Kazusa's Room
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Kazusa Kujyou
your Gotchi's age is now 6!!!!!
Age: 6 --- Birthdate: Dec, 19
Owner: Misha___chan

Games learned : Hide and seek,pick-a-boo Soccer,Volleyball,Swimming,Jumping Rope

Current Status : Happy,contented

Kazusa 's Points...
:Five Hunger hearts ------------ : Five Happy hearts

Intellectual Points- 5
Social Points- 5
Artistic Points- 5

Rules (read first before posting)-
1. The owner of Kazusa-chan can only write here, but I and the mods will be the one acting like the gotchi because the topic will look messy. (ex. hungry,bored,crying) But when she becomes 6 his gotchi-friends can visit.

2. Once Kazusa turns three she can go to Gotchi-preschool,seven at gradeschool and when she turns thirtheen its highschool time. But after all those studies she will have to choose a job like real people do be warned that if she has low grades in the past she may not have a good job.
3. When she turns 15 she may marry another gotchi but they should be friends since school. There is no rule that you can't marry a gotchi that in the real series he/she is your sister/brother since you don't take care of both of them then the girl gotchi will have a two babies of different or same gender.
4. The items her caretaker has bought in the shop will appeat here...
5. The only way to raise her intellectual,social and artistic points is to go to school or play. But that will make your tamagotchi happy too!

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Kazusa is born her happy hearts and hunger hearts are all zero,what would you like to do??
(Hint: Play a game for happiness and eat two foods, eating two foods bring 5 happy hearts to Kazusa)

[Foods you still have are Riceballs,Cookies,Candy,Shrimp,Apple]
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I would like to feed her two Cookies and play hide and seek.
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She gains all her happy and hunger hearts back, then recieves a mail from the gotchi king. [!]
open it and discover that she may know go to school, when Kazusa-chan visited the gotchi teacher, gave her a bag and some school supplies. There is nothing Kazusa needs right now...
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Kazusa-chan comes home from school and tells you what happened at school shes so happy but she needs food and rest.
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I'll feed her candy and an apple, in a minute I wait for her to sleep in her room.
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