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Konnichiwa Minna-san! I, Kazusa-chan will reveal something about Himeka-san and the halves. Do you still want to listen to me? Thats good I will give some facts and in the end just comment here by posting messages below. I did not steal this at any website, it was my own explanation and understanding while watching the series.Do not steal the layout please stop Plagiarism, ask for permission first!!

Himeka-sama is known in the begginning of the series as the "cousin" of Kazune-oniisama. One of her interests are bugs, but her so-called "cousin" is afraid of them because of a big incident Karin-san caused while traveling with Suzune-kun. It was then when Karin-san dressed as a grasshopper, she taught he was scared but he fainted when he saw her but luckily Himeka-sama came and saw onii-sama who fainted so she had to attack Karin-san. Karin-san left with Suzune-kun after understanding why Kazune hates bugs a lot.

In the end we discovered that she was really Kazuto-sama and Suzuka-san's daughter, but because Kazuto-san wanted to save Suzuka-san from Kirihiko-sama he turned himself and her back into a child. Kazune was a total opposite of his father but was protected by Himeka,when he heard that she was a half he had to highly protect her well.

In a Dream she met her other half also named Himeka but something stopped them from meeting, then she woke up from it and cried no. The other Himeka is actually a container of Kazuto and Kirihiko's research about Gods and Goddesses. But both of them are halves of Hera,the Goddess of purity.

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