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Here are the rules.
1. Play your character as perfect as you can. If you're, let's say Yuu, he can't be like: "OMG, I love butterflies and Allen's my BFF!!!" I will kill you and I'm pretty sure Yuu would too. Put something like: "Che, baka moyashi..."

2. Do not go into real graphic situations. When I see a battle, I want it clean as you can get it. Just don't put this: "The sword tore open the stomach and his bowels hung out." I'm pretty sure people would gag just from reading it.

3. No real bad language. You can have a few cuss words if your character says them every so often but don't be like: "You g*dd*mn mutherf*cker!!" You will be reported and promptly removed from the group.

4. If you are stuck in one place and can't go anywhere else, like Fo, you can pop in every once in a while to show everyone that the place you're stuck at is good. Or you can cause a little havoc and have a Noah or Akuma attack. Just not every other post.

5. Have fun!! Enjoy yourself but don't offend any of the other members. And if you have any questions, post them in the "FAQ" forum and I or one of the mods will respond.
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*walking in the jungle*
jasdero: nee, devitto, what are we doing here....?
devitto: no idea.....

both: WE'RE LOST!!!!
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"Ne, Jasdevi? What are you doing here? Cross get away from you again?" Tyki asked as he spotted the twins walking. He was donned in his usual suit and top hat, a look of confusion upon his face.
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