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from SEDA magazine, august 2008,...yung iba lang yung may translations..but enjoy the pics!

about GIRLS

Q: What kind of girl is your type?

I like girls who are able to think for me.

Q: Say a little about your good points?
Gentle and caring to friends, I am the kind who can concentrate fully on one particular thing. But I also have many bad points ah. Even though it is very clear in my heart that it is wrong, during fights I will say some unreasonable words. But I will regret it very much. However, I can't seem to be able to say "I'm sorry" in an honest way. I can only say "sorry" through text messages.

Q: What kind of girl is your type?
I like girls who are able to think for me. I also want to do many things for her, and if she also think the same way too then it would be the best. Not just things that lie before your eyes, but also able to think for me many things that are very deep-going and profound.

Q: The type of fashion of girls that you like is?
(thinks about it for a long time) En... Something like..... Even if it's a short skirt or shorts, as long as it suits you then it's very good already. As long as the bottom matches well then it's OK. Rather than sexy or something, isn't giving others a fresh, clean and pure feeling good enough?!

Q: Do you like girls with long hair or short hair?
I guess I like it long. It does not matter what colour as long as it suits you, then it's fine.

Q: For dates, indoors or outdoors?
I am absolutely the outdoor type. Although staying at home is also comfortable. During dates, I will try my best not to let her feel bored. Even if we don't do anything, just being together will make you feel happy, that is the condition.

Q: How many kids do you want?
Many many kids. I want to have many offspring (laughs) I really want to make the Yamashita household big. Right now I am the only male in the family.

interview on this portion
Your recent interest?

I've been interested in things concerning the beach. I liked surfing from the start, and I also enjoy looking at drawings of the beach, and photos too. Just a while ago, I was about to buy a poster of the beach when I thought "Hey wait a minute". Why don't I take a picture of it myself.. I am planning to take a photo of the beach, and then enlarge it. I'd like to take a photo of the moon too.

What is surfing to you?

When summer is just around the corner, I feel like surfing. I have the "Ah I want to go" feeling. However, when it's cold I don't feel like surfing at all. That's why if you ask me how much I like it I'd say around 60% *laughs*.

Have you been going to the gym?

Yes. The ideal is to go to the gym twice a week, but it's quite difficult.. The main purpose is muscle training, and I like swimming too. It's like periodically, even though it's a sauna, I'd feel that I have to sweat if not I'd feel disgusting. Oh speaking of which, just the other time I went to run around Yoyogi park! In the middle of the night, around five rounds.

What do you do on your off days?

There are two patterns.. One is that you sleep the whole day, from the previous night to the next day. The other one is when I decide to have fun and wake up early. I leave the house in the morning. I once went to see Mount Fuji for no particular reason. Also, when it's my off day I'd drive. I would listen to my favourite songs in the car. I like J-POP the best, like Southern All Stars and Mr Children. For western music, I like Rihanna and Chris Brown, but I'm not really well-informed regarding western music. When my friends are listening to them, I listen to them too, but that's it.

When do you enjoy the time with your family?

When we eat out. For my family, we often go out to eat. If we talk about recent ones, then it's Mother's Day. It was like a "Want to go eat?" kind of thing though.. Oh speaking of which, the (NEWS) members used to always say "Thankyou always" on the phone, or write letters.. Who they write to is a secret! Because it's private.

What is your usual stress-release activity?

I think that it's exercising. I like moving around. For example, if it's a date on an off day, I'd like to play badminton together. It doesn't have to be every time, but when it's on days with good weather.

Do you cook?

I don't. I don't do it at all. There was once when I did cook, but I think that it was because I was free, and there was nothing else to do.. *laughs*. I felt that I liked it but it was a wrong feeling. That time, my grandmother taught me, and I made stuff like stewed pumpkins. It was good, but I felt that it wasn't that good for something so toublesome to make. I rather spend that time learning my lines (script). You can do it in half an hour right?!

Which country would you like to visit?

Maldives, Brazil, Turkey, Mexico. .. Mostly Latin countries!? I want to go "Yay" when I go overseas.

enjoy!!!! i hope this gives you more info about yamapi

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wahaha... bakit ako natatawa... gago kasi neto ni pi e.. hehehe... kulot... hoo poooogggeeee..
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Thanks for posting.. ang Cute ng pics nya..
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auko nung kurly hair nia... :(

pero kung gusto nia ng maraming anak..... ppwd ko xang bigyan!


and i can also cook while he is reading his script...

i'll be a good wife to Pi!!

[dont hate me...guys]

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Gusto niya magparami ng lahi XD
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