
Posted 8/30/08 , edited 8/30/08
hes alive ;]
haha and in the end, they showed him on the roof by the tree. he's alive ^^
ahh and no matter what sword he used.
i believe chun saved him..? ^^
Posted 9/8/08 , edited 9/9/08
he's alive ~
it's shown in the last episode..
you'll know it even from the first episode ~
it's shown there the ending .. and in an interview jun ki clarified that iljimae is alive ~
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Posted 10/2/08 , edited 10/3/08
alive, of course..
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Posted 10/11/08 , edited 10/11/08
he is alive..ilijimaes sword was first knocked out of his arm. then iljiamae managed to get chun's sword. and later throwin it backwards. chun later picked up the sword on his left side which was at the spot where iljimaes sword originally fell durin the battle not chun's sword. hence iijimae was slashed by the bladeless sword

the way i interpreted it is

--> 4 yrs afta. both yong and bong soon came back to the village
-->iljimae robbed the palace
--> the day afta it was him enteratin the villagers on the rope. wen the villagers were discussing about wat possbily happend to iljimae. his best friend didnt say anithing because he knew wat happend since he was there plannin the robbery
conclusion : yong's masta , yong and bong soon living on the island together all tat time (the shoes.. one which was mentiond for a girl (likely bong soon ) and other was nt mentioned likely for yong)
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Posted 10/11/08 , edited 10/12/08

LaFleurNoire wrote:

noname513 wrote:

According to the director Iljimae is still alive. There’s more info on this site

From the link above

After the final episode of SBS “Iljimae” was broadcast on Thursday night, many forums were immediately thrown into heated discussions on whether Iljimae is dead or alive in the end.

In the final episode, Iljimae (Lee Joon Ki) was attacked by the king’s guards and collapsed after receiving a slash on his back. The scene then immediately switched to four years later, where Iljimae did not appear even till the end. Hence, many viewers had thought that Iljimae died after the sneak attack by the King’s royal guards. There is however a group of netizens who found clues to prove otherwise. In the midst of arguments, Director Lee Yong Suk revealed the truth yesterday.

On the Iljimae official website he wrote,

Some viewers may have noticed that the sword used by the king’s guard is actually Iljimae’s edgeless sword. Iljimae did not collapse because of that slash but rather because of the blow. Apart from this, the last scene where Kong He (Iljimae’s master) had purchased two pairs of shoes is another clue. One pair is actually for Iljimae.

Well so Iljimae did not die in the end… I have not watched the final episode of Iljimae, so I can’t judge how easy or difficult it is to spot all these. But I guess this is the effect that the production team wants, a controversial ending.

Source: Krdrama

Thanks a lot for that! Some great info there B)
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Posted 10/12/08 , edited 10/12/08
One more thing is in the last episode, you can see Iljimae apear short after that the king starts to lose his mind, thinking that Iljimae will apear agian to deal justic. The armor Iljimae wears at the last episode is also a new one, and the last clue is the two pair of shoes.
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Posted 10/23/08 , edited 10/23/08
i think he is alive, cause like the first episode is the last episode,
i think he never die xD~!
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Posted 10/29/08 , edited 10/30/08
he's not dead......
i know why....

in the first episode they show the present of iljimae stealing/robbing but then it goes into the past of the story of iljimae. The last fight with yong/iljimae and Chun in last ep, Chun doesn't stab him just slicing wid a sword on his back. 4 years later, people think he's either dead or alive but nobody knows for sure. Then we have rumours about stuff being stealed by iljimae. Then we see iljimae climbing on rooftops and fighting with the guards and then escaping. The very last scene where he's sitting on one of the walls of his home (where the trees are), he looks up at the camera, which indicates that he's indeed still alive.

I heard that there's gonna be another iljimae coming out not with lee jun ki (SBS) but from another guy. Apparently, it's the same story that Jun-ki did but it's gonna be made from another company (KBS or something).

Honestly, I believe Lee Jun Ki did a fantastic job being iljimae even though he got sick in the last 5-6 eps. Lee Jun Ki is the best, ne? He's awesome! LEE JUN KI!! AJA AJA!! HWAITING!!

iljimae = but with more toughness and coolness like Lee Jun Ki!!
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Posted 12/21/08 , edited 12/21/08
I believe that Iljimae is alive cause the director has revealed the ending on iljimae official website.
Jun ki has done a great job. No one can beat him.
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Posted 12/21/08 , edited 12/21/08
obviously alive la... didn't they show that in the beginning of the drama. Unlike most of you guy... i still prefer Yong Aee with Eun Chae. And i don't think he live with Bong soon, master and bong soon live together.

Arghhh... hate the script.. luckily all the actors gave good performance.
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Posted 8/29/09 , edited 8/29/09
I think he's alive :D
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Posted 11/21/09 , edited 11/22/09
I really think that iljimae is dead. First of all..if you guys recall, his master told him that even though the sword was edgeless it could kill if there was an intent to. When Eun Chae asked the villager if Yongee was alright he seemed very unsure and hesitant when he answered. He looked a bit upset. When Eun Chae asked about her brother the villager's face suddenly brightened up as he said that Shi Hoo was fine without hesitation. Also..when Bong Soon runs into Yongee's mother, his mother says "long time no see" meaning that she hasn't been around for a long time. This should mean that Bong Soon had been living with her dad on that island. It is confirmed when her father goes "ahh where is she?" when the scene switches to him, meaning that the second pair of shoes are for her. When the two pairs of shoes are shown one is a guy's pair and the other is a female's. All of the things i said are contradicted by what the director idk..but itz apparent that he is dead to me.

o yeah.. and after he was slashed there was a big pool of of blood around him....he would have died from blood loss if not from the sword
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Posted 3/5/10 , edited 3/6/10
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Posted 7/22/11 , edited 7/22/11
i don't know but i agree he is not dead
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