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Posted 9/6/08 , edited 9/7/08

xshajiax wrote:

i dont understand y ryo likes her so much!!!there's lotsa pretty girls out there!!!

OMG&.. i TOTALLY AGREE..basically ALL JEboyz fall for her other than YamaP, Nakamaru, Ueda and people who noe what to even joy chou fals for her!!!! i mean...she is like REALLY appealing to boys...and WHY?????!!!!!! i mean.. i dun understand!!! but i'm soo happy that AWESOME JEboyz like YamaP don't even glance at her!!!!! yup...YamaP can always make us happy.. heso AWESOME and he's so on track!
Posted 9/10/08 , edited 9/10/08
STUPID RYO!!!!omfg!srry to say this but i think ryo needs to get his brain checked....HES flirting with a betchy slut here!
Posted 9/12/08 , edited 9/12/08
It's okay for her to flirt for a person she likes but only one person please !
don't flirt with them all, for crying out loud, that is ruining her.
and not jin and ryo please .. D:
Posted 9/25/08 , edited 9/26/08
yep!so true!flirting with a person is OKAY!!!thats fine,everyone flirts....but i mean not JE boys!NOT RYO OR JIN!(good thing yamapi,is not in it.)
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Posted 10/10/08 , edited 10/10/08

BabyVloveKAT-TUN wrote:

ahhh.. heartbroken that ryo-chan and jin-chan fell for her!!!!! T^T that whore....jin.. you'll marry sum1 much better than her...if you married her.. i'll fly to japn and SLAP you across the face so bad!!!!

I can never agree more with you.Jin deserves a DECENT girl! NOT that cc45£$%&*tyr8fyu!!!!!!!
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Posted 10/28/08 , edited 10/28/08
Ok, seriously. Those "jokes" are so awkward and totally make no sense. I don't even get what she's trying to say by telling them. "What crawls around bumping into walls? ...A BABY WITH FORKS IN ITS EYES" OMG1 And baby goes into the blender feet first, so you can "watch its little head spin around." LOLZ
But I've got a funnier one: "How do you put Leah Dizon into a blender? ...FACE FIRST preferably, but it doesn't really matter as long as it kills her" >:O
Go to hell, bitch, my sister has a baby and it's not cute or funny to act stupid like that.

I don't really mind if she flirts with guys. It's still really annoying to see her on like every one of their TV shows just for the sake of being there (thankfully, I think she has yet to fuck up SMAPxSMAP and Domoto Kyoudai with her presence), but that ain't why I hate her.

I was totally neutral to her at first. I read and heard her name everywhere, but didn't know what she looked like. Saw her on a couple shows and thought, oh, she's decent-looking, but I was expecting somebody like Maria Ozawa or Anna Tsuchiya-level hot, let me tell you. But then I heard the Destiny Line album, which sounded so bad that I decided to avoid her music. THEN I saw her and SAW her AND SAW HER. On like every TV show. I don't understand why this girl is popular. She can't speak fluently, but she tries, and I give her credit for that, it's probably really hard. But I don't think she deserves so much credit for her fame. That goes to her amazing manager, stylists, and the people that write her songs (which are completely WASTED on such a low-calibre singer such as herself). Let her be the gimmick that she is and then go away forever (esp. now that she has a kid of her own- WHERE ARE THE BABY JOKES NOW, BITCH!)
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