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Posted 11/25/07 , edited 1/16/08

Please Note:
Well we been seeing alot of questions that have been asked over, and over again so now we are going to answer them here!~ So if your question is on here please don't ask it, because our answer is here. I hope you understand, we don't want to answer questions that we already have, Arigato ne!~

Questions so far...:

Q: Can I please work here?/ Can I be a Waiter/ness?
A: Please see our Fourm about applying a job here!

Q: How does this place work?
A: This place is for fun, it's just like Role Playing your here to enjoy yourself when you talk to other people!

Q: <For when Applications are closed> Is it to late for applying for a job?
A: Well if our front page said "Currently no postions left" it mean their is nothing to do but wait!!~
Also you can apply, but you have to wait untill Sere-chan [Serepuff] or one of the moderators opens the fourm once again!~ :3 This doesn't mean it's to late in short terms, just chill ^ ^;

Q: If new people apply, what will happen to the older applicants?
A: The older applicants will need to re-apply to get the job!
(We do this system because we want active members to apply and help out with the service!)

Notes: from Hikari-kun(smfqlc0102)
If you aren't a waiter or waitress here, please don't put up your name there.. To introduce yourself, please introduce in the Members Listing thread~

We take new Applications every month!!!
(Unless we're too busy)
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23 / F / idk XD
Posted 7/29/08 , edited 7/29/08
ummmm... i have a suggestion 4 this group wat about membership cards?
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