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Post Reply So which is it? Dead or Alive?
Posted 1/16/12 , edited 1/16/12
If you really think he is dead then.....
Explain how dae shik ended up in a secret meeting with iljimae? He was inside the palace when everyone found out yongee was iljimae.
Explain how that kid is just like yongee down to every little mannerism if yongee isn't around him at least a little bit.
Explain how that kid knows everything iljimae is doing in the very first scene of the series and the very last scene of the series.
Explain the nervous looks on the faces of everyone when yongee or iljimae is mentioned.
Explain why they are all so quick to throw out a story to cover his supposed reappearance.
Explain why everybody wants that kid to be quiet as soon as he starts talking.

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