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Posted 8/15/08 , edited 8/16/08
Drowning In Pure Boredness, Actually... Swimming

I was so bored. I was actually boreder than bored. No one in the whole pack could be boreder than me.
I picked at the poor daisy, the hundredth one I've plucked yet.
"Poor piles of plucked... daisies... pedals just... laying around..." Ava said softly, leaning over my shoulder.
"Go away! You're the last person I want to see right now," I said.
My big sister wasn't really on my good side at the moment. Or in any moment of her perfect little life. Ever. She's actually been digging a deeper hole since it's happened.
"Oh, come on. Get over it already!" she protested.
"Put the shovel down before I nail you for digging holes in my yard," I growled.
She sighed and walked away. I went to plucking the pedals from the daisies again.
I was a dud in the pack. No significance what's-so-ever. It was hard being different and sometimes I thought my parents lied when they told me I wasn't adopted. I declared myself adopted and Ava had calmly stepped up and said, 'I believe you though, Renesmee. You're not alone.' It didn't quite help with someone actually agreeing.
Ava has always been the sorce of my problems. If there was a problem I had, it had something to do with Ava. It's like she does it on purpose.
I hate being a lousey human in the midst of a pack full of werewolves. They were so tall and strong. And the coolest thing yet was that they could morph into a wolf. But that's the thing. It's 'they' and not 'we'.
I sighed, just giving completely up on plucking the pedals one by one and just ripping them all up all together.
"Do you have something against daisies?" said a familiar vioce.
I smiled and jumped to my feet, "Gered!"
He smiled brilliantly.
Gered was my best friend. I never had a friend quite like him. He was unbelieveable!
"So what's up, hot shot?" he asked.
"Bored," I said dully.
"Wanna ride?"
I smiled as he already started morphing into a grey wolf. Standing before me was a horse-sized wolf. I grinned as I went to climb up on him. Once I was up, he took off.
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Posted 8/30/08 , edited 8/31/08
Kyba looked at the girl in frustration. Why was she having trouble accpting him? Was he so bad?
"Kyba... I'm sorry. But you're not right," she said.
"Right? What do you mean by right?" Kyba grounded out.
"You're different," she whispered, "not only that, you turn into a wolf."
He stared back at her, "I'm only half wolf, Aya..."
She shook her head, "It doesn't matter. You're not even supposed to exist!"
"How do you know that?" Kyba yelled.
"Wolves don't mix with humans!" she shouted.
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