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Posted 8/16/08 , edited 8/16/08
Volume 2 of Chocolat was pretty good, and it was actually the first volume I read in the series, believe it or not. The library didn't have volume 1 available yet, so I went ahead and got volume 2 because I was so anxious to get started reading it. ^^

I think my favorite part of this volume was ... when Kum-Ji hit E-wan over the head with a shopping bag. It was soooo hilarious! That was a really funny moment, almost as funny as when Kum-Ji and E-soh were fighting in the elevator in volume 1. XD
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Posted 5/2/09 , edited 5/2/09
Haha.. Volume 1 got me started, but I got hooked in volume 2!
Finding out the e-soh liked kum-ji for reals turned on my personal fan girl mode xD
(<--tends to be a fangirl for that kind of stuff!)

Yeep... The shopping bag part was pretty unexpected. Kum-ji is just crazy like that :P

But what is really surprising is that we hear more from e-wan @[email protected]!!!
Sooo exciting xD I couldn't stop reading haha
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Posted 5/8/09 , edited 5/9/09
Volume 2 was really cute.^^ I agree...Kum-ji is pretty crazy, which is why I have to say one of my fave parts in this volume was when E-Wan introduced her to Jin and she kinda flipped out and went all fangirl. lol

I was surprised too to hear more from E-Wan. I find his personality very interesting, which is probably why I loved this volume so get to see a little more of his true self come peaking out every new volume. The most moving scene in this volume is when Kum-ji helps E-Wan dress in his robes for his mothers funeral. It shows a little bit of a vulnerable/childlike side to him that the other members of the group don't usually get to see, especially when he says to her: "How can you love someone so much...that you're willing to end you're own life?" ...I think it was in this volume that I fell for E-Wan, simply for that scene alone. Hey...I couldn't help it...I love when guys show a bit of vulnerability. lol
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